Sat, May 24, 2014

John Hawkins | May 24, 2014

All across America at this time of year, there are high school and college students graduating from our education system and heading into the real world.

Joanne Moudy | May 24, 2014

Languishing in Omdurman Federal Women's Prison in Khartoum, Sudan, Dr. Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag and her 20 month-old son, Martin Wani, await their fate.

Ken Blackwell | May 24, 2014

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) is not sure she’s so inevitable. And even if she is, it’s not necessarily a good thing for people to say that about her.

John Ransom | May 24, 2014

One thing that I have noted about ex-presidents and ex-vice presidents, especially the liberal ones, is as fond as they are about ragging on the rich, they most definitely use the office they were honored by to make sure that the cash flow never ends after they leave office.

Kathryn Lopez | May 24, 2014

I saw a raccoon. That might be an unremarkable fact if your element isn't Manhattan concrete, but it was a highlight for this city gal. And it added to the sylvan aspect of the event I was attending last year, the Thomas Aquinas Philosophy Workshop, in Newburgh, New York.

Paul Greenberg | May 24, 2014

Strange, the once obscure villages that war makes unforgettable, forever resonant with the echoes of battle. Gettysburg. Hastings. Lexington and Concord. The fate of nations, and of freedom, was determined by what happened at such places.

Robert Charles | May 24, 2014

Talk of religious freedom and limiting it, seems to be everywhere these days. The US Supreme Court affirmed the right recently of townships to say a public prayer before a local meeting, which seems rather like declaring the sun’s right to rise in the East, if you consult the Founding Fathers’ writings – and their practices.

Mark Skousen | May 24, 2014

Will Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama Administration stop at nothing to silence their critics?

Steve Deace | May 24, 2014

If we don’t run qualified candidates we’re not going to defeat the Republican Party establishment and the Left, no matter how right we are on the issues. Here are four keys to finding the right candidates.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 24, 2014

The problem conservatives have with immigration reform has a lot more to do with government incompetence than immigration. Conn Carroll, managing editor for Townhall Magazine, spoke with John about the likelihood of reform over the summer. Oh, and Ezra Klein is still an idiot.

Night Watch | May 24, 2014

The Kyiv regime's interim Prime Minister, Arseny Yatsenuk, called for an emergency session of the UN Security Council because he claims to have evidence of Russian involvement in a recent pro-Russian ambush of Ukrainian troops.

Larry Provost | May 24, 2014

A trip to Israel will show anyone the tremendous restraint that nation has towards Islam; restraint that is not reciprocated by most of its neighbors and that sadly does little to douse the flames of Islamic fascism.

David Williams | May 24, 2014

Many people question whether or not bureaucrats care about or have common sense.

Fri, May 23, 2014

Michael Brown | May 23, 2014

Since when did it become “extremist” to be pro-life, pro-family, and pro-marriage?

Michael Schaus | May 23, 2014

Being green isn’t easy, but it’s also not cheap. As it turns out, each Fiat 500e that rolls off the showroom floor costs the company roughly 14k dollars.

Michelle Malkin | May 23, 2014

A government that fails to secure its borders is guilty of dereliction of duty. A government that fails to care for our men and women on the frontlines is guilty of malpractice. A government that puts the needs of illegal aliens above U.S. veterans for political gain should be prosecuted for criminal neglect bordering on treason.

Mark Davis | May 23, 2014

The moment Matt Bevin was shown the door back to private life in Kentucky Tuesday night, you could hear liberal analysts’ hands rub together in glee. Their night had come, another milepost on the road toward the extinction of the dreaded Tea Party.

Brent Bozell | May 23, 2014

Shailene Woodley is fast-rising movie star, and at age 22, she's already thrown the country's most uptight feminists into a tizzy.

Michael Barone | May 23, 2014

Gummit don't work good. That conclusion, often that inelegantly expressed, seems to be more and more common, not only in the United States but around the world.

