Paul Dykewicz

Paul Dykewicz
Coach Ara Parseghian’s Legacy Includes Football Championships, Philanthropy and Faith
By Paul Dykewicz
Ara Parseghian, who died Aug. 2 at age 94, earned wide acclaim for winning national football championships in 1966 and ...
August 04, 2017
Under Armour CEO Tackles Fallout after Praising ‘Pro-Business’ President
By Paul Dykewicz
Under Armour (NYSE:UAA) CEO and Chairman Kevin Plank, a former special teams captain when he played football at the University ...
February 23, 2017
How to Survive and Thrive in a Secular Environment
By Paul Dykewicz
People of faith who feel isolated or ostracized in secular settings can navigate by using strategies that include prayer, connecting ...
January 19, 2017
Flint’s Public Health Crisis Leads to New Criminal Charges against Public Officials
By Paul Dykewicz
The manmade public health disaster in Flint, Michigan, that caused lead-tainted tap water to go into local homes, schools and ...
December 23, 2016
Super Bowl-Winning Coach Harbaugh Shows Leadership and Faith amid Tragedy
By Paul Dykewicz
A Super Bowl championship might seem to be the crowning achievement in the life of a football coach but sometimes ...
April 05, 2016
Coach Nick Saban’s Use of a Football Chaplain Is Producing More than National Championships
By Paul Dykewicz
The value of a sports chaplain may appear elusive to many observers but not to the University of Alabama’s national ...
March 25, 2016
Fr. Paul Scalia Delivers Homily of Hope at the Funeral Mass of Justice Scalia
By Paul Dykewicz
WASHINGTON—Possibly the biggest tribute to late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, during his funeral Mass Saturday, Feb. 19, may ...
February 23, 2016
Poll Leader Trump Can Afford to Skip Debate
By Paul Dykewicz
Front-running Republican presidential contender Donald Trump is within his rights to skip the next presidential debate on Fox News and ...
January 28, 2016
Defense of Expectant Mothers and Unborn Urged by Pro-Life Advocates
By Paul Dykewicz
Numerous pro-life speakers championed the interests of expectant mothers and the unborn as they emphasized the priceless value of human ...
January 24, 2016
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