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Notorious RINO and Blind Sheik prosecutor Andrew McCarthy posted this at’s The Corner yesterday afternoon:

What gaineth a president if he wins over knuckle-dragging right-wing loon commentator McCarthy but loses the New York Times? ”The administration has now lost all credibility.” Ouch!

Ouch indeed, but if you really need reassurance that President Obama’s thought police are not monitoring your every move, read McCarthy’s longer essay on the NSA program here.

McCarthy had reached his conclusion before I posted mine, but I got to the same place before going on air Thursday. The PRISM story followed later in the day, but the issue is the same.

Data collection is not data abuse. A disease of government abuse and intimidation at the IRS, the DOJ, EPA and elsewhere throughout the executive branch does not mean that the national security agencies are rampaging through the records of American citizens compiling massive dockets with which to blackmail and control foes, friends and the simple bystanders.

It does mean that serious participants in the war on terror are constructing the walls of security necessary to stop jihadists before they devastate neighborhoods, cities or entire regions of the country.

Mark Steyn nailed the problem in his conversation with me yesterday:

Hugh Hewitt

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