George Jarkesy

George Jarkesy
Marx and Marshall Would Be Proud Of Obama's Attack On Religion
By George Jarkesy
The Cult of Communism and its gateway drug, socialism, centers around mythical utopian notions of how material goods and ...
December 13, 2013
For victory, Tea Party woman need to ROAR!
By George Jarkesy
Overlooked and mocked, Virginia's Attorney General - Tea Party favorite - Ken Cuccinelli, was within 2.5 points of beating Democratic ...
November 22, 2013
President Reagan warned us about this very moment!
By George Jarkesy
Ronald Reagan made a spectacular warning at the start of his political life. He said that if Americans do ...
October 01, 2013
R2P used to sell but for now Americans aren't buying it!
By George Jarkesy
A burgeoning new ideology has entered the scene as the debate over whether America should go to war in Syria ...
September 12, 2013
Assad's, Syria! What the Frack is Going on?
By George Jarkesy
Leaked transcripts of a secret meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Saudi Arabia's secret police, Prince ...
August 28, 2013
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