Christine Rousselle

I’ve only met Lisa De Pasquale once, very briefly, but after reading Finding Mr. Righteous, I feel as though I’ve known her for years. Finding Mr. Righteous was a touching, entertaining, and at times heartbreaking memoir about dating and a search for spiritual truth in the District of Columbia.

Fair warning: this book is neither for the faint of heart nor for those who find themselves to be easily susceptible to secondhand embarrassment. That being said, De Pasquale’s candor and personal depth is a refreshing change from the rhetoric typically employed by conservative authors.

The premise of the book is interesting: De Pasquale, a self-described “Christian in name only” has a series of relationships with men of varying religious faiths (or non-faiths—the opening chapter is about “Chris the Atheist”) in an attempt to both find “Mr. Right” as well as find and strengthen a relationship with God. While this book may be labeled as a “dating memoir,” the book is about more than just dating, or just Christianity—it’s about a woman in D.C. searching to find herself in the midst of, well, all of the things life throws at a person.

Finding Mr. Righteous is an easy, fun read, perfect for an airplane or a day lounging at the beach. While it may be easy to dismiss the book as being “chick lit,” it is far more cerebral and much better written than what one would typically find in the genre. Also, although the book is written by a conservative activist and the majority of the setting consists of various conservative conferences, the book is by no means exclusively a conservative book to be read by conservatives only. The challenges faced by De Pasquale are those faced by all women, regardless of political affiliation, and while the author’s political beliefs provide some sort of context for the stories, they’re not presented in a way that would make the book off-putting to those who have other political beliefs.

Christine Rousselle

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