Robert Morrison

With two more liberal state legislatures (Minnesota and Delaware) overturning true marriage, and even the Boy Scouts succumbing to corporate pressures, some defenders of marriage might feel that our movement is running out of gas. But then there’s the vote of ExxonMobil stockholders to uphold marriage. They voted by a 4-1 margin. That should help fuel opposition to this radical social experiment.

In France, we have seen massive demonstrations (manifestations) for marriage. Hundreds of thousands have turned out in Paris for the fourth time in the past year. Even the French media, even more liberal than our own, have been astonished at the growing movement there. They interviewed a little boy among the thousands of children who marched. He was probably no more than ten years old, but he said: “Every child needs the love of a mother and father.” Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers. So the French Left promptly blocked the YouTube video that showed this boy’s moving response.

But take heart, friends, even E.T. knows the truth about mankind. Back in 1972, NASA launched Pioneer 10. This spacecraft was sent to the farthest reaches of the Solar System and beyond. It boldly went where no man has gone before. It bore a message, an indelible truth about humanity. That deep space probe contained a Golden Stele. That plaque was engraved with symbols showing extra-terrestrials where Earth was located in the Cosmos, something of our level of scientific sophistication, and figures of a man and a woman.

Those two humans were intentionally drawn to show no race, no religion, no national or ethnic identity. But that man and woman told the truth: human beings are male or female.

Robert Morrison

Robert Morrison is a senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council.