Sun, Jan 27, 2008

Ken Connor | January 27, 2008

This past Tuesday marked the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Since that fateful decision, over 48.5 million children have perished at the hands of abortionists.

Sat, Jan 26, 2008

Doug Giles | January 26, 2008

As a conservative, the Democratic debate which just took place in South Carolina was a beautiful thing . . . in a Jerry Springer sort of way.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 26, 2008

That picture of the seething, red-faced former president of the United States shaking his finger at members of the press who dare to question his wife’s slimy campaign tactics, is all too familiar to those who have worked closely with him in the past.

Michael Barone | January 26, 2008

South Carolina: In 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000, it was the state that, with its early primary, determined the winner of the Republican nomination for president.

Brent Bozell | January 26, 2008

For a "little" film from Fox Searchlight Pictures without any real bankable stars in it, it's a hit, grossing $85 million in its first seven weeks.

Robert Novak | January 26, 2008

Illinois Democrats close to Sen. Barack Obama are quietly passing the word that John Edwards will be named attorney general in an Obama administration.

Robert Murphy | January 26, 2008

Last Tuesday the Fed announced a surprise rate cut of 75 basis points, the biggest cut in 24 years. Even so, the stock market plunged, with the S&P 500 shedding 1.1% during the session, bringing its total losses to over 10% for 2008.

Fri, Jan 25, 2008

Andrew Tallman | January 25, 2008

In November, the United Nations called for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty. In December, Gov. John Corzine signed legislation abolishing the death penalty in New Jersey.

Michael Gerson | January 25, 2008

On the verge of the Florida primary next Tuesday and the Super Tuesday votes a week later, Republicans remain fractured and fractious.

Michael Franc | January 25, 2008

Recall how, after the Sept. 11 attacks, virtually any legislative bid miraculously morphed into a “security” measure? Opportunists re-dubbed a routine, pork-laden farm bill the “Farm Security Act."

Rich Tucker | January 25, 2008

Recently, a colleague discovered he had kidney stones. He was diagnosed on a Sunday. On Wednesday doctors tried unsuccessfully to break them up with sound waves. On Thursday they used lasers. Because of complications, the doctors had to put in a stent and wait a week before finally breaking up the stones seven days later.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | January 25, 2008

Would King choose Clinton, Edwards, or Obama? Or would he have chosen McCain, Romney, or Huckabee?

Jonah Goldberg | January 25, 2008

Tying Americans down, limiting their options, foreclosing on any path not acceptable to today's social controllers of the right and the left is perhaps the defining spirit of our age.

Lorie Byrd | January 25, 2008

I had a feeling we would never get rid of him. When watching the inaugural ceremonies in 2001, when Bill Clinton lingered, and lingered, and lingered a bit longer, I knew that not only would he not go away, but that the media wouldn’t let him.

John McCaslin | January 25, 2008

Now that Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich is finally getting around to announcing he's dropping out of the race for the White House we wonder what's going to happen to some of the stuff being sold in his presidential-campaign store.

Amanda Carpenter | January 25, 2008

Republican John McCain swiped at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who recently claimed she is the best Democrat to face-off against the war veteran McCain on issues of national security, at the GOP Florida debate Thursday evening.

John Hawkins | January 25, 2008

Everyone seems to be campaigning as the candidate of change, but what does that mean exactly? Wouldn't a depression be a change? How about basing our economy on Communism instead of Capitalism?

Jonah Goldberg | January 25, 2008

When I was a kid, one of the most important times of the year was “Monster Week” on the “4:30 Movie.” I’d come home from school and ruin my eyes watching Godzilla, Mothra, Monster Zero and that flying turtle Gamera fight for truth, justice and the Japanese way.

David Limbaugh | January 25, 2008

Many conservatives have said Sen. John McCain is not conservative enough to suit them. Some of McCain's defenders have not only disagreed but have impugned his critics, hypocritically blaming them for divisiveness.

Mona Charen | January 25, 2008

On December 1, 2007, two dozen heavily armed police staged a raid on a Jewish community center in Caracas where hundreds were celebrating a wedding. The police claimed to be seeking weapons and evidence of "subversive activity."

