Sat, Jul 27, 2013

Michael Schaus | July 27, 2013

Well. . . Maybe it’s not that much of a secret: It turns out liberals like it when citizens become dependent upon the government. On the other hand, Mia Love recently declared “The day I need the federal government to force me to [help others], I won’t deserve the title American.”

John Hawkins | July 27, 2013

The biggest question most people are trying to answer about Anthony Weiner's run at mayor of New York is whether he's trying to grab the brass ring to further his career, get his wife off his back or because he thinks it'll make it easier to get cybersex.

John C. Goodman | July 27, 2013

What's the most important lesson to take away from the bankruptcy of Detroit? It's that when governments promise benefits they are unwilling to pay for, the system can very quickly come to resemble something designed by Bernie Madoff.

John Ransom | July 27, 2013

I’ve never before seen the opposition so paralyzed before missteps, blunders, gaffes, scandals, admitted incompetency, greed, overreach, mismanagement, lies, outrageous crimes and…did I say greed?

Michael Medved | July 27, 2013

Polls show that at least 80% of African-Americans disapprove of the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, leading some conservatives to give up ever making significant progress in the left-leaning black community.

Kathryn Lopez | July 27, 2013

"The only way to survive here is to become a drug dealer. The lucky ones drive cabs and don't have to," Donovan explained to me. He is groundskeeper at Our Lady of Fatima Church in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Paul Driessen | July 27, 2013

We need to frack for a better, cleaner, happier world!

Ed Feulner | July 27, 2013

Small wonder that Yankee pitcher Mariano Rivera grabbed the spotlight at the latest All-Star Game. His perfect eighth-inning relief appearance not only helped the American League win the game, it showcased the kind of success story that Americans love.

Fritz Pfister | July 27, 2013

I apologize for the cheering crowd at Knox College in Illinois. Seems the mass exodus from Illinois (Ala Detroit) left behind the economically challenged, and liberally indoctrinated; although a group of them did end up in the White House.

Jeff Crouere | July 27, 2013

At a Republican Governor’s forum in Aspen, Colorado, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blasted Libertarians as “very dangerous.” The Governor noted his troubles with the spread of libertarianism in both political parties, specifically targeting U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

Ransom Notes Radio | July 27, 2013

Let’s expand the corporate welfare state. . . After all, it worked out so well for GM and Detroit. Tad DeHaven, with Cato, joined the program to discuss the way States and the Feds are trying to pick winners and losers. (They’re mostly picking losers, by the way.)

Bill Tatro | July 27, 2013

Oh my goodness, what an absolute delight it would be — I’m referring to the chance of being a historian years from now as the books are written, comprehensively describing the financial crisis of 2007-2008. I’m sure that many of the books will focus on the whys and wherefores.

Crista Huff | July 27, 2013

On June 10, we told Ransom Notes listeners that the stock would probably bounce once more at $49, then recover to $56, both of which happened by July 11. The stock price is up 26% since our buy signal, broke past $56 in mid-July, and continues to climb.

David Sterman | July 27, 2013

To paraphrase the 17th-century philosopher Thomas Hobbes, the tenure of a corporate executive can be "nasty, brutish and short." Indeed, many CEOs and chief financial officers last just a few years on the job before the board decides that fresh blood is needed.

Eli Lehrer | July 27, 2013

Like a lot of conservatives, I have plenty of doubts about the president’s massive health care overhaul that’s going to change the way Americans get health coverage come Jan. 1, 2014. I think the plan is too big, too expensive, too cumbersome, too reliant on subsidies and imposes too may regulations.

Night Watch | July 27, 2013

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met visiting Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao in Pyongyang on 25 July to discuss relations between their two countries.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 27, 2013

We should remember that the key goal of fiscal policy is – or should be – to have government grow slower than the private sector. To determine whether states are satisfying my Golden Rule, you need the Tax Foundation data on spending, but it needs to be augmented by similar data for economic output.

Charles Payne | July 27, 2013

This is a very interesting earning season where distinctions are being made between winners and losers within the same industry and sector; disasters aren't dragging down rivals or the entire market and winners pop but, typically close lower as some profit-taking kicks in. In the meantime, winners are being rewarded immensely.

Mike Shedlock | July 27, 2013

Those attending the International Property Expo in Singapore, to learn about "the best property in Asia" can win a free house by attending. The location of that house, however, might just be the most laughable "prize" in convention history.

