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The Top Nightmare Fuel From the Hunter Biden iCloud 'Leak'

Screenshots from alleged iCloud 'leak' of Hunter Biden videos

At this point, we've seen Hunter Biden clothed fewer times than we've seen him naked. The explicit escapades of President Joe Biden's crack-addict son are the unsolicited gift that keeps on giving. Last weekend, 4chan users claimed they hacked Hunter's personal iCloud account. (It's worth noting the source of the material has yet to be verified.) Deep within the online catacombs, basement-dwellers on the anonymous, image-based bulletin board purport to have unearthed a trove of debauchery beyond what the human mind can fathom, ranging from amateur smut one might find on PornHub (except it would be called CornPopHub) to appalling behavior most would consider criminal and certainly not befitting of the middle-aged prodigal First Son.


For some who thrive on schadenfreude, the apparent discovery is trashy entertainment like the next-door neighbors fighting again. For the rest of us civilized pearl-clutchers, it's a whole new level of internet filth that calls for bathing in holy water. Of all the nightmare fuel found, here's the most cursed content that will keep you awake at night, fearing that "Pedo Peter" will visit. Keep your bleach by your side and your rosary in hand.

Is Pedo Peter The 'Big Guy'?

The viral 4chan "leak" stumbled upon a peculiar contact that Hunter seemed to have saved on his iPad: the Epstein-esque moniker "Pedo Peter." In the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, The National Pulse first reported that Joe went by the email pseudonym "Peter Henderson" in communications with Hunter. The epithet is the name of a fictitious KGB spy who infiltrated the U.S. government in novelist Tom Clancy's popular Jack Ryan series. America's favorite hair-sniffing septuagenarian, who kisses his grandchild like Tom Brady makes out with his son, is a top suspect. After all, he already has earned the perverted nickname "Creepy Uncle Joe."

However, according to the results of multiple phone lookup services reviewed by Townhall, a reverse search of the listed number with a Delaware area code registers to Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter's brother Beau whom he had an ill-timed affair with right after the older Biden (Joe's first-born son) died of brain cancer. When Townhall dialed the number, an automated message said: "The number you dialed is not a working number."

Shady Business

Speaking of Hallie, she and Hunter engaged in a full-disclosure conversation in December 2019 over text about his international business partners and how overhanging concerns could reflect on Joe's presidential run.

Hunter confessed to Hallie that he felt "very alone in dealing with rebuilding an income that can support an enormous alimony" while dealing with "the aftermath of the abduction and likely assassination (that's what NYT's suspects) of my business partner the richest man in the world," referring to CEFC chairman Ye Jianming, as well as "the arrest and conviction of my client the chief of intelligence of the people's republic of China by the US government," a reference to Ye's top lieutenant Patrick Ho. (Ye, a Chinese oil tycoon, went missing in 2018 when he was detained by the Chinese government for "suspected economic crimes" and Ho was sentenced to three years of prison time in March 2019 for international bribery and money laundering offenses.)


Alluding to his role representing the chair of the Chinese energy firm, Hunter went on to whine about handling "my suspected involvement in brokering a deal with Vladimir Putin directly for the largest sale of oil gas assets inside Russia to China." (Putin ally Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin attracted foreign investments as relief from U.S. sanctions and Hunter was "acting as the personal attorney" for Ye in a $9 million deal to buy 14% of the Russian state-owned oil giant, according to a text message recalled by whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, an ex-associate of the Biden family who spoke out in a pre-Election Day interview with Fox News star Tucker Carlson.)

Hunter also referenced "a tax bill that Eric left hanging over my business...and Dads running for president."

Biden has denied ever discussing with Hunter his overseas business deals, despite evidence to the contrary. There's a 4chan-sourced voicemail that ex-Biden aide Francis Person, who worked closely with Joe when he was vice president, left for Hunter about business "right there in Tiananmen Square for our Beijing site.”

The former Biden aide visited the White House seven times over a two-year period after joining the CCP-tied Harves Group where he went to work on deals with the Washington-based firm and Hunter. Person's visits between 2015 and 2016 included a holiday reception with Chinese executive Bo Zhang, logs viewed by The New York Post showed. (Zhang's father-in-law Liu Cigui, a Xi loyalist, was elected as the CCP secretary of the Hainan province.) First Lady Jill Biden regarded Person, better known as "Franny" to the Biden family, "like a son" to her and Joe. "For eight years, we traveled the country, shared holidays together…Fran may be leaving the office, but he will always be a part of our family," Jill said of his departure, Politico reported at the time.