Oliver North | January 25, 2008

Traveling salespeople always have a hard job. That's especially true when the economy isn't exactly booming -- and the product you are selling will go off the market in a year.

Pat Buchanan | January 25, 2008

If the presidential race is between Hillary and Amnesty John, the border security battle is over and lost. As Laura Ingraham asks, "If Congress passes McCain-Kennedy in 2009, would President McCain sign it?"

Debra J. Saunders | January 25, 2008

Economist Kevin Hassett described the proposed $145 billion economic stimulus package being negotiated by President Bush and the Democrat-led Congress before it was unveiled in an odd way.

Matt Towery | January 25, 2008

It remains my opinion that the winners of the Florida primaries will be the ultimate nominees of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Paul Greenberg | January 25, 2008

Scientists in this country and Japan had found a new way to produce what are in effect embryonic stem cells - but without having to destroy human embryos to do so.

Charles Krauthammer | January 25, 2008

There's losing. There's losing honorably. And then there's John Edwards. He stays in the race because, with the Democrats' proportional representation system, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton might end up in a very close delegate race.

Burt Prelutsky | January 25, 2008

With so many Hollywood celebrities jumping on the various presidential bandwagons, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell where politics leaves off and show business begins.

Kathleen Parker | January 25, 2008

Let's hope aspiring democracies everywhere are paying close attention as Americans select the next leader of the free world. Especially instructive will be South Carolina's recent spawn: The Truth Squad.

Thu, Jan 24, 2008

Larry Kudlow | January 24, 2008

Bill Gates, bloviating at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is issuing a clarion call for a "kinder capitalism" to aid the world's poor.

Rich Lowry | January 24, 2008

Should non-taxpayers get a tax rebate? That had been the revealing sticking point in the Washington debate over an economic stimulus package.

Ann Coulter | January 24, 2008

John McCain is Bob Dole minus the charm, conservatism and youth. Like McCain, pollsters assured us that Dole was the most "electable" Republican. Unlike McCain, Dole didn't lie all the time while claiming to engage in Straight Talk.

Matt Barber | January 24, 2008

Amanda Beck is a reporter from Reuters who was among the first to cover a new study which warns about an outbreak of a virulent, drug-resistant, and potentially deadly strain of Staph infection.

Jon Sanders | January 24, 2008

What great consensus have they all reached — President George Bush, the Democratic leaders in Congress, and the Republicans in the minority? Essentially, that it really is their business to muck around in the economy.

Bill Bunkley | January 24, 2008

When the Republican members of the Florida legislature began seriously contemplating moving the state’s primary up in the presidential election process they had two goals in mind.

Michael Reagan | January 24, 2008

Fred Thompson's gone. Duncan Hunter's gone. All these people are gone. Huckabee could become Huckabeen -- gone by next Tuesday. So could Rudy after next's Tuesday's Florida primary.

Salena Zito | January 24, 2008

MSNBC hosts a Republican debate in Boca Raton this evening. What's at stake? Everything but the kitchen sink is at stake as four candidates vie to claim the biggest chunk of delegates yet.

John Dodd | January 24, 2008

Jesse Helms' speech 8 years ago marked an agreement between the United States Congress and the Secretary General of the United Nations to get serious about fiscal restraint and accountability in its operations.

Thomas Sowell | January 24, 2008

Among the painful signs of our time are the shocked reactions to Chuck Norris' raising the question of whether Senator John McCain is too old to be president.

Tom DeLay | January 24, 2008

Once the source of the Republican Party’s (and the conservative movement’s) powerbase in Washington, the House is now the institution in which conservatives hold the least actual legislative power.

Diana West | January 24, 2008

Does our "war on terror," which currently includes stabilizing U.S.-fostered governments that enshrine Sharia in Afghanistan and Iraq, in effect place the United States in the role of making the world safe ... for Sharia?

Ross Mackenzie | January 24, 2008

Before January ends, herewith a collection of quotations from TV types last year showing the stupidity and shameless leftism of major names in television “news.”

Chuck Colson | January 24, 2008

Little Noah Markham was one of the tiniest victims of Hurricane Katrina. When the levees broke, Noah was trapped in a flooded New Orleans hospital. It took 10 police officers using flat-bottomed boats to rescue him.

