John Ransom

What is wrong with you people?


A Black Mass was to be celebrated at Harvard.

“The event, organized by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club and the New York-based Satanic Temple,” writes FoxNews, “is to take place at an on-campus bar and is being billed as part of a ‘larger effort to explore the religious facets’ that influence contemporary culture, organizers from the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club say. The ceremony has traditionally been performed by satanic cults to parody the Catholic Church, and officials at the Archdiocese of Boston are furious that such an event could be held on the Ivy League school's hallowed grounds.”

Let’s just celebrate cannibalism and human sacrifice too, while we are at it.

These would be less gratuitous and less evil because as misguided as those anthropological antiques are, they were legitimately cultural, even if the culture they represented was inferior and backward, and destined to die.

Understand this: a Black Mass isn’t the mockery or parody of the Catholic Church, but a complete inversion of the moral order of the universe as represented by the God of the Jews, the God of Christians and the God of Islam.

It’s an invitation to Satan, and all he stands for into our lives. And you don’t have to believe in God to understand this.

Satanism isn’t the complete collapse of the moral order; rather it’s the advocacy of immorality as a positive good, as the superior order of the universe-- and even if you don't believe in either Satan or God, one should worry about encouraging people to celebrate evil.

Nothing good will come of this.

Death, rape, murder, disease, famine, plague and the Holocaust as a way of life, as expressions of culture that must be respected, even subsidized, treated publicly as ranking with saintliness.

Churchill bemoaned a time when his contemporaries could no longer recognize evil and bet civilization upon it.

John Ransom

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