Kevin McCullough

In bold, high definition, if you slowed the frame down enough, you could see the spray of spittle flying across the broadcast table at his fellow co-hosts on-the-air.

Bob Beckel, a prominent democrat consultant, and co-host of The Five on Fox News was turning beat red. "Who cares?" He offered as his bottom line as to whether the White House covered up Benghazi or not.

White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, earlier that day got quite smarmy and dismissive when he claimed the incidents of 9.11.12 (to which he labeled current interest in as a "conspiracy theory") "happened a long time ago."

Adam Schiff, a democratic Congressman, called the effort to set up a select committee to look into the matter, "a colossal waste of time."

Nancy Pelosi, the democratic leader in the House, referred to the emails that did establish a White House cover-up as, "Diversion, subterfufge, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Why aren't we talking about something else?"

What is clear, as demonstrated above, is that from the White House, to congressional leaders, to the pundit chattering class--democrats have circled the wagons. They do so to attempt to force the other political party, the media, and the American people themselves to move on, and put any further inquiry into the matter out of consideration.

They also make a massive implication in doing so.

Any further investigation going forward will be cast by them as a purely politically stunted witch-hunt that can not be trusted. (Almost exclusively for the reason that they imply, that Democrats have moved on hence so should the nation.)

On Friday I found that posture and premise to be rather astounding.

I did so for many reasons, but one reason in particular haunted me on this Mother's Day weekend--Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith who was slain in the terrorist attack.

She has reiterated repeatedly that the White House has promised answers to her questions. But the closest she has come to any were Dr. Susan Rice lying to the American people on five news shows the Sunday morning following the attack, and that same repeated lie at the casket arrival ceremony as told to her personally by the President, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Vice President Joe Biden.

So after Congressman Trey Gowdy was appointed prosecutor of the select committee, and the congressional Democrats were still huddling to figure out whether they should join the select committee or boycott it, I decided to do something.