Cliff May | January 24, 2008

Adolf Hitler was evil and perhaps a madman. But throughout history, there have been many evil madmen in many corners of the Earth. So what made Hitler different and – for a time – effective?

John McCaslin | January 24, 2008

In the "my, how time flies" category, that was Bill Clinton descending on the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington on Tuesday.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | January 24, 2008

As lovers of history, we are always first in line to see a good period movie or biographical film. But over the years the liberals in Hollywood have moved further toward the fringes of loony-left scholarship in the field of historic cinema.

Larry Elder | January 24, 2008

Walter Cronkite, when asked whether he agreed that liberals dominated the major news media, told me, "Yes -- if by liberal you mean open-minded." Are liberals more "open-minded" than conservatives?

Victor Davis Hanson | January 24, 2008

In this heated campaign season, housing prices are plummeting. Banks write off billions of dollars in unrecoverable debt. The stock market wildly fluctuates almost hourly. Candidates promise painless and near instant relief.

Ken Blackwell | January 24, 2008

In his State of the Union address next week, it is imperative that President Bush push for the reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.

Cal Thomas | January 24, 2008

Recessions happen. The stock market rises and falls. The question ought not be about how the market is doing today, but about its net gain over the years.

Suzanne Fields | January 24, 2008

Barack Obama is on to something with his praise of Ronald Reagan as "a transformational president." A lot of Democrats screamed, and even a lot of Republicans complained that a Democrat was trying to steal their hero.

Debra J. Saunders | January 24, 2008

It's not clear what the Bush/Democrats stimulus package will hold. Yes, there will be checks of up to $800 for taxpayers. In addition, Democrats are pushing for an extension of unemployment benefits.

Donald Lambro | January 24, 2008

This week's plunge in global financial markets sent shock waves through Wall Street and Washington, raising doubts that a tepid, onetime tax rebate can stimulate a slowing $13 trillion economy.

Emmett Tyrrell | January 24, 2008

If you stop to think about it, it did not take much time at all for the Obama-Clinton contest to become the most overwrought political spectacle in a long time.

Steve Chapman | January 24, 2008

When it comes to the Bush administration's strategy in Iraq, the Republican presidential candidates all seem to be auditioning for the lead in a remake of "Pollyanna."

Rebecca Hagelin | January 24, 2008

According to the CDC, the nation’s teen birth rate rose in 2006 for the first time since 1991. Among girls 15 to 19, the rate went from 40.5 births per 1,000 females in 2005 to 41.9 births a year later.

Michael Fumento | January 24, 2008

Grant the anti-childhood vaccine fanatics this; they are dogged. No amount of data and no number of studies from any array of sources will sway them from their beliefs.

William Rusher | January 24, 2008

The voters of Taiwan have just handed their friends and well-wishers in the United States a gratifying victory in their nation's parliamentary elections.

Michelle Bernard | January 24, 2008

Who are we fighting in this War on Terror? For many Americans, the War on Terror remains a confusing concept. We are used to wars against countries, not against a group of people brought together by an ideology.

Robert Novak | January 24, 2008

When House Republicans convene behind closed doors today (Thursday) at the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, W.V., they have a chance to make two bold moves to restore their reputation for fiscal responsibility

Marvin Olasky | January 24, 2008

Mike Huckabee has not been able to pick up much support beyond his evangelical base, but there's a way for him to do so. He needs to show that Christian conservative views and small government views logically go together.

Hugh Hewitt | January 24, 2008

Which of the Republican candidates for the presidency is most likely to get "Soutered?"

Wed, Jan 23, 2008

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 23, 2008

Why is Bill Clinton courting such intense publicity, in evitably much of it negative?

Bill Steigerwald | January 23, 2008

Too bad young Barack Obama wasn't as deeply into the drug trade as the Clintons' smear artists would like America's Democrat voters to believe.

Paul Weyrich | January 23, 2008

Last week was busy for Members of the Surface Transportation Revenue and Study Commission. We had spent twenty-two months of hard work, with hearings around the country, long deliberations in Washington for at least two days each month.

