Creepy Joe Nibbles On Wife's Finger At Campaign Stop In Iowa

Posted: Nov 30, 2019 9:06 PM

Creepy Joe strikes again. At a campaign stop in Iowa on Saturday, the Democratic presidential candidate munched on his wife's finger as she spoke to the crowd at the first stop on the candidate's "No Malarkey" bus tour through Iowa. 

While talking to the crowd, Jill Biden raised up her hand as she referred to her husband as the future president of the United States. The so-called future president then began nibbling on his wife's finger as Jill Biden and the crowd laughed away the awkward moment. 

Joe Biden has a long history of inappropriately touching, hugging, smelling and kissing women and children. Earlier this year, the candidate pledged to be more mindful in his interactions with other people. 

But old habits die hard. 

Several women have accused Joe Biden of inappropriately invading their personal spaces in ways that made the women feel uncomfortable. 

The Washington Free Beacon was kind enough to make a compilation of some of creepy Joe's more cringeworthy moments. 

In April, Biden apologized after several women came forward to describe their uncomfortable interactions with the former vice president. Biden argued that social norms are changing, but he promised to be more mindful and respectful of personal spaces going forward. 

On his 8-day "No Malarkey" bus tour, Joe Biden will travel to 18 counties in Iowa in hopes of reclaiming some lost ground in the polls, which now show the candidate trailing Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the first-to-caucus state. 

Buttigieg has already done two bus tours in Iowa but, unlike Joe Biden, reporters were invited to accompany Buttigieg on his bus.

Biden is fired up alright. On second thought, it's probably best for reporters and their personal spaces if they don't share the bus with creepy uncle Joe.