Jonah Goldberg | May 23, 2014

Hillary Clinton is in a pickle. She's a shoe-in for her party's presidential nomination because of Barack Obama's failures. But those failures might keep her from getting the job. Her husband's "law of politics" is that elections are always about the future, but she's stuck in the past.

David Limbaugh | May 23, 2014

The wheels are coming off the bulldozer that is the Obama administration. But that's not a particularly new development. What's new is that some Democrats and liberal media figures are beginning to speak out.

Mona Charen | May 23, 2014

This story has a very troubling start, but a pretty satisfying conclusion -- if it really is the conclusion.

Scott Rasmussen | May 23, 2014

Heading into the 2014 elections, some Democrats think they have found a way to minimize the political fallout from the president's health care law. They have convinced themselves that voters are more interested in fixing the law rather than repealing it.

Pat Buchanan | May 23, 2014

Memorial Day will likely bring alarmist headlines in the elite media about a populist fever raging in Europe, and manifest in the shocking returns from the elections for the European Parliament.

Suzanne Fields | May 23, 2014

Women have come a long way, Miss Baby, since Betty Friedan railed against "the feminine mystique" of the suburban woman locked in a "comfortable concentration camp" and since Gloria Steinem mocked the attentions of men at the Playboy Club who were seduced by her pink bunny costume with its tall floppy ears and saucy cotton tail.

John Ransom | May 23, 2014

“It’s all Bush’s fault” wasn’t a talking point for Obama, as much as it was a birthday wish for a birthday that never ends for the One.

Diana West | May 23, 2014

he National Catholic Register broke the most shocking cultural news of the week: "A group of students at the University of Notre Dame has generated a campus-wide controversy by advocating that marriage between one woman and one man is better suited for children than same-sex 'marriage.'"

Linda Chavez | May 23, 2014

A plan to allow some young people to serve in the U.S. military even if their parents brought them to America illegally as young children may be the opening some Republicans need to support at least limited immigration reform.

Paul Greenberg | May 23, 2014

What's happening to all the bobwhite quail Arkansas used to have? It's a question that has stumped many a sportsman, bird-watcher and environmentalist in the Natural State, not to mention a mere newspaper columnist like me. But the other day I was informed I've been using the wrong term for the bird. And that the bobwhite quail, contrary to my innocent editorial assumption and the common Arkansas vernacular, is not a bobwhite quail at all.

Donald Lambro | May 23, 2014

President Obama reluctantly went to the White House press room Wednesday to deal with yet another scandal that has hit his dysfunctional presidency.

Erick Erickson | May 23, 2014

In 1540, Hernando de Soto marched through Middle Georgia not far from where this column originates.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | May 23, 2014

For the first time, the United States government has publicly claimed that the Chinese military is actively engaged in cyber warfare against the United States and American companies.

Laura Hollis | May 23, 2014

The recent scandal involving the horrific conditions and appalling lack of care at some of the Veterans Affairs medical facilities is dogging the Obama administration. CNN correspondent Jake Tapper took them to task for doing nothing despite having been apprised of the problems at least a year ago.

Bill Tatro | May 23, 2014

It was 1907, the stock market was down 50% from the year before, bankruptcies were prevalent, there was no such thing as the Federal Reserve Board and panic was in the air.

Charlotte Hays | May 23, 2014

They know how to play the feminism fiddle.

Night Watch | May 23, 2014

The largest worry is that the terrorist group is evolving into an insurgency. More frequent attacks aimed at seizing and holding territory will be indicators of that transformation.

Thu, May 22, 2014

Rich Tucker | May 22, 2014

A birthday is often a time to celebrate, but just as often a time to reflect. What’s been accomplished so far? What’s left to do?

Rebecca Hagelin | May 22, 2014

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”

Ann Coulter | May 22, 2014

Those of you who follow my work assiduously know that Davis shot and killed an off-duty cop, Mark MacPhail, in a busy Burger King parking lot in front of dozens of witnesses, including people who knew him, as well as a van full of Air Force airmen.