Janice Shaw Crouse | January 23, 2008

Reports about the tragic death of Heath Ledger include remarks by friends concerning his reaction to the recent break-up of his relationship with the mother of their daughter.

David Stokes | January 23, 2008

When the news broke about the death of Heath Ledger, I heard about it first from my daughters – their ages ranging from 24 to 30. The frenetic texting and animated cell phone conversations told me something was up.

Salena Zito | January 23, 2008

An e-mail attributed to Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, and sent out by the Barack Obama campaign took on those who would "swiftboat" Obama.

Rich Galen | January 23, 2008

At about 2 PM Eastern yesterday, Fred Thompson made it official when he had the campaign press shop issue the following statement.

John McCaslin | January 23, 2008

Please note that if you plan to attend the historic Washington and Lee University Mock Convention this weekend, the dress code is "Lee Chapel Attire" — meaning coat and tie (go for tweed, guys) and equivalent for the ladies.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly lose the South Carolina primary as African-Americans line up to vote for Barack Obama. And that defeat will power her drive to the nomination.

Michael Medved | January 23, 2008

Those who claim to cherish the integrity of the conservative movement owe it to their party and their country to talk straight about all four of the excellent candidates remaining in this race.

Thomas Sowell | January 23, 2008

Among the many lies we can expect to hear this election year, none will be bigger or more often repeated, in the media as well as by politicians, than the lie that there is a widening income gap between the rich and the poor.

Michelle Malkin | January 23, 2008

After spearheading a disastrous, security-undermining illegal alien amnesty bill last year with Teddy Kennedy, "straight-talking" GOP Sen. John McCain claims he has seen the light.

John Stossel | January 23, 2008

This week's newspapers are full of predictions of an impending recession, and maybe they're right. But the great untold story is the good news: the worldwide boom in economic growth.

Walter E. Williams | January 23, 2008

Encouraged by the housing bubble, easy credit, along with the expectation that housing prices would continue to appreciate, many subprime borrowers took out mortgages they could not afford.

Brent Bozell | January 23, 2008

Buyer beware: Those eager to accept the media's conventional "wisdom" ought to recognize that these are blueprints for Republican domination of Washington only if it's a domination by the party's liberal wing.

Mike Adams | January 23, 2008

A recent essay by Alison Piepmeier of the College of Charleston provides some of the best examples of the cruelty, heartlessness, and utter self-absorption embodied in the modern feminist movement.

Jonah Goldberg | January 23, 2008

If you're like me, you probably watch Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." If you're like me, you probably also turn to reruns of "Scrubs" or "Seinfeld" when the newsmaker interview comes on.

Tony Blankley | January 23, 2008

In the aftermath of Sen. McCain's South Carolina victory, it can only look like the worst of times for the Grand Old Party. Like most Republican regulars, I have been much put out by McCain during the past decade.

Debra J. Saunders | January 23, 2008

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney likes to tell Republican voters that he is the true conservative because, unlike Sen. John McCain, he has not been "part of the Washington scene for a quarter of a century."

Ben Shapiro | January 23, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., may have finally blown his chance at the Democratic nomination during Monday night's debate in South Carolina. For the first time, Obama got testy on national television.

Terry Jeffrey | January 23, 2008

It can now be said with confidence that founding father John Adams would never vote for a Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards.

Austin Bay | January 23, 2008

At the moment, Serbian ballots take precedence over bullets; democratic electoral politics are a blessing in Serbia and Kosovo, just like they are in Iraq.

Paul Greenberg | January 23, 2008

It has become tradition by now that no American president may leave office without not making peace between Israelis and Palestinians, always to great fanfare.

Hank Adler | January 23, 2008

Under the FairTax, those individuals who have saved money during their lives would be faced with double taxation.

Jacob Sullum | January 23, 2008

During this week's Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton said that putting together the right kind of stimulus package is "a part of economic justice."

Kathleen Parker | January 23, 2008

I reckon the candidates figure if they say really dumb stuff, them lowbrow, redneck yahoos will vote them right into that great big ol' house up in Washington.

David Strom | January 23, 2008

Few economists seriously believe that an economic stimulus package (at least those being discussed in Washington and on the campaign trail) would have much positive impact on the lagging economy.