Steve Deace | July 27, 2013

That time some pro-lifers admitted they have no strategy to ultimately end child killing in America, or don’t really want to.

Fri, Jul 26, 2013

Michael Brown | July 26, 2013

Those who mercilessly mock Weiner might soon find themselves looking in the mirror at the next “Carlos Danger.”

Diana West | July 26, 2013

Nationalized health care was one of the first programs enacted by the Bolsheviks after they seized power in 1917. Nearly a century later, the U.S. enacted "Obamacare."

Michelle Malkin | July 26, 2013

Welcome to another installment of No Obama Bundler Left Behind. This chapter stars an elite Hollywood fundraiser who scored a plum diplomatic appointment, slacked off on the job and left her public office in disgrace, and then rebounded from failure as a new Obamacare promoter. Nice crony "work" if you can get it.

Mark Davis | July 26, 2013

In the days since the Zimmerman verdict, objectors are pointing to “history” in a way that hampers clarity and actually hurts race relations.

Michael Barone | July 26, 2013

We have a president who loves to give campaign speeches to adoring crowds, but who doesn't seem to have much interest in governing.

Brent Bozell | July 26, 2013

Last year, Entertainment Weekly magazine honored the arrival of a viciously anti-Catholic tilt on the FX show "American Horror Story: Asylum" by promoting how actress "Jessica Lange returns, this time as a terrifying nun."

Jonah Goldberg | July 26, 2013

"My rival in this race," President Obama announced early in 2007, "is not other candidates. It's cynicism." Sadly, it's now evident cynicism won.

David Limbaugh | July 26, 2013

Sometimes I marvel at President Obama's apparent lack of an embarrassment sensor. How can he stand before the American people and deliver speech after speech making the same tired points and pretending he is delivering the speech of the century?

John Ransom | July 26, 2013

Yes, the most transparently opportunistic administration is becoming more transparent every day. In the midst of negotiations for a free-trade agreement between Europe and the U.S., the NSA Papers, made transparent by Edward Snowden, reveal that America has been spying on allies as well as enemies.

Mona Charen | July 26, 2013

Is anyone else confused about the new standard of sexual propriety in the post Clinton impeachment world? So much of what seemed to have been settled has been thrown into disarray this week.

Pat Buchanan | July 26, 2013

"Progressivism leads inevitably to utter irrationality and eventually political, as well as moral, chaos."

Pat Buchanan | July 26, 2013

In the aftermath of the acquittal of George Zimmerman, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous of the NAACP are calling on the black community to rise up in national protest.

Suzanne Fields | July 26, 2013

"At a time when economic anxiety is driving the public toward a narrow concept of education focused on short-term payoffs," observes the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, "it is imperative that colleges, universities and their supporters make a clear and convincing case for the value of liberal arts education."

Linda Chavez | July 26, 2013

It's hard to know where to begin in responding to Rep. Steve King's, R-Iowa, recent comments on so-called "Dreamers": illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. when they were children, often brought here as babes-in-arms by their parents.

Humberto Fontova | July 26, 2013

At a ceremony in Havana last week, UNESCO (U.N. Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) honored Che Guevara by enshrining his writings in its hallowed “Memory of the World Register.”

Paul Greenberg | July 26, 2013

It's definitely time, past time, to update this annual list of heat-beaters. Feel free to clip and save, mix and match, or add your own.

Donald Lambro | July 26, 2013

In the sixth year of Barack Obama's presidency, America's job-starved economy remains weak, insecure and undernourished.

Kyle Olson | July 26, 2013

Chicago schools seem to be on a financial death spiral, and increased spending will do nothing to delay the day of reckoning. Will CPS turn out to be the next Detroit?

Michael Schaus | July 26, 2013

A liberal community organizing outfit in the great state of New-New-York (Colorado) was forced to delay their “gun-buy-back” program because of new laws mandating universal background checks. Their attempts were foiled by a law that mandates any “transfer of arms” must be accompanied by a background check. God, it turns out, has a tremendous sense of humor.

Ransom Notes Radio | July 26, 2013

President Barack Obama says this recovery is better than most because of Obamacare – and he accused Republicans of making up “fake” scandals. Apparently the President’s intellectual dishonesty has few limits.

Crista Huff | July 26, 2013

Global social network icon Facebook, Inc. reported second quarter ad revenue up 61% year-over-year, surprising Wall Street with its rapid transition from desktop to mobile advertising.