Victor Davis Hanson | May 22, 2014

Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki cannot get a handle on the recent scandalous treatment of veterans in VA hospitals, where more than 40 sick men were allowed to die without proper follow-up treatment.

Derek Hunter | May 22, 2014

President Obama is “madder than hell” about the scandal at the Veterans Administration. How do we know? Dennis McDonough, Obama’s chief of staff, told us so.

Larry Elder | May 22, 2014

I'm old enough to remember when only black people called black people "Uncle Tom." Democrats, however, long expanded the category of who can play the race card and on whom. Call them equal opportunity race-card players.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | May 22, 2014

What if the federal government is shameless? What if it personifies the adage of do as I say and not as I do? What if it does the very things it prosecutes others for doing? What if it has written laws and enacted procedures so that it can spy and kill, while it charges others with doing just that?

Wayne Allyn Root | May 22, 2014

Business is booming in Las Vegas. Investors from around the globe are investing tens of billions of their money…right now, in the middle of a terrible economy. Why?

Ken Blackwell | May 22, 2014

Summer is officially upon us, and millions of American families will soon be embarking on their annual trips to the beach, the mountains, the lake, grandma’s house, or any other of the fantastic destinations our country has to offer.

Michael Reagan | May 22, 2014

Behind the green curtain is where my world began to end. It was where my innocence was forever washed away in a porcelain pan filled with developer. Grainy images brought into strong relief on white paper that would become forever etched on my soul.

Cal Thomas | May 22, 2014

President Obama Wednesday replayed a familiar scenario when dealing with scandal, in this case delays for treatment, deaths, alleged cover-ups and other acts of malfeasance reported at Veterans Administration hospitals in the United States...

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | May 22, 2014

The Senate, often thought of as the softer, slower, less-exciting body of the legislative branch, is in the spotlight this year. The Republicans in the House are expected to retain the majority and pick up seats.

Debra J. Saunders | May 22, 2014

"San Francisco, open your Golden Gate. You'll let nobody wait outside your door." Those are the lyrics of the city's signature song, but now somebody should call "rewrite."

John Ransom | May 22, 2014

Liberals may cry “Beef, beef!” but there is no beef, to paraphrase Patrick Henry. Our betters in Washington have eaten the beef.

Arina Grossu | May 22, 2014

Activists and some news outlets have expressed anxiety over reports that Texas abortion facilities are closing because they fail to meet new regulations enacted by Texas last year. These reasonable standards were recently upheld by the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The National Journal reported, “The added difficulty of finding qualified doctors, getting new licenses, and navigating state health department regulations is a hurdle higher than most closed clinics are likely to clear.”

Paul Greenberg | May 22, 2014

Dawn doesn't break the morning after an election in Arkansas, but just kind of eases up over the horizon, as if afraid to shine a light on the results.

Cliff May | May 22, 2014

I’m not among those who object to the Twitter campaign focusing on the kidnapping and enslaving of hundreds of Nigerian school girls.

Emmett Tyrrell | May 22, 2014

As I reflect on the "inevitable" presidential candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton, I try to put it in historic context. She lacks the shifty eyes, darting hither and yon at her audience and the assembled press corps.

Night Watch | May 22, 2014

While the focus was on bilateral cooperation, the audience was clearly the US and its allies. An unusual confluence of events is driving Russia and China closer together.

Jerry Newcombe | May 22, 2014

Here we are, a month after the kidnapping of some 300 girls by a radical Islamic group in Nigeria, and there are still many in the West who don’t get it. They just don’t understand the motivation of the kidnappers.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 22, 2014

Detroit is poised to become the next great American city… If we can just avoid repeating some of the city’s past mistakes. Local Detroit entrepreneur, Kyle Bazzy with, spoke to Michael Schaus about the possibilities of a Detroit renaissance.

Wed, May 21, 2014

Ben Shapiro | May 21, 2014

Just off of the James C. Lodge Freeway in Detroit is Eight Mile Road. The stretch near the freeway is just east of the famed area that provided the basis for the Eminem film of the same name. To its north lie predominantly white suburbs -- over 77 percent of those who live in Oakland County are white -- with median family income in excess of $65,000.

