Jesse Hathaway

Jesse  Hathaway
State Lawmakers Working to Protect Property Rights
By Jesse Hathaway
Most people assume government police are tasked with stopping robbers, but a little-known legal fiction effectively allows the cops to ...
March 07, 2017
Unless Lawmakers Act Now, Pension Debt Hurricane Will Swamp Taxpayers
By Jesse Hathaway
Unless lawmakers in local and state governments act now, the problem of underfunded public pension plans will come ashore in ...
October 24, 2016
Despite Rhetoric, Little Evidence of Doom and Gloom in America
By Jesse Hathaway
As he accepted the Republican Party’s presidential nomination at its national convention in Cleveland, Ohio last week, Donald Trump proclaimed ...
July 28, 2016
Block Grants Would Prevent Medicaid ‘Pac-Man’ from Gobbling Up Budgets
By Jesse Hathaway
In his 1998 State of the State address, Ohio Governor George Voinovich (R) famously referred to Medicaid spending as the ...
September 29, 2015
Puerto Rico’s Bankruptcy is a Preview of Things to Come Stateside
By Jesse Hathaway
The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico owes more than $70 billion—about $19,729.43 per resident—in debt to creditors and investors. First ...
August 19, 2015
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