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Karine Jean-Pierre Reminds Us Just What the White House Thinks of Elon Musk

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File

Democrats, including the Biden administration, haven't exactly kept it a secret how they feel about Elon Musk owning Twitter. Just in case anyone's been able to forget, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reminded everyone as much during Monday's press briefing. 


The reporter who brought up weekend tweets from Musk during the press briefing referred to them as "a series attacks," which he himself admitted included mere memes. "What's your response, uh, first of all to the, specifically to the attacks on, uh, Dr. Fauci," the reporter asked. 

"So look, we've been very clear about this, uh, these attacks, these personal attacks, uh that we have been seeing are dangerous, uh--uh on Dr. Fauci, and other public health professionals as well, Jean-Pierre quickly answered. Despite how Jean-Pierre often has to dance around her responses to even the most basic of questions, there was no spin needed here, as again, the administration has been clear that they see Musk as a threat. She added that "they are disgusting and they are divorced from reality."

The tweets in question, as Townhall highlighted on Sunday, included a mockery of both Fauci and pronouns. 

There was also a meme about Fauci's support for lockdowns, even if they're never-ending, under the guise of "just one more."

In addition to his support for lockdowns, which he knew would cause harm, as well as downplaying and even justifying China's use of "zero COVID" policies that have led to protests in China, Fauci has also been less than forthcoming about the origins of the virus. And he's certainly taken on a smug sense of entitlement when it comes to anyone who dares to question his authority, which ranges from smug responses to Fauci portraying himself as a martyr. 


While Musk's tweets earned the ire from not just the White House Press Corp and Jean-Pierre, as well as Alexander Vindman, there were also those who applauded his move. Jack Posobiec expressed hope that this may result in editions of the "Fauci Files," just as there have been releases in recent days of the "Twitter Files."

As a reminder, the White House has not only balked at answering questions when it comes to the "Twitter Files," though that certainly has been the case, especially when it applies to Hunter Biden. 

President Joe Biden himself, in a press conference the day after last month's midterm elections, laughed when asked if Musk was "a threat to national security," before claiming that "Elon Musk's cooperation and/or technical relationships with other countries is worthy of being looked at." He wouldn't go into specifics of how he can look into Musk, other than to say "there's a lot of ways."

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan also gave a non-answer to a reporter's question that same week about why Musk would be a security risk.


Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) has also threatened that Twitter "will pay a price if they don't put safeguards in place."

Fauci has trended in multiple ways over Twitter on Monday night, including when it comes to "#FauciForPrison," "#FauciLied," and "The Real Anthony Fauci."

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