Tue, Jan 22, 2008

Jerry Bowyer | January 22, 2008

The problem with a short run stimulus package is that we don’t have a short-run stimulus problem; we have a long run investment problem.

Rick Amato | January 22, 2008

A new law will require California public schools to, among other things, allow students to 'choose their own gender' when deciding whether to use the boys or girls restroom and locker room.

Paul Weyrich | January 22, 2008

When was the last time Republicans had a true brokered convention? I would argue that it was the 1920 Convention which produced Senator Warren G. Harding of Ohio and Governor Calvin Coolidge of Massachusetts.

Mario Diaz | January 22, 2008

Though some may disagree, the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision has to be the greatest constitutional blunder of our time. It is the quintessential example of judicial activism, and it has to be the greatest exercise of (to use Justice White’s phrase) “raw judicial power."

Frank Gaffney | January 22, 2008

Let me be the first to suggest that a recent scandal in the Pentagon be known hereafter as “Front-gate” in recognition of the central role played in the drama by the Islamic Society of North America.

John McCaslin | January 22, 2008

This evening, in far off Milan, Italy, we're told, backers of Barack Obama will each pay a 40 euros cover at Time Restaurant to hear "What an Obama Presidency Would Mean for America and the World."

Thomas Sowell | January 22, 2008

Most of the horrors of the 20th century -- of which there were many -- would not have been possible without demagoguery or misleading propaganda.

Cal Thomas | January 22, 2008

According to Judicial Watch, a June 18, 1993 internal memorandum entitled “A Critique of Our Plan,” authored by someone with the initials “P.S.,” acknowledges that critics of the Clintons were correct.

Dennis Prager | January 22, 2008

To the extent that I understand how most Republicans think, it would seem that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani comes closer to the Republican ideal than any of the other viable Republican candidates.

Pat Buchanan | January 22, 2008

"I guess this is how the West was won," Hillary Clinton exulted at her victory rally in Las Vegas after the Democratic caucuses.

George Will | January 22, 2008

South Carolina winnowed out a Republican candidate, whether Mike Huckabee knows it or not, and the candidate who counted on being winnowed in there, Fred Thompson, wasn't.

William F. Buckley | January 22, 2008

Students of current events writing on Tuesday morning are expected to discover whether Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton is responsible for the collapse of the stock market.

La Shawn Barber | January 22, 2008

The physical chains of American slavery may be broken, but the mental chains are still there. That's the message of filmmaker Janks Morton's 84-minute documentary, What Black Men Think.

Chuck Norris | January 22, 2008

Sitting at another full-throttle World Combat League event in San Antonio, Texas, on Friday night, I caught myself momentarily reflecting back upon the previous two days of campaigning with GOP front-runner Mike Huckabee.

Mary Katharine Ham | January 22, 2008

Optimism. It's not a uniquely American quality, but it's a very American quality. And, for those who would be the president of the United States, it's a quality they can't afford to ignore.

Mon, Jan 21, 2008

Amanda Carpenter | January 21, 2008

Nearing the end of the South Carolina debate, all three Democratic presidential candidates addressed Republican John McCain, who has won two of the five major GOP primaries so far.

Amanda Carpenter | January 21, 2008

Barack Obama made good on his promise to confront the Mr. and Mrs. Clinton on their statements about his record in the South Carolina Democratic debate Tuesday evening.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 21, 2008

Both Clinton and McCain scored hugely significant wins on Saturday in Nevada and South Carolina, wins which might set them on the road to the nomination.

Rich Lowry | January 21, 2008

After two terms as president of the United States and a post-presidential career as a world celebrity adored by all the great and good, Bill Clinton is still 16. He has proved that adolescents can't be elder statesmen.

Caroline Glick | January 21, 2008

It is hard to believe, but in just two weeks, American voters will all but determine the identities of the Democratic and Republican nominees for this year's presidential elections.

Matt Barber | January 21, 2008

In recent years, the U.S. Department of Justice has paid only lip service to the enforcement of federal obscenity laws.

Bill Steigerwald | January 21, 2008

Holly Fretwell, an economist by training, has done her best to bring some needed critical thinking to the global-warming debate by writing “The Sky’s Not Falling! -- Why It’s OK to Chill About Global Warming.”