Night Watch | July 26, 2013

Riding on horses and ponies, some 50 Chinese soldiers intruded into the Indian territory of Chumar in Ladakh region in northwestern India on 16 July. They re-asserted the Chinese claim to the area and returned to China. Since then two additional Chinese incursions were reported on 18 and 20 July.

Bob Beauprez | July 26, 2013

Barack Obama is "pivoting" - again. He wants us to stop worrying about all the "phony scandals" and pat him on the back for the fine job he's done leading the economic recovery for the last four-plus years.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 26, 2013

About two weeks ago, while making an important point about the Laffer Curve, here’s what I wrote about the fiscal disaster in Detroit.

Charles Payne | July 26, 2013

Yesterday morning I had an opportunity to visit with an organization called World of Money dedicated to teaching young kids, mostly inner-city youth, about money. At times watching these kids go through their lessons I was moved to having to choke back tears. These would be tears of joy and pride.

Mike Shedlock | July 26, 2013

Inquiring minds are digging into the latest Durable Goods Report by the Census Bureau.

Michael F. Cannon | July 26, 2013

If Democratic support for Obamacare fell because more Democrats suddenly wish the law went farther, that drop would occur first and primarily among left-wing Democrats, not moderates and conservatives.

Tad DeHaven | July 26, 2013

In a recent op-ed for the Indianapolis Star I discussed the symbiotic relationship between federal and state government when it comes to doling out corporate welfare subsidies.

Thu, Jul 25, 2013

Todd Starnes | July 25, 2013

One of the nation's most prominent evangelical leaders wants to know why President Obama has remained silent as Iran tortures an American pastor held captive in one of the Islamic republic's most notorious prisons.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | July 25, 2013

Last Friday, President Obama made his first attempt to claim his position as the first black president.

Paul Greenberg | July 25, 2013

It is this constant awareness of evil, of the danger of ideas and ambitions unrestrained by the humility and reverence the fear of God induces, that is the great legacy of our Puritan inheritance, much as it may go unnoticed today. And that awareness may explain the difference between our history and that of less blessed lands.

Cliff May | July 25, 2013

There is a lot we don’t know about Rouhani, but this much ought to be obvious: He is a political clergyman and a loyal acolyte of Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader and self-proclaimed “shadow of God upon Earth.”

Hugh Hewitt | July 25, 2013

South Carolina's Trey Gowdy and Ohio's Jim Jordan are two rock-solid conservatives. I interviewed both Wednesday on the IRS scandal and on the border fence.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | July 25, 2013

A real national conversation about race would delve deep into the why, without laying blame; to foster understanding, rather than simply asking the what.

Victor Davis Hanson | July 25, 2013

We may be in the era of Facebook and fracking. But 2013 is still beginning to look a lot like the cataclysmic century we just left behind.

Larry Elder | July 25, 2013

I told my mom what happened. She didn't use the word "voucher," but she wondered why parents couldn't choose the school to which they send their kids, rather than the one -- good or bad -- that happens to be the closest.

John Ransom | July 25, 2013

Back then, liberals were hailing China’s top-down economic management and acumen; marveling at the endless supply of people and sucking up to Commies like they were the reigning champions on the worldwide smash hit The World Has Talent.

Michael Reagan | July 25, 2013

Turn on the TV. This week the "big news" is the birth of a British royal.

Cal Thomas | July 25, 2013

A USA Today poll found that young people put "elected official or working for one" at the very bottom of their career choices. Given the performance of Washington's political class, who can blame them?

Debra J. Saunders | July 25, 2013

Huma Abedin has graduated from sympathetic victim to pathetic enabler. I felt bad for Abedin in 2011 when, as a newly married and pregnant wife, her congressman husband, Anthony Weiner, embroiled her in his sexting scandal.

Matt Towery | July 25, 2013

I find it amazing when I read that inflation continues to be so low, as defined by the government, that leaders actually hope for a little higher inflation rate in the future.

H. Sterling Burnett | July 25, 2013

This year it’s the sight of thousands of firefighters, police, political dignitaries and others gathered for a memorial service for 19 firefighters killed in a single deadly incident.

Emmett Tyrrell | July 25, 2013

The reaction to President Barack Obama's highly personal speech last Friday, ostensibly on race but actually on himself, has been surprisingly subdued. Some would have thought he was going to tone down the rhetoric. Instead, his rhetoric was inflammatory. I think he caught the country off guard.