John Kass | May 21, 2014

With the Russians on the prowl, the Chinese hacking into our computers, Boko Haram in Nigeria triggering fear and celebrity hashtags, the last thing America needs is to lose a trusted ally: England.

Lisa De Pasquale | May 21, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has mentioned Charles and David Koch over 134 times from the floor of the Senate. Last week Sen. Reid announced that he would bring a constitutional amendment to the Senate floor that would allow Congress to set even more limits on political donations.

Michelle Malkin | May 21, 2014

Look out, everyone: The nation's school lunch lady, Michelle Obama, is mad. With her federal nutrition program under fire across the country and now on Capitol Hill, Mrs. Obama put out a "forceful" call to arms this week to "health activists," according to The Washington Post.

John Stossel | May 21, 2014

Are you worried about the future? It's hard not to be. If you watch the news, you mostly see violence, disasters, danger. Some in my business call it "fear porn" or "pessimism porn." People like the stuff; it makes them feel alive and informed.

Walter E. Williams | May 21, 2014

From the Nazis to the Stalinists, tyrants have always started out supporting free speech, and why is easy to understand. Speech is vital for the realization of their goals of command, control and confiscation.

Dr. Ben Carson | May 21, 2014

I recently was asked how I could possibly endorse the U.S. Senate candidacy of Dr. Monica Wehby, who is running as a Republican from Oregon. She is pro-choice, which in the opinion of many makes her unacceptable as a conservative.

Brent Bozell | May 21, 2014

Just before the 2010 midterms, Comedy Central star Jon Stewart drew a large crowd to Washington to celebrate a "Rally for Sanity." He gave a closing speech, intended to be inspirational and not comical, on how "we can have animus and not be enemies."

Jonah Goldberg | May 21, 2014

Of course, if you're the sort of person who takes trigger warnings very seriously, you probably don't read this column too often. So maybe my mockery will miss its target, sort of like making fun of the Amish on the Internet -- it's not like they'll find out.

Bob Barr | May 21, 2014

In 2009, Sarah Palin was the first to coin the phrase “death panel” in a Facebook post about the future of government-run healthcare. “Government health care will not reduce the cost; it will simply refuse to pay the cost,” Palin wrote.

Terry Jeffrey | May 21, 2014

Two Senate committees held hearings this month on the nomination of Office of Management and Budget Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell to succeed Kathleen Sebelius as secretary of Health and Human Services, the federal agency most responsible for overseeing implementation of Obamacare.

Austin Bay | May 21, 2014

Early on, David Mamet established himself as a gifted playwright and screenwriter.

John Ransom | May 21, 2014

Few can name the mayor of LA today. It’s so much the better for LA’s current mayor Eric Garcetti, who, by all accounts outside of Los Angeles, is doing a lousy job.

Rachel Marsden | May 21, 2014

The U.S. Justice Department filed charges this week against five Chinese military officers, accusing them of hacking American companies to steal secrets, including the nuclear energy company Westinghouse.

Donald Lambro | May 21, 2014

The scandal that has exploded in the government's veterans hospitals runs a lot deeper than the issue of long waits for those seeking medical care.

Jacob Sullum | May 21, 2014

Since the European Union's top court endorsed "the right to be forgotten" last week, Google has received more than 1,000 requests to remove links to embarrassing information from its search results.

Daniel Pipes | May 21, 2014

Until now, Islamist rule has implied violence and dictatorship; can it evolve into something decent?

Zachary Gappa | May 21, 2014

Few U.S. institutions resemble today's prison system. Most Americans have little-to-no exposure to this quiet behemoth which has quadrupled its population since the 1980's, but for those who are exposed, the effects are dramatic.

Michael Schaus | May 21, 2014

As freakishly awesome as the two minutes of mental gymnastics were to watch, they did more to let voters know who she is than any direct answer ever could have done.

