Lawrence Keane

Lawrence Keane
Blame First, Facts Later When It Comes to Gun Control
By Lawrence Keane
The incomprehensible murders in Boulder, Colo., should be an inflection point. It should be a moment for communities to come ...
March 25, 2021
State Has Opportunity to Stop Banking Discrimination Cold
By Lawrence Keane
Here’s the secret banks in Indiana don’t want Hoosiers to know. Big banks discriminate. They do it all the time ...
February 12, 2021
When Beto's ‘Hell, Yes’ Meets Crenshaw's ‘F***, No’
By Lawrence Keane
It’s going to be a showdown. Two Texans are at far ends of the street in what is bound to ...
December 10, 2020
Gun Industry Knows Being ‘Listed’ Isn’t Healing or Unifying
By Lawrence Keane
Forgive the firearm industry if we seem jaded. We’re just not buying the calls for unity and healing. Not when ...
November 10, 2020
Here’s What Joe Biden Won’t Say About Guns in the Debates
By Lawrence Keane
Don’t expect Joe Biden to talk about gun control in the first presidential debate. Or the second or third for ...
September 29, 2020
For $25, Senator Murphy Details Distrust of Americans and Freedom
By Lawrence Keane
U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) encapsulated in 384 pages of his new book “The Violence Inside Us” one central theme: ...
September 19, 2020
Liberal Gun Control Group Won’t Be Satisfied Until Gun Elimination
By Lawrence Keane
The liberal Center for American Progress, a Washington D.C.-based advocacy group, is again telling America that there just aren’t enough ...
August 12, 2020
California Congressman Ignores Wildlife Science for Environmental Zealotry
By Lawrence Keane
Follow the science. That’s the mantra of the likes of U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.). Except, that’s not what he’s ...
July 15, 2020
Answer to NICS Strain: More Resources, Not More Restrictions
By Lawrence Keane
During this time of crisis, Americans are concerned for their safety, and record numbers have turned to their Second Amendment ...
April 07, 2020
Virginia’s HB961 Is a Ban Under the Guise of Compromise
By Lawrence Keane
Compromise is a sneaky way of slipping a ban past Virginia voters.That’s exactly what Virginia’s House of Delegates did, led ...
February 14, 2020
He Really Is Crazy Uncle Joe Biden
By Lawrence Keane
The first rule in retail politics is candidates shouldn’t insult potential voters. It should go without saying that candidates should ...
February 10, 2020
Washington’s AG Bob Ferguson Misses the Mark on Gun Control
By Lawrence Keane
With the Senate impeachment trial dominating the headlines lately, there hasn’t been much room for other news to break through. ...
January 31, 2020
Confiscate, Ban, Register, Limit and Bust – Dems Lay Gun Control Cards Down in Las Vegas
By Lawrence Keane
Democratic candidates gathered in Sin City and went all in on gun control. Granted, it wasn’t hard to do when ...
October 03, 2019
Mr. Mayor, Do Your Job
By Lawrence Keane
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney immediately called for increased gun control in the wake of an alarming incident where a convicted ...
August 29, 2019
Assembly Resolution Against Firearms Industry a Dangerous Precedent
By Lawrence Keane
California’s got the most gun control laws in the country. It’s also trying to win the race on bad legislative ...
August 27, 2019
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