Nina May

Nina May
Dating The Donald . . . the Odyssey Continues
By Nina May
I can’t describe the national love-hate relationship with Donald Trump, in any other way than it reminds me of the ...
March 13, 2016
Obama’s Salary Should be Applied to Bailout $$$
By Nina May
If you had an employee who was getting $160,000 a ...
September 29, 2008
Liberal Feminists Commit Political Suicide
By Nina May
It is beyond shocking that the women who have claimed for decades that women can and should compete openly in ...
September 10, 2008
John McCain's Trifecta on the Road to Victory
By Nina May
John McCain has just experienced a political Trifecta ...
August 31, 2008
All That Glitters Is Not Gold . . . Obama vs. McCain
By Nina May
There was an entertaining Peter Sellers movie in ...
August 24, 2008
Barack Opposes Original Intent of Constitution, Just Like Just Like Jim Crow Democrats did in the South
By Nina May
Barack Obama is in the chorus of liberal Democrats who continually oppose strict constructionists who want to honor the original ...
August 10, 2008
Finally, Leadership in an Election Cycle
By Nina May
Within two days I had two people meet me on bicycles for appointments. It was surprising at first to think ...
July 28, 2008
Conservative Blacks Choose Pigment Over Principle
By Nina May
In the mid 1980’s I debated Gloria Steinhem on the Phil Donahue show, during the presidential campaign where Geraldine Ferraro ...
June 22, 2008
Are Black Americans Monolithic?
By Nina May
Democrats want everyone to think that blacks are monolithic. Take, for example, that little statistic of the voting habits of black Americans. ...
May 13, 2008
It’s the Economy Stupid . . . Until Nov. 5
By Nina May
I can still hear the James Carvell orchestrated mantra of the Clinton campaign in 1992, drilling it into all our ...
April 12, 2008
Democrats Have Kept Racism Alive
By Nina May
There was a big problem with Barack’s mea culpa speech in Philadelphia, defending his racist pastor, Jeremiah White. He failed ...
April 02, 2008
Hillary’s Hubris?
By Nina May
I was leafing through the 1987 copy of Outstanding Young Women of America and was amazed by the resumes of ...
March 17, 2008
Barack is Sanjaya, Hillary is Omarosa, McCain is...
By Nina May
This title will mean nothing to those who ...
March 12, 2008
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