Austin Hill

Pardon me - - have you seen President Clinton lately?

I’m referring to former President Clinton - - not the would-be, wanna-be, possible future Prez.

I might be imagining things, but as I write these words - - and it is now 12:06AM Eastern Time on Friday 01/11/08 - - I’d have to say that I haven’t seen Bill Clinton in the news for the past forty-eight hours or so.

By the time you read this, Mr. Clinton may have re-emerged. But suffice it to say that from last Tuesday January 8, the day of the New Hampshire Primary Election, to the wee hours of Friday morning January 11, our former President didn’t make much headline news.

Maybe this has something to do with Mrs. Clinton “finding her voice” in New Hampshire.

And it might also have something to do with the fact that Bill and Hillary do, and say, and are, whatever they need to be at any given moment.

A year ago, Hillary Clinton’s campaign seemed to display a level of uncertainty as to how much the candidate should be seen publicly with her husband. In fact, in February of 2007, the Washington Post reported that Hillary staffers weren’t quite sure as to whether Bill helped or hindered his wife’s efforts. Apparently, there were concerns that Hillary might be confronted with questions about Bill’s impeachment. Similarly, there seemed to be a recognition that, charismatic and loveable as he is, Bill still denotes scandal and chaos in the minds of many Americans.

But those concerns seemed to be gone sixty days later. In April of 2007, Hillary announced that, when she becomes President, she will appoint Bill to be America’s “Ambassador To The World,” and that he would make a “great cheerleader for America” around the globe. And for most of the remainder of 2007, Hillary and Bill seemingly took every opportunity they had to be seen together.

And the campaign quickly became all about Bill.

It would probably be naïve, even unfair to suggest that this was all Bill’s doing (surely a woman as smart and as capable and as assertive as Mrs. Clinton wouldn’t let something like this just “happen” to her). Yet it’s difficult to imagine that Bill was thinking and acting in his wife’s best professional interests, or that his only motive was to “serve the campaign.”

Austin Hill

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