Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan
Joe Biden's 'Angry America'
By Michael Reagan
It’s not until you leave the United States that you realize how angry Americans are.Earlier this month my wife the ...
October 16, 2021
The Troubles with Biden's Brain
By Michael Reagan
Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York got a special Emmy last year for his nauseating daily pandemic press conferences.So why ...
September 04, 2021
Dumbing Down Our Kids of Color
By Michael Reagan
The left is truly dumbing down America’s kids.It’s nothing new.But based on the insane education policy recently implemented by the ...
August 14, 2021
Why My Son Is Unvaccinated
By Michael Reagan
Since I’m spending this week vacationing with my family in Newport Beach, I thought I’d talk to my son Cameron ...
July 17, 2021
Joe & Tony's Door-to-Door Vaccine Drive
By Michael Reagan
Knock knock.“Who’s there?”“Tony and Joe.”“Tony and Joe who?”“We’re with the government and we’re here to help.”“Get off my property! My ...
July 10, 2021
A Flag That's Still Worth Dying For
By Michael Reagan
When hammer-thrower Gwen Berry turned her back on the American flag at the Olympic Trials last weekend, it made me ...
July 03, 2021
President Biden's Lose-Lose Strategy
By Michael Reagan
I think I can still hear them partying in the Kremlin.Vladimir Putin and his inner circle are toasting each other ...
June 19, 2021
‘America Is Back’ — But to What?
By Michael Reagan
After stopping in England he’ll summit with European leaders in Brussels and then move on to his mano-a-mano meet-up with ...
June 12, 2021
Days to Remember to Say 'Thanks'
By Michael Reagan
Sunday is D-Day plus 76 years.And on Memorial Day we honored and mourned all the men and women who’ve died ...
June 06, 2021
Taking a Knee Against China
By Michael Reagan
China is claiming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “full of lies and disinformation.”That’s not necessarily untrue most of the time.But ...
May 22, 2021
The GOP Has to Get Smart, With or Without Trump
By Michael Reagan
Decades ago my sister Maureen often used to call the Republican Party "The Stupid Party."Today, the Party of Lincoln - ...
May 08, 2021
Viva Las Vegas... Almost
By Michael Reagan
My wife, daughter and I usually drive over to Las Vegas two or three times a year.We don't go to ...
April 17, 2021
Take Me Out to Fewer Ball Games
By Michael Reagan
The Pandemic of 2020 was a tragedy for the whole world.But our all-out war against the coronavirus taught Americans a ...
April 03, 2021
Biden Didn't Need 100 Days to Screw America
By Michael Reagan
I can hardly wait to see how President Biden's second 100 days in office go.So far he's ripped up Trump's ...
March 20, 2021
Three Cheers for Texas
By Michael Reagan
He wasn't the first governor in the country to lift the mask mandate for his state.North Dakota, Montana and Iowa ...
March 06, 2021
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