“Global Warming” RIP, American Economy Needs Relief

Posted: Sep 18, 2013 12:01 AM

In March of this year, former Vice President Al Gore announced that he was in favor of a "carbon tax." The wording is strange, as carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe. Taken literally, the former Vice President sounds insane. What he really means is he wants a tax on coal, America’s most abundant energy resource. Taxing coal is something Bill Clinton's right-hand man wants, he said, because it will halt what has become known by urban legend as “global warming.”

And yet global warming-ism - or the belief that the planet is getting warmer because of smog - has never looked so erroneous. It has always been the theology of those who think human beings are superior to - and affect – everything, the world revolves around human action theory. In a phrase, it's delusional, an unproven theory that lacks good science - and new data is exposing what an over-the-top sideshow of ridiculousness global warming-ism is.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has now changed its tune and is declaring that since last year the amount of ocean cover with ice has not dropped, but instead gone up by an astounding 60%. That means the world was really cold last year. How is this possible? Did we suddenly cut all our emissions? The truth is human beings exhibit the tiniest of influences on whether temperatures rise or fall. Despite those in the beltway and academia who believe we are gods and can control everything. The real power here is that of politicians - who have cried havoc about "global warming" in order to re-distribute wealth, increase taxes on industry and individuals. Under the banner of global warming, they have so far been able to trump free market capitalism, and by executive order and legislation pick the winners and the losers in our economy. Of course, as always, the masses carry the burden of this power grab by paying higher energy prices and loss of millions of jobs and new job creation.

Hilariously, the BBC said seven years ago that there should be no arctic ice by now. Closer to home, our President, who believes and practices in the orderly redistribution of wealth said that those who are skeptical of global warming-ism should be ignored by Americans because "We don't have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society," and "Sticking your head in the sand (about global warming) might make you feel safer, but it's not going to protect you from the coming storm." This is our very, very intelligent and sincere President at his finest? Intelligent and sincere about redistribution of wealth based on who you know and what power you have as opposed to how smart you are and how hard you work.

While we must protect our planet's environment, this very important mission has been hijacked by a cabal of money-and-power grubbers. We can see this in the attempts to destroy the coal industry - which has gone to great lengths to be kind to the environment and by all accounts is going now even farther - and the concurrent attempts to then finance gigantic "green energy" projects in California. In many ways, global warming-ism is merely cover for corporate and inter-state economic warfare, coaxed with interest groups eager to fill their cup, all cloaked in a “green” blanket.

Even more astounding, but according to Professor Judith Curry, who is the Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the world may in fact be approaching a cool down in global temperatures. Temperatures, she told The Daily Telegraph, may soon replicate the cooling trend as seen from 1965 to 1975.

The battle over 'global warming' is even more dangerous because it has hurt - and continues to threaten - America's tepid economic growth rates. Every government dollar we send to a Californian subsidized 'green energy' “company” is a dollar less the government can send back to business owners in the form of tax relief or ObamaCare relief. Every new anti-coal - or other type of global warming-ism inspired - tax we pass is another burden on the American economy. It is especially a burden on those Americans who drive cars, have indoor electricity and businesses that use energy. Let’s not forget that coal is America’s largest energy resource that we can export to places like China. Rather than the cargo boats filled with goods coming here and returning empty, with coal they can actually go back with something on-board!

We must protect our environment, and we must urgently find ways to develop alternative sources of energy - other than coal and oil - to kick us off our addiction to Middle Eastern oil and strengthen our geopolitical position. This should be a number one national priority (which Obama threw away with both hands with the Keystone Pipeline). Yet listening to a bunch of misleading regulationists, preaching a ridiculous and unproven notion of 'global warming', and demanding that we weaken our economy and our Nation further for their demands - and their backers' financial enrichment - is too much to bear, may global warming finally rest in peace.

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