Zachary Gappa

Zachary Gappa
Sight to the Blind: Exciting New Tech Via Stem Cells
By Zachary Gappa
A gigantic step towards curing blindness was made by scientists at UC San Diego using non-embryonic stem cells. The scientists ...
April 07, 2016
Conservatives Without a Home
By Zachary Gappa
“What are you going to do for me?” That’s the question the average American asks of our presidential candidates every ...
March 10, 2016
Why the Rising Cost of Health Insurance Might Lead to a Good Thing
By Zachary Gappa
It's getting tough to pay for healthcare. CBS Moneywatch reports that deductibles are rising rapidly as the insurance markets adapt ...
February 10, 2016
The New Way to be Pro-Choice
By Zachary Gappa
There is a new theme emerging in the media: an explicit attempt to normalize abortion to a degree we haven't ...
January 12, 2016
Time for Republicans to Get Creative
By Zachary Gappa
Republicans in Congress made a statement this week. They passed legislation that would defund Planned Parenthood for a year and ...
December 09, 2015
Why are the Middle-Aged Dying?
By Zachary Gappa
By now there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the disturbing study from Princeton economists showing that middle-aged white Americans ...
November 11, 2015
Scientific Moral Regress
By Zachary Gappa
More scientific progress? In the wake of news videos about slicing up and testing the remains of aborted babies, leave ...
September 16, 2015
Trigger Nation
By Zachary Gappa
Young students obsessed with "triggers" and safety need to take time for some serious self-reflection, writes Peggy Noonan in ...
May 29, 2015
Empty Houses
March 26, 2015 |
Decreasing the Surplus Population
By Zachary Gappa
The Dutch are killing themselves more than ever, but they feel OK about it. In the latest Newsweek cover story, ...
February 25, 2015
The President Undercuts Stay-at-Home Parents
By Zachary Gappa
President Obama’s State of the Union address was predictable for a President nearing the end of his second term. It ...
January 28, 2015
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