Andreas Hellmann

Andreas Hellmann
Australia's News Media Bargaining Code Is Unworkable and Attacks American Companies
By Andreas Hellmann
Last year the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) had published draft regulation that would force American tech companies like ...
January 18, 2021
Big-Spending EU Bureaucrats Want To Fleece American Companies Again
By Andreas Hellmann
The European Union can't keep up with the pace of innovation, growth, and success of American technology companies. This was ...
November 25, 2020
Will Biden Defend America Against Europe’s Tax-Hungry Bureaucrats?
By Andreas Hellmann
European nations and many other countries around the world have unilaterally departed from over 100 years of accepted tax principles ...
November 22, 2020
Australia’s Misguided Attack on American Companies
By Andreas Hellmann
America is the most innovative country in the world because American workers hustle to innovate and create new products and ...
September 02, 2020
Europe’s New Digital Strategy to Target American Companies is Made in China
By Andreas Hellmann
The European Union and its member states are not able to keep up with the pace of innovation and growth ...
March 05, 2020
In Europe, Fed Up Voters Send Message to EU Superstate
By Andreas Hellmann
The dust has settled after the European Parliament elections, which took place in May across the 28 European Union member ...
June 17, 2019
GOP Tax Cuts A Game Changer For Americans
By Andreas Hellmann
The establishment media refuses to report the good news arising from the GOP tax cuts. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ...
August 17, 2018
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