Steve Chapman | July 25, 2013

The people in charge of our military services have been presented with a possible change in how they operate, and they don't like it. I have the feeling I've heard this song before.

Jerry Newcombe | July 25, 2013

If evolution were true, then we are to believe a whole series of complex sequences managed to get everything right---repeatedly.

Michael Norton | July 25, 2013

“Priceless” is the value most moms and dads would put on their newborn child. A newborn represents the delicate and fragile nature of life itself. Many would call their newborn baby a “miracle.”

Ransom Notes Radio | July 25, 2013

You know things are bad when the President decides he’d rather talk about the economy than anything else. Also, Robert Mazur joined the program to discuss his past as an undercover DEA agent – and current day money laundering.

Crista Huff | July 25, 2013

A real quick moment of bragging: All three of these stocks were recommended by Stocks in the News, and their performance is right in line with our previous comments. Now since we have patted ourselves on the back. . . Here they are:

Bill Tatro | July 25, 2013

Why do people strive to become senators and congressmen? In my younger days — and more than likely if the unforgettable Mr. Smith (James Stewart) was asked this same question — I believe the response would have been, “To make a difference.” But as I’ve grown a little wiser I can't help but doubt. . .

Bill Gunderson | July 25, 2013

Being in the right areas of the market at any given point in time can vastly improve your investing experience. The obvious next question is, what are the right areas of the market at the current time?

Lori Sanders | July 25, 2013

Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., released a report yesterday illustrating the latest Republican hypocrisy. The report profiles 14 Republican congressmen who receive federal agriculture subsidies.

Bill Gunderson | July 25, 2013

Back in the spring of 2011, I chose fifty stocks to write about in my book Best Stocks Now. At the time they were all the best examples that I could find of my investing style. I am not a pure value investor, nor am I a pure momentum investor; I am both.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 25, 2013

Back in 2010, I put together a “Moocher Index” as a rough measure of which states had the highest levels of welfare dependency after adjusting for poverty rates.

Charles Payne | July 25, 2013

Today we'll get a glimpse of Obama 2.0 and his new (read "old") economic plan that will try at the same time to be a victory lap and also a call to arms.

Mike Shedlock | July 25, 2013

Obama had lofty goals of helping 4 million Americans keep their homes with his Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP). Here are some quick facts. . .

Michael Schaus | July 25, 2013

Weiner is quoted as saying that sending lewd messages to women online was “a terrible mistake that I unfortunately returned to during a rough time in our marriage.” Really? There was a “rough time” in his marriage after his first bout of extramarital sexting? Shocker.

Wed, Jul 24, 2013

Ann Coulter | July 24, 2013

It must be hard for young black males to always be viewed as criminals by people who notice crime statistics. We've jawboned that sad story for 40 years.

Ben Shapiro | July 24, 2013

This week, Weiner said he wouldn't withdraw from the mayoral campaign. He asked New Yorkers for "another chance."

Todd Starnes | July 24, 2013

A chaplain at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska was ordered to remove a religious column he had written titled, “No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave all in World War II,” because it allegedly offended atheists serving on the Air Force base.

Rich Galen | July 24, 2013

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4.24 p.m.

Austin Bay | July 24, 2013

Late last week, as the Obama administration advanced plans to arm anti-Assad regime Syrian rebels, Sens. Carl Levin and John McCain asked Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey to provide them with an "unclassified assessment" of potential American military intervention options, to include estimates of their costs in time, tax dollars and lives.

Michelle Malkin | July 24, 2013

The most powerful female Democrat on Capitol Hill has turned her back on women. Again.

John Stossel | July 24, 2013

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry -- the same TV commentator who said Americans need to stop raising kids as if they belong to individual families -- had an extraordinary explanation for why the city of Detroit sought to declare bankruptcy last week: not enough government.

Walter E. Williams | July 24, 2013

In the wake of the shooting of a Nazi officer, Police Capt. Louis Renault played by Claude Rains in the 1942 movie "Casablanca," ordered his men to "round up the usual suspects." Was Renault engaging in some sort of profiling? He may have been, but what is profiling? Let's look at it.

Brent Bozell | July 24, 2013

President Obama is announcing for the umpteenth time he's going to "pivot" to fixing the economy -- as if that's ever worked before, since it is he who broke it.

Jonah Goldberg | July 24, 2013

The best answer I can come up with: She had a long tradition of existence.

