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I still have a hard time writing it because it is so surreal — today, Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States.


For the first time in decades, we will have a President who, when given the choice between kowtowing to establishment elites or embracing the American people, will pick the American people every time. We know this because he’s already done it, over and over again, at great perceived political cost to himself.


We will have a President who will combat #FakeNews in the liberal media and call political hackery for what it is. Last week, at his press conference, Trump declined to take a hostile question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta when Acosta continued to badger and interrupt the proceedings. Trump shut Acosta down, refusing to cede control over his press conference, and in a closing barb, mocked CNN, declaring, “You are fake news!” Elites across the country revulsed in horror. Meanwhile, everyday Americans cheered their new President on — finally, a Republican willing to fight!

We will have a Commander-in-Chief who will safeguard our national security, honor the men and women who serve this country, and better our standing in the world by promoting a foreign policy of peace through strength. Just as importantly, we will have a Commander-in-Chief who truly loves our veterans and will work to improve the quality of care they receive from the feckless VA.

Finally — get excited, fiscal conservatives! — we will have a President who gives more than just lip service to cutting spending and reducing the debt. When Donald Trump said “Drain the Swamp!” he meant it. The Hill recently reported on Trump’s plan to slash spending by $10.5 trillion over the next 10 years. According to the Washington Examiner, Trump plans to specifically target the Washington bureaucracy with spending cuts of 10 percent and staffing cuts of up to 20 percent. This is unheard of — no wonder the Washington establishment fought so hard against Trump during the campaign!


Starting today, we will have a President who cares more about the well-being of American workers in the Heartland than meaningless economic statistics produced by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. Trump will work tirelessly to rebuild American manufacturing and bring jobs back to disaffected and forgotten American towns and cities, which suffered great job losses during the last decade and still have not fully recovered.

We will now have a President who understands that, on the whole, when adjusting for inflation, Americans have not received a raise in seventeen years, and that stagnant wages are a serious problem for the average American, even if stagnant wages are seen as a feature, not a bug, by the average Washington, D.C. economist.

Today, for the first time since Ronald Reagan was elected, we have a President who understands that the Federal Reserve is fallible and that ending the Fed’s monopoly on money is a good thing. The Fed has complete control over the U.S. economy, despite being unelected and unaccountable. No unelected body should have that level of power over our economy with the ability to pick winners and losers.

Today, we begin perhaps the most important year in the history of the pro-life movement with a Republican Congress and a President who has promised to redirect federal funding away from Planned Parenthood toward community health centers, sign a 20 week ban on abortion, appoint a committed pro-life Supreme Court Justice, and make the Hyde Amendment permanent law. Accomplishing all four of these goals in 2017 would be historic, and Trump has promised to get it done. The lives of hundreds of thousands — perhaps millions — of babies hang in the balance.


Today is the day we finally move toward ending Common Core and returning control over education to parents, teachers, and local school districts, not bureaucrats behind a desk in Washington, D.C.

Today, we finally have a champion for religious freedom in the White House. From the very beginning of his campaign, Trump made it clear he valued “the Evangelicals” and Catholics who supported him, and he vowed to protect their right to practice religion freely in the public square. In December 2015, he signed a letter of support with American Principles Project promising to sign the First Amendment Defense Act, important legislation that would protect the rights of those who did not want to materially participate in a gay wedding ceremony that would violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Unlike yesterday, today we will have a President who doesn’t subscribe to the Left’s gender insanity and has no interest in forcing young women to shower with grown men.

Unlike yesterday, today we will have a President who will act on immigration and work with Congress to find a solution that works for the American people. No more temporary executive orders. No more kicking the can down the road.

And unlike yesterday, today, we have reached the end of the road for Republican excuses for inaction. First, in 2010, it was “we need to take back the House.” Then, it 2014, it was, “well, we need the Senate, too.” Then, in 2016, it was “we can’t pass anything without a Republican president.” Okay, well, now we have all three. The American people are watching. Inaction, at this point, with the mandate Republicans have achieved, would be inexcusable.


But we can worry about all of that tomorrow. Today is a good day. Today is exciting. Today represents opportunity and hope. Today we take the first step toward making America great again.

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