Charlie Kirk | May 21, 2014

Memorial Day marks the unofficial end-point of spring wherein Tennyson told us “a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” Now it’s time for that same young man, and the young female subject of his prurient interests, to fancy looking for summer employment.

Night Watch | May 21, 2014

The Russians are doing a lot of things, but de-escalation is not one of them...

Ransom Notes Radio | May 21, 2014

Credit Suisse pleaded guilty, and agreed to a fine… It seems like the Department of Justice is far more interested in raising some fees than actually holding anyone accountable for all these banking “crimes”. Of course, this isn’t really much of a shock coming from the Obama administration.

Tue, May 20, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 20, 2014

While getting a handmade burrito at Chipotle might not seem like a political calculation, apparently (nowadays) it has become such. The Mexican(ish) food chain has announced something similar to a “gun ban” on its properties…

John Hawkins | May 20, 2014

Usually when we talk about the harm illegal aliens do to Americans, we discuss the economic issues. They take jobs from Americans, they depress wages, they use services without paying taxes, they have kids here to leech off the goes on and on.

Thomas Sowell | May 20, 2014

Many years ago, in upstate New York, there was a lady who was caught in a fierce snow storm that produced conditions called a "whiteout." That's when the snow is falling so thick and fast that all you can see in any direction is just sheer white.

Ron Paul | May 20, 2014

Recently, Republican leaders in Congress unveiled a "tax reform" plan that they claimed would provide the American people with a simpler, fairer, and more efficient tax system. While this plan does lower some tax rates and contains some other changes that may make next April a little less painful for Americans, there is little in it to excite supporters of liberty.

Chuck Norris | May 20, 2014

On Valentine's Day 2013, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families took into emergency custody then-14-year-old Justina Pelletier because the doctors at Tufts Medical Center and doctors at Boston Children's Hospital collided over the diagnosis of her rare medical condition.

Michael Barone | May 20, 2014

British politics has a familiar look to Americans, with a center-right Conservative Party and a center-left Labour Party resembling America's Republicans and Democrats.

David Limbaugh | May 20, 2014

I am at a loss to understand what constructive purpose first lady Michelle Obama (and Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others) hopes to achieve by constantly talking about the race issue.

Mona Charen | May 20, 2014

Is the election of a pro-business, pro-American, growth-oriented prime minister in the world's largest democracy good news or bad news for the world's oldest democracy? We in that oldest democracy are currently governed by the Democrats, a party that has more in common with the defeated Congress party in India than with the victorious Bharatiya Janata Party.

Cal Thomas | May 20, 2014

Karl Rove, the bete noir for Democrats (and some Republicans), has dared to raise questions about Hillary Clinton's health.

Pat Buchanan | May 20, 2014

When Brown v. Board of Education, the 9-0 Warren Court ruling came down 60 years ago, desegregating America's public schools, this writer was a sophomore at Gonzaga in Washington, D.C.

Debra J. Saunders | May 20, 2014

Academia is hell. In the latest higher-education fad, students want "trigger warnings," according to The New York Times. It appears that some students are so fragile that they want university staff to protect them from big bad ideas.

John Ransom | May 20, 2014

If we look at the Veterans Administration as a microcosmic model of the cradle-to-grave care that Obama is proposing for the rest of us, one can see that there is more at stake than just midterm elections, or one administration.

Bill Murchison | May 20, 2014

The news about all the disinvited commencement speakers -- at Brandeis, at Smith College, at Haverford -- grabbed America in an unexpected and gratifying way.

Ralph Benko | May 20, 2014

Who will prove the champion of the little guy and gal? Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — on deck for her party’s presidential nomination should Hillary Rodham Clinton bow out — has become the political leader of choice for those who advocate Big Government as that champion.

Robert Knight | May 20, 2014

If you ever start hoping that the Left will leave the rest of us alone, move on, because that’s not going to happen.

Night Watch | May 20, 2014

"We announce to the world that the Libyan people will never accept their country becoming either a cradle or a host for terrorism, and that, having regained power from the hands which forfeited the trust, they will work so that Libya will, God willing, become a model for peace, stability and liberties…."

