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One of the most poignant and often told stories in the Bible, that demonstrates Solomon’s incredible gift of wisdom, was of the two women who claimed the same child as their own. Three thousand years ago, how could you scientifically prove, without DNA tests, which one was the rightful biological mother of the baby in question?


Solomon suggested cutting the baby in half and giving half to each mother, knowing the true mother would never agree to that, and would sacrifice her rights of motherhood for the safety of the child. As soon as one woman agreed to that compromise, he awarded the custody to the one willing to give the baby up.

The country is being tested in the same way through this presidential cycle. We have two men who feel God has called them to this race and proudly proclaim their faith in Christ as their Lord and Savior. These two men, Rubio and Cruz, have a combined support number that is higher than the man who is in the lead and is not as vocal about his faith. In fact he suggests it is personal and doesn’t feel compelled to share even a favorite Bible verse.

That is all fine, there is no judgement as to the degree of faith of any of the candidates because only God knows the heart of the man.

But what I do challenge is the declaration by any candidate that feels called of God to run, but does not fully rely on Him to get them over the finish line. When you see the juvenile, embarrassing, and frankly unprofessional and unChristian way the two men in a virtual tie for second place are acting and speaking, it begs the question . . .Is it God’s will?

After Judas hung himself for betraying Jesus to the Sanhedrin and Pharisees, the apostles gathered together, and called on God to give them wisdom in the choice of his replacement. Lots were cast and Matthias was chosen over Joseph called Barsabbas.


I can’t say for sure, but I would guess that just before the selection process they were not trash talking each other, hiring PR firms and advisers to lobby the other apostles, and they weren’t trying to convince the apostles that they would be the best choice. There was a unanimous agreement that only God knows the hearts of man, and God knew which one was chosen for such a time as this.

That did not mean that he could not use the one who lost, it only meant serving as one of the 12 apostles was not the will of God for him. And that was the key. They all wanted God’s will for them, and for the foundation of the spreading of the Gospel, which would fundamentally transform the world.

This is an incredibly important election and it seems, at this point the choice will be between a man who has bullied and blustered his way to the head of the class, and two senators, both of Cuban descent who feel God has called them to enter this race. The test of their faith in that call would be to challenge them to cast their lots before the Lord, and be willing to defer to the other in a selection that God Himself would orchestrate.

It would be wonderful to believe that one would be like the real mother of the baby in question and would say, for the sake of the country, to save this 250 year old baby that was birthed in an environment of God-ordained liberty, they would acquiesce to God’s will.


All of the believers supporting and working for both candidates should be willing to put their own personal choice aside and submit the race to God’s will. If they truly do feel that their candidate is called by God, for such a time as this to lead the nation away from the path of destruction, then they should challenge them to draw lots, join forces and truly give God the glory for a miraculous victory.

It’s not like the loser gets killed or anything. They could work together as a more unified team because “a house divided against itself will not stand". This house needs to unite, and the believers need to encourage this uniting. If it does not occur, because hubris is as big a sin in the eyes of God as all the sins the leading candidate is accused of, then believers will have told us that God is irrelevant in the affairs of man, and we have determined we can run the country without Him.

We have nothing to lose by suggesting this to these two men, but everything to lose if they continue on an ego-driven path of mutually assured destruction. And, the by-product will be the anointing of a leader who has determined she will continue the Obama legacy, which has been a disaster.

If not now, when . . . if not us, then who? What is our purpose of existing anyway, as believers if not to share the Good News, and do the will of God in our lives? It can’t possibly be His will, that two brothers in the Lord would continue to destroy each other for a position of power. And if they do, then perhaps it is God’s will that we lose to the Nebuchadnezzars of the world.


God’s will . . . will be done no matter what the pundits say. I just pray Cruz and Rubio have the gift of wisdom and humility to put God’s will before their own, and that the believers in both camps encourage them to do so. God is bigger than all this, and if we don’t get it, how do we ever expect an unbeliever to get it?

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