Oops: Photograph of Joe Biden and Hunter's Business Partner Found on Burisma's Website

Posted: Oct 23, 2020 6:30 PM
Oops: Photograph of Joe Biden and Hunter's Business Partner Found on Burisma's Website

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

A picture is worth a thousand words.

An email was sent in 2014 to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, Hunter's former business partner, from another associate, Eric Schwerin, asking the two men for help removing a photograph of Devon and then-Vice President Joe Biden from Burisma's website. 

Burisma is the corrupt Ukrainian energy company that paid Hunter Biden over $80,000 a month when Joe Biden was vice president and the point man on Ukraine for the Obama administration. 

"Hey guys," the email begins. "There is apparently a photo of Devon and the VP on Burisma 's website (I can't see it - the website isn't working very well right now) but Demetra (VP Counsel) called and asked that we tell Burisma they need to take it down (legally they aren't comfortable with the VP's picture being up on the site as what seems like an endorsement)."

The email goes on to ask Hunter and Devon if either of the two men could ask Bursima to take down the photograph of the vice president or provide contact information for someone who could. The email says Demetra, identified in the email as the vice president's counsel, was the person who called and asked for the photograph to be taken down.  

Internet archives unearthed a photograph of Joe Biden and Devon Archer that previously appeared on Burisma's website. 

So, to recap, a photograph of then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son's business associate, Devon Archer, was featured on Burisma's website in 2014. Two years later and just days after Burisma sent an email to Hunter asking for Joe Biden's help in killing any probes into Burisma or the company's founders, Joe Biden flew to Ukraine and fired a prosecutor who was looking into corruption at Burisma. Joe Biden can be seen on video explaining exactly how he threatened to withhold a billion dollars worth of loan guarantees unless Ukraine fired the prosecutor. 

The mainstream media is covering for Joe and refusing to report the story, arguing that other people besides Joe Biden wanted to see that specific Ukrainian prosecutor go. So what? None of those people ever strongarmed Ukraine into firing the prosecutor. Joe Biden only did that after his son was emailed by his employer asking for his father's help in killing the probes. 

A company doesn't just pay someone $80,000 to smoke crack and buy prostitutes. They do that to buy access to politicians. And Bursima definitely received a return on its investment. 

The American people can see that Joe Biden is a career politician who spent the last 50 years enriching himself and his family. He had a half-century to do all the things he's now promising to do over the next four years, including eliminating the oil industry.

Biden isn't running for president to fix anything other than the scales of justice to make sure he and his corrupt family are never held responsible for their actions.

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