Peter Morici | May 20, 2014

The inconvenient truth President Obama denies about climate change is that China’s refusal to cooperate in international efforts to address the problem makes U.S. efforts to slow its pace futile. Moreover, his policies severely handicap America’s ability to mitigate its consequences.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 20, 2014

Liberals hate big business, corporations, and “monopolies”… Unless, of course, the government is involved. Economist Adam Smith (no… seriously, his name is Adam Smith) joined the program to talk about some major mergers between media giants.

Armstrong Williams | May 20, 2014

Donald Sterling’s publicly disclosed comments depict an anachronistic view of race relations in this country. His interview tour is beyond incomprehensible, sad, ignorant, and completely shows that he has lost touch with reality.

Bill Tatro | May 20, 2014

Why is it so difficult for all the various columnists of both the left and the right to come to grips with the simple fact that the stock market has nothing to do with fundamentals as it once did?

Rachel Alexander | May 20, 2014

The city of Seattle is about to phase in a drastic increase in the minimum wage to $15/hr, thanks to the efforts of its new socialist city councilwoman, Kshama Sawant.

Mon, May 19, 2014

Byron York | May 19, 2014

It's no longer news when Majority Leader Harry Reid takes to the floor of the Senate to denounce the Koch brothers.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | May 19, 2014

As an African American who has a Master’s degree from Harvard Business School, I have had the privilege of studying with the elite of the elite. My education came as a result of values ground into me by my parents.

Rich Galen | May 19, 2014

Our Nation's Capital has been agitated to the point of needing medication over the two big stories involving Hillary Clinton and Jill Abramson.

Lisa De Pasquale | May 19, 2014

If you’ve ever tried to call into the mega-popular Rush Limbaugh Show you’ve had the pleasure of talking, however briefly, to “Bo Snerdley,” whose real name is James Golden.

Hank Adler | May 19, 2014

If convicted wife murderer Scott Peterson was a citizen of Lithuania, subject to deportation to Lithuania and Lithuania refused to take him, would U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)believe that the law requires that Scott Peterson be released from prison?

Jason Hart | May 19, 2014

Conservatives talking up Ohio Governor John Kasich as a potential 2016 GOP standard-bearer ought to stop kidding themselves.

Kurt Schlichter | May 19, 2014

When the whole shoddy edifice of the progressive project collapses under its own dead weight, it will largely be because the liberals forgot to breed enough mindless minions to keep shoring it up. The left has always depended on a never-ending parade of credulous children to revitalize its dwindling ranks as the march of time and maturity depletes them.

Star Parker | May 19, 2014

In 1831, a French aristocrat named Alexis de Tocqueville arrived in America and spent several years travelling and studying life in the communities of the new nation.

Mike Adams | May 19, 2014

It’s no secret that university graduates are becoming more intellectually lazy with each passing year. It is also undeniable that they are becoming more arrogant, in spite of the fact that they are less capable of forming solid opinions and defending them with well-reasoned arguments.

Cathy Reisenwitz | May 19, 2014

A new working paper from libertarian think tank CEI called, hilariously, Tip of the Costberg: On the Invalidity of All Cost of Regulation Estimates and the Need to Compile Them Anyway, reveals that regulations cost American businesses $1.863 trillion annually.

Katie Kieffer | May 19, 2014

74-year-old Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suffers from dementia. He’s spent half a century in politics. You may feel for him, but it’s time for him to retire.

Ken Blackwell | May 19, 2014

The Wall Street Journal recently showed Vladimir Putin in Crimea. There was the saturnine Slav in an unusually ebullient mood.

Terry Paulson | May 19, 2014

Hillary Clinton shouting "What difference does it make?" over the Benghazi talking points or Sarah Palin stating that "waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists" show how quickly one comment can set off predictable stampedes of offended reactions on either side of our political divide.

John Ransom | May 19, 2014

If there is a steroid for the ego, Obama abuses it. Best baseball player ever? It’s not the most ridiculous honor ever proposed for Obama, especially given his steroid abuse.

