Steve Deace
Contrary to what you’ve heard from the liberal media and the Republican Party establishment, which are becoming virtually indistinguishable these days if you ask me, the Todd Akin saga isn’t about his much-maligned mangled comments.

In politics there’s often the right reason people do things, and then there is the real reason they do things. Sure, the Republican Party establishment that funds the Obama Regime’s unconstitutional schemes (including Obamacare), and mostly sits on its hands while our freedoms and liberties are being lost, will sanctimoniously tell us Akin has to go because he could cost Republicans control of the U.S. Senate.

But if that’s the standard now, then maybe it’s Mitt Romney who should go, since there are currently better odds on Intrade the Republicans will capture the Senate than Romney will capture the White House.

No, that may be their “right” reason for aiding and abetting the liberal media’s attempt to marginalize a man with a 100% pro-life voting record as a Congressman. But that’s not the “real” reason.

The existence of pro-life champions like Akin exposes the fact that the Republican nominee for president is not pro-life but really pro-choice. It’s just that he wants far fewer options for killing children than an open infanticidist like President Obama does. Akin would look at women like Michigan attorney and pro-life warrior Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived in a rape and is now a pro-life warrior, and say her life is just as precious and valuable as is a child conceived within the joys of holy matrimony.

Candidates like Akin won’t be content with settling for fewer innocent deaths while in office, but instead will push to protect every person’s right to life as the 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution commands (and as Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan has done as a U.S. Congressman). On the other hand, Romney cynically looks at a woman like Kiessling and says winning the election is more important than your life, and all the lives your life would impact.

Candidates of conviction like Akin believe they have a moral obligation to persuade others to their principles to win the election. Politicians of position like Romney will just adopt whatever principles the polls tell them they need to have to win. And an increasingly cynical American electorate is tired of it, as is the conservative grassroots rallying behind Akin as we speak. Groups like Family Research Council, American Family Association, and Personhood USA have come to Akin’s aid. Nationally-known names like Mike Huckabee have come to Akin’s defense while other so-called conservative icons and heroes have either run for cover or piled on to assist the liberal lynch mob.

Steve Deace

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