Phyllis Schlafly | January 21, 2008

Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992 using James Carville's slogan "It's the economy, stupid." The Democrats thus capitalized on a temporary economic recession during the last year of George H.W. Bush's administration.

Amanda Carpenter | January 21, 2008

Barack Obama blasted former President Bill Clinton for “completely mischaracterizing” his policy positions and called for “some standards of honesty” in a televised interview Monday morning.

John McCaslin | January 21, 2008

We had to laugh at the memo Karen Finney, director of communications for the Democratic National Committee, just sent to the four spokesmen for Republican presidential candidates

Rich Galen | January 21, 2008

Saturday's election contests in South Carolina and Nevada provided enough ammunition for the National Punditry Class to chew on for the next 10 days.

Amanda Carpenter | January 21, 2008

Here’s a round up of presidential campaign polls conducted and released within the last week

Suzanne Fields | January 21, 2008

What will the world be like when our little girls grow up to be president of the United States? We may be ignoring what we shouldn't. Not every little girl wants to grow up to be Hillary Clinton.

Paul Greenberg | January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. meets the very definition of an American conservative, that is, someone dedicated to preserving the gains of a liberal revolution.

Bill Murchison | January 21, 2008

Politicians tend to get serious when the economy turns suddenly and snarls. Well, semi-serious -- which isn't bad for people whose livelihood depends on saying things intended mostly to leave an impression.

Burt Prelutsky | January 21, 2008

Recently, I heard from a guy who claimed that squirrel tasted just like chicken. Some days, I swear, I get the idea that everything’s supposed to taste like chicken.

Robert Novak | January 21, 2008

Sen. John McCain's win over Mike Huckabee in South Carolina was no landslide, but stands as by far the most important win in his quest for the presidency.

John R. Thomson | January 21, 2008

In the ongoing saga between Venezuelan despot President Hugo Chavez and Colombian democratic President Alvaro Uribe, Chavez for the moment appears to have the upper hand.

Kevin James | January 21, 2008

By now, you’ve probably heard about the proposal of the California Energy Commission to require that all new homes in the state be outfitted with a “programmable communicating thermostat,” an Orwellian device which would allow the government to control the temperature inside your house.

Star Parker | January 21, 2008

What's the difference between art and politics? The question occurred to me as I left the theater after seeing the surprising new hit film "Juno."

Mike Adams | January 21, 2008

For years, I’ve argued that those who believe in the First Amendment should avoid the company of women with hyphenated names.

Dinesh D'Souza | January 21, 2008

When Dawkins tackles history, philosophy and theology, he usually makes a fool of himself.

Sun, Jan 20, 2008

Salena Zito | January 20, 2008

It's one more quirk in a presidential election year that has begun with many of them: Votes cast for Democratic candidates in Michigan -- and in Florida's upcoming primary -- will not count.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | January 20, 2008

In the end, no matter what, we have to be comfortable with who we are, with who we have become. We have to be comfortable in our own skin.

Steve Chapman | January 20, 2008

The abortion debate has raged since 1973, when the Supreme Court gave abortion constitutional protection, but the basic law of the land has proved immutable.

Robert Bluey | January 20, 2008

President Bush doesn’t like to admit he’s made mistakes. But if White House chatter about an economic stimulus package is true, the president is about to repeat a misstep made early in his first term.

Ken Connor | January 20, 2008

Americans have done well in paving the way for a woman and an African-American to run for president. They will do better by ignoring the race and gender of the candidates and judging all of the presidential hopefuls on the basis of the content of their character and their qualifications to serve.

Salena Zito | January 20, 2008

If “change” is the word overused by every presidential candidate, “brokered convention” is the overused political concept of the moment.

Kevin McCullough | January 20, 2008

With Nevada and South Carolina in the rear-view mirror many things have been learned about the GOP nomination process.

Paul Jacob | January 20, 2008

It takes some kind of politician to upstage the true heroics of an outside agitator, jailbird, and inspirational liberator.

Austin Hill | January 20, 2008

The Republican Party, having consisted of a coalition of three broad issues categories since the early 1980‘s, just isn’t what it used to be.