Mark Skousen | May 19, 2014

This image of wealth is terrible for capitalism at a time when millions — even billions — of people are struggling in this world to survive.

Matt Barber | May 19, 2014

One of my readers, we’ll call him Moses, is the publisher of a mainstream newspaper in California. He wrote me the other day with an insightful observation.

Morgan Brittany | May 19, 2014

Perhaps this time heads will roll and maybe someone will be brought up on criminal charges for the deaths of 40 or perhaps more people.

Sun, May 18, 2014

Joanne Moudy | May 18, 2014

There is no doubt in any sane mind that Obamacare is a travesty on the U.S. Constitution and a terrible fraud perpetrated on America citizens. Yet it seems as though we’re all stuck with it . . . or are we?

Doug Giles | May 18, 2014

For those who’ve read my screeds via or via my own website,, you know that I’m an unapologetic cheerleader for hunting. It’s not the only thing I write about, but OMG when I do, boy … do I gush like a schoolgirl.

Derek Hunter | May 18, 2014

Conservatives have long sat by as radical progressive liberals curb-stomp anyone who disagrees with their ideology.

Debra J. Saunders | May 18, 2014

There are certain elections that make you want to wash your hands before voting. And that usually has something to do with the candidates.

Bruce Bialosky | May 18, 2014

As someone whose chosen profession is dealing with governmental tax agencies, I am almost always flummoxed by the realization of others that the people who work for those tax collection operations would be in favor of collecting more taxes.

John Ransom | May 18, 2014

I can tell you one thing that’s an actual fact, and not a myth:were it not for Christianity you and I would likely not even be having this conversation right now.

Paul Jacob | May 18, 2014

Often, national politics seems like the Peanuts cartoon: Lucy grips the football, promising to hold steady; Charlie Brown runs to kick the ball, and Lucy swipes it away at the last moment.

Kathryn Lopez | May 18, 2014

"Themes of #hope, #courage, good conquering evil -- why dad loves #comics."

Steve Chapman | May 18, 2014

"Oh, that my enemy would write a book," goes the old wish, coined by someone who knew there is no better way to expose fools than through their own words. It's an idea that deserves consideration from the college students and faculty unhappy with their schools' choice in commencement speakers.

Kevin McCullough | May 18, 2014

Dr. Susan Rice, This week while fielding questions at a foreign policy lunch you broke out a new piece of your stand-up act. The "scoff at the idiots still asking about Benghazi" portion of your routine actually scored laughs from the mostly friendly crowd who came to lunch with you.

Paul Kengor | May 18, 2014

I recently bought the book “Heaven is for Real” and saw the movie. That was unusual for me. I don’t typically do the books and movies everyone else is doing, especially the touchy-feely spiritual ones.

George Landrith | May 18, 2014

?Beginning in the 1960s, shortly after the Russians shocked the world by launching Sputnik, America launched its drive to put a man on the moon. While we were racing towards the moon, we were also developing the Internet. It started out as a military project, but transitioned to academic use and then to public use. By the earlier 1990s, we began to see the Internet that we now know as the world’s largest and most accessible source for information — the world's mega-library.

Ann-Marie Murrell | May 18, 2014

So here we are, four years later, facing a GOP primary in which Californians will decide which Republican will run against Jerry Brown.

Jack Kerwick | May 18, 2014

“The truth is harsh.” So spoke the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, back in the 19th century. On no topic is the truth harsher than on that of race.

Lee Culpepper | May 18, 2014

By avoiding hard questions in nearly every story connected to America’s most dysfunctional children, the liberal media help to perpetuate the fairytale about Democrats being the champions of society’s victims.

Jeff Crouere | May 18, 2014

While some may view the penalties leveled at Jones for sharing an opinion as unduly harsh, the NFL believed they were insufficient. As a result, Jones will also be sent to “educational training,” to learn about the merits of the homosexual agenda and become more sensitive to the gay and lesbian lifestyle.