If there's any doubt about Hunter's well-documented life of crime, his shameless Disney villain-like response to his pal seemingly cheating the justice system is rather revealing. Hunter's crony Devon Archer, who was convicted on charges that he was "a key player" in a scheme to defraud a Native American tribe of some $60 million in tribal bonds, celebrated the overturning of his conviction in mid-November 2018. Archer messaged Hunter to announce that a federal judge threw out his conviction, in which Hunter remarked: "I swear to [G]od we'll have the last laugh." Archer then asked via text: "Can I please come see you now that I’m not a felon!?!" 


"Don't answer that," Archer added, "Just when and where?" Hunter retorted: "I liked you better as a felon..."

This year, Archer was sentenced to over a year in federal prison when the court ruled that the crime was "too serious" to let him just walk. The defrauded tribe, the Oglala Sioux, is one of the poorest in the U.S. with Oglala Lakota County having almost 52% of its residents below the poverty line, according to 2019 written testimony from its tribe president submitted to a House subcommittee regarding the welfare of indigenous Americans.

Crack Chronicles (And Hookers, Too!)

One clip captures Hunter weighing crack with a gram scale and debating the amount without the plastic baggie, all sitting on a cluttered dresser. A glimpse of Hunter's cigarette-stuffed face is visible at the beginning.

Exclusive footage obtained by The U.S. Sun shows Joe's wayward son smoking what looks like a crack pipe in a shower with two prostitutes. The apparent hookers call Hunter "future baby daddy." According to The U.S. Sun, the video was filmed at a rental property when Hunter was supposed to be receiving addiction treatment in Newburyport, Massachusetts. It was one of three known times Hunter had three-way sex with the two women half his age in late 2018, per The U.S. Sun. A text to Hunter from the older of the pair reportedly referred to the younger prostitute, who is close in age to Hunter's eldest daughter Naomi, as his "child bride." In the footage, one of the self-described "naughty wh*res" is seen lighting Hunter's crack pipe perched between his pursed lips.

Days before the shower video was filmed, Joe sent Hunter a generous $75,000 to pay for his rehab, The U.S. Sun reported. Following the threesome's third marathon sex session, one of the sex workers begged Hunter to ask his father for more money to fly the women home, according to the U.S. online edition of the British tabloid.

Hunter could face federal charges if he were found in violation of the Mann Act, a U.S. law that prohibits the transportation of prostitutes across state lines for sex. The pseudo-throuple galavanted all across the East Coast during a months-long spending spree when Hunter squandered tens of thousands on "the girlfriend experience." A month after the trio (dis)graced The Darcy hotel in Washington, D.C., Hunter paid almost $400 for Amtrak tickets to transport the duo plus a third nighttime companion from Boston to New York City, where the four-person party stayed in a $700-per-night suite at The Roxy, a luxury boutique hotel in the hipster TriBeCa district, according to a copy of a confirmation email on Hunter's laptop uploaded by The Daily Mail.


The sordid adventures were found via iPhone backup data saved on Hunter's infamous "laptop from hell," said The U.S. Sun, which was handed the material by an anti-corruption nonprofit run by a former Trump staffer.

Much of the material posted on 4chan's political forum matches the content excavated from a password-protected iPhone backup located on a copy of Hunter's abandoned laptop. A former Secret Service agent-turned-cyber forensics expert located the login credentials when he examined the hard drive and told The Washington Examiner that "the person who owns and operates this iPhone XS is Robert Hunter Biden."

Another video resurfaced of Hunter filming himself taking a hit from what appears to be a crack pipe and drinking a White Claw hard seltzer during detox at the Newburyport health spa. The slip-up in the North Shore area followed Joe's indulgent $75k handout wired for Hunter to "stick with it." While ambient music plays in the background, Hunter can be seen in the bizarre clip floating around a sensory deprivation tank and touching himself. A fluorescent green light reflects on Hunter's haunting thousand-yard stare directed at the camera.

The flotation tank was located at the now-defunct Blue Water Wellness Center that disgraced celebrity-psychiatrist Keith Ablow, accused of inappropriate sexual activity with patients, operated. Ablow's medical license was suspended months later and he was forced to settle three malpractice lawsuits that summer. The following February, the DEA raided Ablow's office over allegations that he illegally diverted prescription drugs.