John Ransom | July 24, 2013

On June 17, Barack Obama had one of his most awesome reality TV events of the year when he fired central bank chairman Ben Bernanke on PBS with liberal mope and host Charlie Rose moderating.

Bob Barr | July 24, 2013

The legal concept of standing one’s ground against deadly force has been a part of American culture since our founding as a nation; and has been an explicit component of our country’s law for more than 100 years.

Paul Greenberg | July 24, 2013

Our president just can't resist commenting on what all too many people seem unable to stop themselves from commenting on: the verdict in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial in Florida.

Donald Lambro | July 24, 2013

For this reporter, the story that unfolded on the night Trayvon Martin was walking to his father's home in the gated community in Sanford, Fla., is awash with troubling facts that made this killing so senseless.

Jacob Sullum | July 24, 2013

Last week Obama declared that "Ray Kelly has obviously done an extraordinary job in New York." That's true enough, but not necessarily in a good way.

Kyle Olson | July 24, 2013

Is this all the civil rights movement has to fight over now?

Lori Sanders | July 24, 2013

Last week, the Northeast-corridor media ran wild with pithy derision over an effort led by McDonald’s and Visa to provide McDonald’s employees with financial planning tools and advice. The budget assumes a two-income household, with each income roughly equivalent to the earnings of a worker at the minimum wage.

George Friedman | July 24, 2013

Major shifts underway in the Chinese economy that Stratfor has forecast and discussed for years have now drawn the attention of the mainstream media. Many have asked when China would find itself in an economic crisis, to which we have answered that China has been there for awhile.

Ralph Benko | July 24, 2013

Paul Krugman makes for an unparalleled intellectual foil. If he didn’t exist we’d have to invent him. Recently he has been vintage Krugman, slinging derp.

Bill Gunderson | July 24, 2013

Asset Allocation is almost “GOSPEL” to the investment advisory profession. Classic asset allocation generally calls for a balance between stocks and bonds, depending upon your age and risk tolerance.

Crista Huff | July 24, 2013

The stock is pushing up against long-term resistance at $39 and appears capable of climbing immediately. S&P says, “We believe solid management execution and an industry recovery will drive shares higher.”

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 24, 2013

What’s the biggest fiscal problem facing the developed world? To an objective observer, the answer is a rising burden of government spending, caused by poorly designed entitlement programs, growing levels of dependency, and unfavorable demographics.

Charles Payne | July 24, 2013

It's the story of this earnings season- the ability for the broad market not to extrapolate bad news from an individual company and extended it to the entire market.

Night Watch | July 24, 2013

Pro-Mursi/anti-government demonstrations occurred in several Nile River delta cities, including Alexandria, and in Cairo near Tahrir Square. Some resulted in clashes between pro- and anti-government groups.

Mike Shedlock | July 24, 2013

I have long contended there is little austerity in Spain and there certainly isn't much reform either. I now have some numbers to back that up.

Michael Schaus | July 24, 2013

Nancy Pelosi, with a straight face and honest intent, suggested her duty of “protecting” the Constitution demanded further restrictions on the Second Amendment. Of course, few people have ever accused her of being intelligent.

Ken Connor | July 24, 2013

The Governor's conduct shows the corrupting influence of money on politics and the ease with which politicians delude themselves. As they see it, they work hard and make great sacrifices on behalf of the people, so they are entitled to profit from their position.

Tue, Jul 23, 2013

Mary Grabar | July 23, 2013

Larry Grathwohl, my friend and hero, has passed on to join the pantheon of other truth-tellers about communism.

Rachel Marsden | July 23, 2013

Russian President Vladimir Putin cares a lot about what you think -- about NSA contractor-turned-defector and Russian asylum seeker Edward Snowden, and pretty much everything else -- to the point of spending $300 million of state funds last year on the external audiovisual service RT, designed primarily to spoonfeed the Kremlin worldview to a global audience.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | July 23, 2013

Meet Sandra and Isaac (not their real names). Both hold advanced degrees and are in the United States on H-1B work permits, temporary workers’ visas which allow them to stay here as long as they are employed by a company that cannot find qualified Americans for their jobs.

Thomas Sowell | July 23, 2013

Random thoughts from wise thinkers:

Chuck Norris | July 23, 2013

Before Indiana became a state in 1816, territorial Gov. William Henry Harrison organized the Indiana Rangers in 1807 to safeguard the Buffalo Trace -- the main travel route between Louisville, Ky., and Vincennes, Ind.

