Christian Josi

Christian  Josi
Free China’s Political Prisoners While Teaching the CCP a Lesson
By Christian Josi
In 2018, Canadian Mounties arrested Meng Wanzou, CFO of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, on an American warrant. Meng has since ...
March 23, 2021
The Paranoid Stylings of Sheldon Whitehouse
By Christian Josi
At a moment when the leftmost fringe of the country wields massively disproportionate cultural power—the kind that can get presidents ...
March 08, 2021
Democrats Are Fixated on D.C. Statehood. Why Not Puerto Rico?
By Christian Josi
Republicans are smart to look at statehood for the District of Columbia as a way for Democrats to elect two ...
February 28, 2021
F-35 Cost Overruns Excused by Some
By Christian Josi
Cost overruns happen in private sector and government contracting. But only with government contracts could a service run tens of ...
September 26, 2020
President Trump: Stop Bad Policy From Depriving Respiratory Patients of Oxygen
By Christian Josi
Over the last six months, the United States has engaged in a once-in-a-generation effort against the novel coronavirus. As we ...
September 10, 2020
Trump Administration Should Avoid European Style Drug Pricing
By Christian Josi
There seems to be a renewed push for the United States to copy the socialist health care model of Europe ...
July 30, 2020
President Trump: Pharmacies That Provide Medications to Nursing Home Residents Need Your Help
By Christian Josi
Since the start of our national struggle against coronavirus, lines of political partisanship have shifted as lawmakers came together to ...
June 15, 2020
A Plea to the President: Renewing America Is Really Not That Hard
By Christian Josi
Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by William H. Chellis.There is much that we can all disagree on in this ...
June 05, 2020
How the Federal Government Can Help Individuals with Kidney Disease, Kidney Failure During the COVID-19
By Christian Josi
As many parts of the country begin to re-open, policymakers will face the challenge of how best to protect the ...
June 01, 2020
The Deep State v Roger J. Stone, Jr: A Cautionary Tale
By Christian Josi
My friend and sometime colleague Roger Stone's sentencing is set for next week in Washington, DC, (last-minute update: unless, following ...
February 15, 2020
Obamacare Still Enriching Insurance Companies
By Christian Josi
As a conservative, you might want to stay mad at the insurance companies, because they are still gaming the system ...
January 29, 2020
Ideological Diversity = Victories in the Animal Welfare Movement
By Christian Josi
Sometime over the last few decades, “animal protection” became synonymous with, er, let’s say “enthusiastic” people doing things like throwing ...
May 31, 2018
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