America is not for-hire mercenaries, Obama’s long term national security problems in Syria

Posted: Sep 05, 2013 12:01 AM

Edward Luttwak, a geostrategic thinker at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, wrote a remarkable article in the New York Times two weeks ago, in which he said: "By tying down Mr. Assad’s army and its Iranian and Hezbollah allies in a war against Al Qaeda-aligned extremist fighters, four of Washington’s enemies will be engaged in war among themselves and prevented from attacking Americans or America’s allies." 

Luttwak is highlighting the fascinating thing that has dropped into the United States's lap:  Our enemies are fighting amongst themselves!  Yet, President Obama's affinity toward the Muslim Brotherhood is threatening our good fortune, because now he wants to help those Al Qaeda - and, yes, also Brotherhood-aligned - fighters in Syria's bloody conflict.  Not only that, but if these groups win, they will likely control one of the largest chemical weapons supplies in the world.  Already, these fighters have been caught in Turkey carrying chemical weapons.  Where do you think they will deploy them once they control such supplies?

The Muslim Brotherhood has made it clear that it has no problems allying with Al Qaeda, and obviously it wants power in Syria.  President Obama's stated desire to help them achieve control of Syria from the murderous thug Assad is ridiculous and not sensible - as Luttwak points out.  We are going to deliver Syria to this awful alliance made up of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda fighters, and for what national security reason? 

This is dangerous, not well-thought out, unconstitutional and reckless.

While the American public’s humanitarian impulse is strong, we should not be less than vigilant in guarding America's national security.  We need to do nothing in this conflict as our enemies take themselves to oblivion.

One of the top reasons for 'doing nothing' in Syria is important is because the Muslim Brotherhood is this century's Nazi Party.  Helping their position in Syria will not be good for America in the long run.  They believe in Sunni Arab ethnic superiority and want to crush all dissenters.  They believe in making all instruments of a country's economy subservient to the political class, and they have shown themselves to be eager to brutally subjugate all minority religious and ethnic groups within their grasp.  Just ask an Egyptian.

Not only that, but the Muslim Brotherhood have also shown themselves to be very happy to use state money to finance Brotherhood expansion outside of the country they control.

They now form an Arc of Terror in the Middle East - and the Muslim Brotherhood is supported and financed by the Saudi Arabian and Qatari chieftains.  It should be no shock that - according to Secretary of State John Kerry - the Saudi and Qataris offered to pay 100% of America's costs to attack, and even invade, Syria.  What the Qataris especially want to see is the Muslim Brotherhood in control of Syria, but also Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey - and they would be thrilled if the Brotherhood could secure control of even more states like Pakistan or Morocco.

President Obama's affinity for them is not sensible and is against American interests.  Iran is our sworn enemy and hates the Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood hates them as well as us.  While we have betrayed the Egyptian people in supporting this new Nazi Party -- and now the Egyptians have taken matters into their own hands and kicked the Brotherhood out -- President Obama should not again help the Brotherhood achieve power, this time in the country of Syria.

Let's not forget their offer to pay everything for our invasion of Syria is nothing but a subtle mockery of America -- they have basically treated us as their for-hire mercenaries.  That is by far not a sign of their respect for us.  

I cannot see one good reason why America needs to support their expansion into Syria.  There is no reason for us to be their friend.  It is time we push back against Qatar and Saudi Arabia and their murderous Comintern-style meddling across the Middle East.  They are causing chaos across-the-board and buying off our government through lobbyists and direct ownership of major media platforms in America like al-Jazzera America and others.  Of course, President Obama will likely financially benefit by supporting them because - when he leaves office - he probably will be given $1 million-plus for speeches to Qatari-controlled corporations, just like many other politicians.  The former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, for instance, was recently offered control of a $500 million Qatari hedge fund.

America needs to stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and get the Saudis and Qataris to stop meddling in others affairs, especially Americas.