Kurt Schlichter | July 23, 2013

The agonizing death of Detroit is cause for celebration. It’s the first of the liberal-run big cities and states to fall, and we should welcome its collapse with glee.

Michael Barone | July 23, 2013

The first volume of Charles Moore's authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher, covering her life up to Britain's victory in the Falklands, is out. It takes its place among the finest political biographies of all time.

David Limbaugh | July 23, 2013

It seems to me that almost every time President Obama talks publicly about race, he stirs things up rather than calms them down. Whether intentional or not, it's unfortunate -- and damaging.

John Ransom | July 23, 2013

If I had told you 30 years ago that America would be backing Islamists who are beheading Christians backed by the Russians. . . Well, you would have called me crazy.

Mona Charen | July 23, 2013

This is the new brainwashing. Women have been sold (and sold and sold) on the notion that happiness and fulfillment are to be found in careers. Marriage and children are items to be calendared after the MBA, J.D., or Ph.D. Sex is recreation. Getting attached to the human being behind the sex organ can limit your internship options.

Tony Katz | July 23, 2013

Back in 2009, newly-installed Attorney General Eric Holder called America "a nation of cowards" on matters of race. Holder had it right, at least with regard to Barack Obama.

Cal Thomas | July 23, 2013

The president said the history of African-Americans partially explains the way many black people view the case. But what about poor people in the same neighborhoods who don't engage in violent behavior? Don't they have the same history, but make different choices?

Dennis Prager | July 23, 2013

The George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin issue has been manufactured by the left -- the black left and the white left -- and by the left-wing (mainstream) media.

Pat Buchanan | July 23, 2013

Obama is where he likes to be, leading from behind -- this time behind Al Sharpton.

Debra J. Saunders | July 23, 2013

As a 23-year-old college student with money problems, Clarence Aaron set up two large cocaine deals between a pair of career drug dealers. Aaron broke the law, so he earned time in prison. But how did he get a life sentence when the two kingpins were sentenced to shorter time?

Phyllis Schlafly | July 23, 2013

When will Republicans wake up to the way U.S. jobs are betrayed by Barack Obama and the corporate interests that hide under the moniker "free trade"?

Rebecca Hagelin | July 23, 2013

“Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago…if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario…both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different.”

Kyle Olson | July 23, 2013

Newly released emails from former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels show he was on a mission to remove the late leftist “historian” Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States from Indiana schools.

Steven Aden | July 23, 2013

On July 11 the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously dismissed a 17-year old ACLU lawsuit brought against that state’s parental notification law.

Bill Murchison | July 23, 2013

Just ahead of Congress as it takes an August recess, the president fares forth to "chart" -- in the words of his communications director -- " a course where America needs to go ... to restore this country's basic bargain for the middle class."

Michael Brown | July 23, 2013

How do you intentionally go missing for a period of 16 years, letting your wife and five kids think you’re dead, only to reappear and share your story on ABC’s 20-20? It’s simple. You turn up gay with your lover.

Michael Schaus | July 23, 2013

Not that I'm optimistic. . . But. . . Detroit could quickly become a tale of American excellence – rather than a tale of the welfare-state’s incompetence.

Steve Deace | July 23, 2013

According to the United Nations World Health Organization, over 140 million females across the globe have experienced what’s known as “gender mutilation.”

Dave Ramsey | July 23, 2013

Q: Considering the condition of the economy, how secure should I feel about the solvency of my pension? A: In many ways, this would depend on your particular pension. Some pension funds are very well-run, very solvent and are in great shape. Others are poorly managed and not the type of programs in which you’d want to invest any of your money.

Crista Huff | July 23, 2013

New York Times. . . Still not highly recommended by savvy investors or news consumers.

Mike Shedlock | July 23, 2013

If you are a bureaucrat who does not like the way news is reported, the 1984-style thing to do is launch your own "independent" news agency to make sure someone reports the news the way you want the news reported. The EU did just that.

Tom Purcell | July 23, 2013

Life for kids is harder today than ever before, and I offer up proof: According to a variety of news reports, many elementary schools are eliminating recess.Why would schools do such a heartless thing?

Marvin Olasky | July 23, 2013

Christians working in cultural fields deserve the support of other Christians.

