Terry Schilling

Terry Schilling
Congress’s Postal 'Reform' Would Deliver Nothing but Debt
By Terry Schilling
Congress wants to reform the U.S. Postal Service, which, to be sure, is desperately in need of reform. Unfortunately, its ...
June 14, 2021
Liz Cheney’s Ouster Is About Her Own Behavior, Not Trump’s
By Terry Schilling
This week’s removal of Liz Cheney from House Republican leadership is of monumental, symbolic importance. As with most things, it ...
May 13, 2021
The Lincoln Project Sets a New Standard for Shameless Grift
By Terry Schilling
It's difficult to put into words what is so distasteful about The Lincoln Project. Not that the words don't come ...
January 23, 2021
Phase 4 Coronavirus Stimulus Should Include a 'Baby Bonus'
By Terry Schilling
As Congress mulls a fourth phase of coronavirus stimulus, it is time for them to include relief aimed at safeguarding ...
April 22, 2020
I Toured an Immigration Detention Facility. Here’s What I Saw.
By Terry Schilling
When my dad served in Congress, I had a couple of opportunities to tour state-run prisons. Both times I went ...
December 04, 2019
Make the VA Great Again: The Road Ahead for Secretary Wilkie
By Terry Schilling
One of the most frequently repeated mantras of President Trump’s 2016 campaign was “drain the swamp,” and perhaps no federal ...
September 24, 2018
The Left’s Stealth War on School Choice
By Terry Schilling
Last December, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Senate Republicans scored what appeared to be a major victory for school choice ...
July 01, 2018
The Democrats Just Discriminated Against Homeschoolers and Children With Disabilities
By Terry Schilling
This week, Congress passed a historic tax cut bill that will grow the economy and give millions of American families ...
December 22, 2017
Today We Make America Great Again
By Terry Schilling
I still have a hard time writing it because it is so surreal — today, Donald Trump will become the ...
January 20, 2017
Republicans Must Use Social Issues to Stay on Offense
By Terry Schilling
Everyone knows why the GOP lost in 2012. Social issues distracted voters from the winning Republican economic message – ...
November 06, 2013
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