A few months before Joe launched his White House bid, Ablow and Hunter both joked about the president suffering from dementia. The therapist in early January 2019 told Hunter in a text exchange: "Your dad is the answer. The only plausible answer." Ablow then quoted himself, mocking Joe: "Any man who can triumph over dementia is a giant. Think what he could do for our nation's needed recovery." Hunter replied, "You're such an a**hole but that made me laugh out loud." The sardonic back-and-forth was first revealed in a sensational book by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine and its existence was further documented by the 4chan "leak."


Meanwhile, Joe has repeatedly bailed out Hunter in the name of fatherly love, which observers would characterize as enabling his troubled son's vices. Though the circumstances are unknown, an ominous voicemail unveiled by the 4chan "hack" sounds like Joe telling Hunter in his soft-spoken voice: "Accountant said the money went through and confirmed it...Let me know when you got it on there, okay? Please."

Naked and Afraid: Biden Family Edition

In another video, an out-of-breath Hunter appears to be sauntering along a beach wearing what some suspect is his dad's flight jacket, gifted from the USS Ronald Reagan's commanding officer aboard the Navy aircraft in 2009 when Joe was vice president, according to a Department of Defense photo. Halfway through the recording, the hyperventilating Hunter flashes his bare derriere before he enters what's likely not the Biden family's multi-million dollar Delaware beach house, which resides on the outskirts of Gordon Pond Wildlife Area.

A more cocky clip (taken down for violating the all-powerful Twitter Rules), posted by Breitbart News reporter Wendell Husebo, presents a nude Hunter sliding into a pool and wading through the water while, again, touching himself.

Here's another instance of Hunter swimming au naturel before he dons the green jacket on the sandy shore.

Hunter's ol' man is also just a regular Joe who loves to skinny dip, author Ronald Kessler wrote in his 2014 tell-all book: "Being assigned to [Joe Biden's] detail is considered the second worst assignment in the Secret Service,” Kessler revealed. (The #1 spot is held by agents who have to guard the insufferable Hillary Clinton.)

In a previously-seen lewd video making its rounds again thanks to 4chan, a full-on disrobed Hunter is literally packing heat while brandishing a handgun in a lavish hotel room. The cheeky clip of Hunter nonchalantly pointing the firearm at the camera in the intimate company of a prostitute first emerged in June amid a string of mass shootings across America as Joe called on Congress to pass gun-control legislation. At one point in the blurred video (thank God), Hunter has his finger on the trigger and his other hand cupping his genitals. Hunter recorded the trainwreck of a tape in October 2018, which was first reported by Radar Online.


It seems like the gun wasn't just a prop for Hunter's weird role-playing sex stuff. Five days earlier, Hunter had bought a .38-caliber pistol in Joe's home state of Delaware, per a Politico report. According to the outlet, to make the firearm purchase, Hunter answered "No" to a transaction question that asked the buyer, "Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?" Lying on the background-check form is a felony under federal law, although prosecution is rare.

After he bought the weapon, Hallie tossed the gun into a supermarket garbage can, which reportedly triggered a Secret Service and FBI probe, but no charges were filed. (Joe has a home in the upscale Wilmington suburb near where the gun was dumped and went missing. The trash bin behind the high-end grocery store, where the Bidens are longtime regular customers, is across the street from a populated high school.) Hunter described the incident in detail via messages contained on the infamous hard drive obtained by The New York Post.

Last one and it requires a puke bag: an X-rated video that only 4chan would exhume shows Hunter examining his perineum. You read that right. Hunter is visible sitting on a bed in birthing position, inspecting himself with the help of a selfie stick. (Historians will question for decades what Hunter was searching for there and if he was surprised by what he discovered.) Also viewable is Hunter's tattoo of the Finger Lakes on his back that was inked in honor of his mother Neilia, who was born in Skaneateles, as confirmed by The New York Times.

After some time, Hunter moves the unwanted peep show over to a full-body mirror before he meanders back to the bed to shave his undercarriage with a purple disposable razor. If the viewers weren't scarred enough, Hunter straddles the camera, proudly displaying his half-deflated member in full first-person view. We're still not sure who the target audience is. Perhaps it's just Hunter and he gets off to a spank bank of himself, hence why he's always recording his illicit sex acts.

The footage is linked here for the expeditionists brave (or depraved) enough to glance at a place where the sun don't shine that's only known to God. (Disclaimer: Townhall is not responsible for your lifetime of therapy.)

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