Bill Tatro | July 23, 2013

When it comes to our current economic and financial problems, it appears that math and science don’t even exist. In other words, unlike math and science questions, our contemporary fiscal issues are not easily solved and logical conclusions appear to be unattainable.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 23, 2013

Remember when you got your first paycheck, presumably when you were a teenager? If you’re like most people, you worked a bunch of hours and calculated how much money you expected to receive, only to then be disappointed when the check you received was for a much smaller amount.

Charles Payne | July 23, 2013

Now that the market bias has re-shifted to the upside, there is a sense a big breakout move could be in the offing. Yet, this move might be as stealthy as this rally has been since bottoming in March 2009. Stocks have made an amazing move without fanfare.

Ransom Notes Radio | July 23, 2013

When the City emerges from bankruptcy, they will have an opportunity to be the next great story of American endurance and ingenuity. . . Or they can continue to be the story of Liberal failure. Michael Schaus weighs in on the potential behind Detroit’s fiscal woes.

Daniel Pipes | July 23, 2013

Islamists have in recent months abruptly and overwhelmingly thrown themselves at each others' throats.

Phil Kerpen | July 23, 2013

They are all trying to trick you into buying a product you don't want or need. It's a scam and you should say no

Mon, Jul 22, 2013

RJ Lehmann | July 22, 2013

In recent months, a group of lawmakers from the Gulf Coast — led by Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La. — in concert with some of their colleagues from Sandy-hit New York and New Jersey have been doing their darnedest to scare their constituents with tales of massive (5,000 percent!) hikes in federal flood insurance rates.

Byron York | July 22, 2013

The Affordable Care Act originally passed the House in 2009 with 220 votes, all but one of them Democrats.

Rich Galen | July 22, 2013

I watched the British Open golf tournament -- which the Brits call The Open Championship -- over the weekend.

Dan Holler | July 22, 2013

Most Americans don’t remember the last time President Obama tried to hit the reset on America’s national political dialogue by giving a rousing speech on his economic vision for the middle class.

Kurt Schlichter | July 22, 2013

The liberal elite is still in shock that six Americans resisted the relentless pressure of its hack politicians, slavering mainstream media mediocrities and progressive hustlers in order to acquit George Zimmerman.

Star Parker | July 22, 2013

Why, when there is no question that nothing has created more wealth and eradicated more poverty than capitalism, do left wing politicians hate it so much?

John Ransom | July 22, 2013

If you are a Chevy Volt owner: read carefully. This is all personal.

Neal Boortz | July 22, 2013

I have never, in my life, seen such a level of stupefying and willful ignorance and irrationality exhibited in a debate over current events or public policy as I have with the verbal storm that has darkened our horizon over the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.

Katie Kieffer | July 22, 2013

Eric Holder is a U.S. attorney general who is ironically failing to live up to his name and uphold the law.

Rachel Alexander | July 22, 2013

Fifty years of Democrats running the city of Detroit led to it filing for bankruptcy last week. Unsustainable demands from its 48 unions gradually drove out private industry, as government became the largest employer.

Carl Schramm | July 22, 2013

A new discipline required a new degree. Dartmouth awarded the first Masters of Science in Commerce in 1900, which morphed into Harvard’s MBA in 1908.

Matt Barber | July 22, 2013

My fellow Americans: I am your humble servant. You have entrusted me with the tremendous honor and responsibility to serve you as president. I am not president of black America, Hispanic America or white America

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 22, 2013

The budget deficit this year is projected to be significantly smaller than it has been in recent years and some of our statist friends claim that this shows the desirability and effectiveness of higher taxes. I’m not persuaded, mostly because our big long-run fiscal challenge is a rising burden of government spending.

Mike Shedlock | July 22, 2013

On Friday, a Michigan Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina ruled Detroit bankruptcy is unconstitutional. The whole point of bankruptcy court is to resolve debt issues that cannot be paid. It is impossible for Detroit to meet its pension obligations and the only way to resolve the issue is in bankruptcy court.

Political Calculations | July 22, 2013

For a given amount of income, how much should owning a house cost? That's really the issue that a housing affordability index needs to address.

Michael F. Cannon | July 22, 2013

By every measure the President's signature piece of legislation faces tremendous setbacks. And yet, the media largely ignores the fundamental problems with the law.

Michael Schaus | July 22, 2013

A Michigan judge, in a stunning display of impartiality and balance, said the bankruptcy should be withdrawn in part because it failed to honor “the (United States) president, who took (Detroit’s auto companies) out of bankruptcy.” Making the claim that President Obama saved the Auto Industry is like saying Neville Chamberlin saved Britain.

