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Gavin Newsom's Latest Whereabouts Highlight More Hypocrisy from Bright Blue Governor

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has had quite a few busy days in the news. For whatever reason, he decided to go after Gov. Ron DeSantis and other Republicans in Florida, which has become an increasingly red state. But then his whereabouts were unknown, as CalMatters' Emily Hoeven alerted Twitter on Tuesday, despite how he has shared his schedule in the past. 


When his whereabouts were ultimately revealed late on Tuesday, however, it made sense why Newsom wouldn't want to publicize his location. The governor happens to be on vacation visiting his in-laws in Montana, one of the states in which California has banned state-funded travel due to "anti-LGBTQ policies." Newsom himself, as Hoeven highlighted, has warned that the state is "likely to have bans [on abortion] in effect soon." 

Spokesperson Anthony York said California doesn't legislate travel, and the travel ban only applies to state funds, indicating California is not paying for Newsom's travel. He even had a snarky tweet about it. York would not comment on security, though, meaning it is possible the state is paying for his security while the governor is there. 


Such vacation plans, especially if the state is, in fact, paying for Newsom's security detail in Montana, show a stunning sense of hypocrisy from the governor. 

People were quick to jump in and reply that Newsom has a habit of living by a mantra of "rules for thee but not me," especially when it comes to his dining at French Laundry in November 2020 when the state was under lockdown. 


Newsom also went maskless at an NFL game earlier this year, despite the stadium having a mask mandate at the time, while posing for a photo with immunocompromised Magic Johnson. He later claimed in response that he had been "very judicious," but the pictures showed otherwise. 

Beyond his hypocrisy on the Wuhan coronavirus, all while still exercising his emergency powers, Newsom also has a habit of trying to lecture the rest of the country on LGBT issues and abortion, portraying California as a progressive paradise on such matters. Thus, California has the travel ban in place, and Newsom has been hellbent on making California a "sanctuary" for abortion.  

The most recent tweet from Newsom, from Tuesday night, served as a reminder of how pro-abortion he is and how much of a priority the issue of abortion is for him as if he doesn't already speak about it enough. 


Newsom ran into issues of hypocrisy for his ads in Florida, as well. His claims about Florida, where freedom is supposedly "under attack," according to Newsom, touched upon how Republicans are "banning books" and "criminalizing women" for abortion. The "banning books" is occurring in Newsom's own state, though. Further, no state law will criminalize women for their abortions. 

As Ben Shapiro tweeted, it's going to "be hilarious when he vacations to Miami," something fellow mask hypocrites Reps. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) have done. 

In reaction to the news of Newsom's hypocritical vacation plans, "Montana" is trending on Twitter on Wednesday morning. 

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