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Last week, the Left’s Cult of the Repugnant went further down the toilet of doom when Emily Letts released a video showing her having an abortion and talking about how “cool” it was to suck an unborn baby through a vacuum cleaner fitted with razor blades.

Even though I’m pretty jaded when it comes to the antics of the soulless progressives, her video struck me as odd, that a chick could be so nonchalant about slaughtering anything, especially a baby in her own, now damnable, belly. Yep, her cold-hearted, near giddy testimony of the documented murder of her unborn left me gobsmacked, because even sewer rats show compassion towards their offspring. I thought, “How could she just sit there and yap about something so grave like it was a bologna sandwich?”

As I tried to wrap my brain around what the blank is wrong with this twenty-something, I finally gave up and chalked it up to Emily being a charter member of the party of Death, groomed in the hellish halls of a government school system and raised on Jersey Shore; yea, a veritable honorary stooge in our culture of narcissism.

I hate to say it, but I never thought this dolt might actually be lying to us all and this video, and her subsequent column inCosmo, could be a ruse used to gin up support for the sick Gosnell goons, the Abortion industry.

As dull as I might be, one of my editors at, Kristen Iglesias, a twenty-something who also works for a pro-life ministry, was the first in print to call BS on Letts’ story about her “cool abortion.” (BTW, if true, I wonder how cool her abortion will be when the demons come in a few weeks and her conscience starts kicking her ass that she actually destroyed another human being? That would be a helpless, defenseless little baby that resided in her womb. My guess is the “cool” is going to wear thin fairly quickly and guilt and torment will take “cool” ’s place, leaving her sleepless until she repents. Anyway, back to Kristen’s concerns with Emily's story.)

Kristen, who again works with a pro-life ministry, believes Letts’ pregnancy and abortion are a scam. Herewith are herconcerns:

1. I do not believe that Emily Letts was pregnant to begin with. She shows no proof in the video of a positive pregnancy test or even gives a date that confirms her last menstrual period. She does not even show an ultrasound picture, which she claims that she will forever hold onto.

Doug Giles

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