Shawn Mitchell | July 22, 2013

In recent days, organized labor turned harshly and vocally against the so called “Affordable Care Act.” Three leaders of America’s largest unions, including Jimmy Hoffa, wrote a jaw-dropping letter to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Excerpts of their arguments sound like a Republican opposition brief:

Sun, Jul 21, 2013

Jeff Jacoby | July 21, 2013

NELSON MANDELA turned 95 last week, spending his birthday in a Pretoria hospital where he has been fighting a lung infection since June. His illness unleashed a worldwide wave of international concern and well-wishes.

Derek Hunter | July 21, 2013

The Obamacare disaster is coming. Sure, the president is delaying or dismissing parts of it because they’ve proved either unmanageable or unworkable in the legally allotted time to set them up, but the most invasive and damaging aspects are still coming. But there is a chance to stop them in their tracks, IF Republicans have the courage to do it.

Doug Giles | July 21, 2013

Last Friday afternoon the president injected himself into the Trayvon/Zimmerman mix again by doing what he excels at, namely, increasing the racial divide, blaming the “white Hispanic,” condemning guns and upbraiding essentially everyone but the stoned and violent truant named, Trayvon.

Debra J. Saunders | July 21, 2013

Democratic California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano has written a bill that would require public schools in his state to allow students to choose which bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams match their gender identity. Both the Assembly and state Senate have passed Assembly Bill 1266. It now sits on the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown. If the governor allows the bill to become law, then public school administrators won't be able to assign transgender third-graders to use a separate bathroom or play on the team of their biological gender -- even if their motive is to protect a vulnerable child.

Bruce Bialosky | July 21, 2013

The comparison of what is happening with beer and what is happening with banks is an excellent study in free enterprise in America today.

Paul Driessen | July 21, 2013

During this hot, wet summer, a “national climate expert” recently told Delawareans that they can expect even hotter summers – with a climate like Savannah, Georgia’s – by the end of the century. The culprit, naturally: runaway global warming.

Steve Chapman | July 21, 2013

In his use of American power and influence abroad, Barack Obama's critics say he has been reluctant, gun-shy and prone to saying one thing and doing another. They're right. They're only wrong in thinking it's a bad thing.

Rich Tucker | July 21, 2013

Whether or not you shop at Wal-Mart, you’ve already benefitted from the mega-retailer’s ceaseless efforts to cut prices. A 2005 study found that the nationwide expansion of the store had driven down everyone’s cost for food-at-home, commodities and overall consumer products. Competition among retailers drives down prices for all shoppers.

David Sterman | July 21, 2013

Petrobras has managed to disappoint its backers in new and novel ways. The oil giant vastly overspent to get those big oil fields ready for production, the Brazilian government sought onerous levels of taxes from the company, and investors had to sit idly by as the company issued massive blocks of new shares, leading to hefty dilution.

Marita Noon | July 21, 2013

The fact that President Obama has been spreading lies about climate change to support his actions directing the Environmental Protection Agency to impose costly new restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions was exposed last week at a Senate hearing. The lie? It was spoken with his trademark don’t-you-dare-question-me confidence during a November 2012, press conference.

Mark Baisley | July 21, 2013

Following those tracks, perhaps the most contrived moment in U.S. Presidential history came on Friday when Barack Obama surprised the White House Press Corps (pronounced kôr, Mr. President) by showing up unannounced to the daily briefing session. Perhaps we were about to learn that they finally caught the perpetrator of the IRS scandal, or Benghazi, or Fast & Furious, or Extortion 17. . .

Morgan Brittany | July 21, 2013

The big news that came out last week about the labor unions unhappy with Obamacare just doesn’t strike true. I can see what is coming down the pike. After much deliberation and hand-wringing, it will be decided that this version of Obamacare just won’t work and what is really needed is single payer.

Daniel J. Mitchell | July 21, 2013

I’ve already speculated that Jay Leno is a closet libertarian. If nothing else, the latest batch of jokes, courtesy of News-max, shows that he’s willing to go after Obama. Which is more than can be said for some of his competitors.

Mike Shedlock | July 21, 2013

If you are looking for idiotic policies in action, the theories of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should be right in your spotlight.

Paul Jacob | July 21, 2013

We want government to be steady, static, reliable. But governments are run by politicians, and they are addicted to short-term thinking...