Mark Davis

For a movement that gets queasy at the thought of most war, the modern left surely fancies itself as experts on what war looks like-- and through their eyes, war breaks out at the very glint of opposition to their agenda.

Stand up for the unborn, and you are engaged in a “War on Women.” Stand up for traditional marriage, and it is an act of war against gay people.

So get ready for the summer of “War on Hispanics,” the battle garb painted on any conservative expressing conservative views on immigration, and just about anything else, for that matter.

I suppose they revisit this low tactic because it works. The left already feels that it is an offense against womanhood to suggest that future women should not be aborted, so they have to enjoy the occasions when low-information voters buy into the sorry logic that one honors women only when allowing them to terminate pregnancies.

The so-called war against gays consists only in the form of opposing a radical gay agenda that seeks to equate gay and straight marriage, or shoehorn gay Boy Scouts into an organization that wished to avoid sexualizing its young ranks.

But ask a cross-section of half-attentive Americans about conservatives, and many will say our policies disserve women or are an act of hate against gays.

So why not complete the trifecta with a wholly concocted “War on Hispanics?” Intellectual dishonesty is apparently not a barrier.

The goal is to identify liberalism as the only safe home for the interests of certain constituencies. Among black voters, this is a huge success, with any Democrat candidate likely to receive roughly 90 percent of the black vote.

The “War on Women” was a big player in 2012, even though the Republican party has a large force of up-and-coming female stars, compared to the droning dowagers that pass for the women’s leadership in the Democratic party.

While the fabrication of the “War on Women” rested primarily on the ghoulish euphemism of “reproductive rights,” the “War on Hispanics” is more broadly manufactured.

It rests not only on the lie that conservatives are hostile to Latinos, but on the larger myth that opposition to big government is somehow ethnically offensive.

There is no doubt that most Hispanics favor taxpayer-funded health care and government funded jobs programs. But that comes from their liberal minds, not their brown skin.