Sun, Aug 04, 2013

Paul Jacob | August 04, 2013

Your right to self-defense ends where the left's political agenda begins.

Roger Schlesinger | August 04, 2013

A friend of mine had a phrase that he said to me early in my years that stuck with me for decades: "Whether you are rich or poor, it's nice to have money". I have to say my friend had it right. Wealth certainly is a main ingredient of a life well spent, but how do you get wealth?

Michael Schaus | August 04, 2013

While trying to sell the idea of a transaction tax on all stocks, bonds and derivatives, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said “The bottom line is [government] is not broke, there’s plenty of money; it’s just that the government doesn’t have it."

Sat, Aug 03, 2013

John Hawkins | August 03, 2013

Not only does success leave clues, failure leaves clues as well.

John C. Goodman | August 03, 2013

There is a new study out with the finding that urban sprawl contributes to inequality, making it more difficult for the poor to climb the income ladder.

John Ransom | August 03, 2013

Ask Obama where jobs are really being created in this country. Seriously. Ask him, I’m not sure he knows.

Kathryn Lopez | August 03, 2013

"People won't remember what you said as much as how you made them feel."

Paul Driessen | August 03, 2013

The Environmental Protection Agency’s war on economic growth, jobs, poor families, modern living standards, and people’s health and welfare is about to get a lot more damaging..

Night Watch | August 03, 2013

The Iranian relationship remains strong, based on weapons sales and history. In mid-July news services reported that North Korea was working with Iran to revive the oil import trade so as to reduce North Korea's almost exclusive reliance on oil imports from China.

Steve Deace | August 03, 2013

The so-called “Peter Principle” can be summed up in these words: employees tend to rise to the level of their own incompetence.

Paul Greenberg | August 03, 2013

Some places are empty not because what was there is gone, but because nothing was ever there. Other places present legendary ruins that never fail to move us.

Peter Brookes | August 03, 2013

Following the attacks on our Benghazi consulate almost a year ago, President Obama said in a radio interview that “my biggest priority now is bringing those folks to justice, and I think the American people have seen that’s a commitment I’ll always keep.”

Ransom Notes Radio | August 03, 2013

Far from “spreading the wealth around”, President Barack Obama has been largely successful at adding average Americans to the welfare lines. Arthur Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute, joined the program to discuss the impact of the White House’s economic policies.

Crista Huff | August 03, 2013

Google’s wholly-owned Motorola Mobility unit is rolling out its new flagship Moto X smartphone this summer, with prices starting at $199, in direct competition to the iPhone and Galaxy S.

Bill Tatro | August 03, 2013

I’m currently on pins and needles. At any moment, I’m expecting a phone call from the White House which will confirm my presence as a specially invited guest at the president’s next major speech regarding job creation. . .

Fri, Aug 02, 2013

David Spady | August 02, 2013

Montana Senator Max Baucus, who led the effort in Congress to pass Obamacare, is now referring to it as a “coming train wreck”

Humberto Fontova | August 02, 2013

According to a CNN report by Jake Tapper the CIA and the U.S. State Department may have been trying to supply Syrian jihadists with Libyan arms from Benghazi when the operation blew up in their face last September.

David Harsanyi | August 02, 2013

Being neither a Catholic nor a religious scholar, I'm in no position to offer opinions on the Roman Catholic Church or its doctrine. Yet it seems to me that conservatives might learn a thing or two from Pope Francis when it comes to messaging and tone.

Michelle Malkin | August 02, 2013

The resignation of Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett couldn't have come at a better time.

Mark Davis | August 02, 2013

Bill Kristol has about had it with Ted Cruz.

Michael Barone | August 02, 2013

Why are so many people so desperate to hold onto the idea that America is as racist as it has ever been?

Brent Bozell | August 02, 2013

They may find it scandalous for someone to say so, but our secular liberal media are playing favorites with religion. They have a spoiled child, Islam. Journalists see Islam as a bullied, minority faith for brown people. Draw a cartoon of Mohammed with dynamite on his head, and you are the worst kind of trouble-making hater.

Jonah Goldberg | August 02, 2013

Sure, the smart money is on her to win the Democratic nomination if she runs. But, then again, the same smart money went to Clinton in 2008.

David Stokes | August 02, 2013

Historians tend to bunch the three Republican presidents of the 1920s – Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover – together in a way suggesting they were identical triplets separated at birth. But there were many differences – some subtle, some not so much.

David Limbaugh | August 02, 2013

Of the many ironies accompanying President Obama's reign of error, few are more perplexing to conservatives than the disunity and ineffectuality of the Republican opposition.

Mona Charen | August 02, 2013

Traveling around the U.S. and catching news on the fly, one is struck by things that go unnoticed in the ordinary routines.

Pat Buchanan | August 02, 2013

In what a Washington Post columnist describes as a rout of Rand Paul isolationism, the Senate just voted overwhelmingly to send another $1.5 billion in foreign aid to Egypt.

Suzanne Fields | August 02, 2013

Let's face it. Anthony Weiner is the comic relief we've been seeking: sexualized politics without a moral message. Salacious texting, a parody of sensual touching, doesn't depend on the meaning of "is" or "was." Vice in virtual reality is sexuality-lite, superficial fantasy, timorous titillation, shadows in the shallows of the Internet.

Michael Brown | August 02, 2013

If someone looks like a Muslim terrorist, identifies as a Soldier of Allah, is mentored by a Muslim terrorist, and then slaughters Americans on a military base in cold blood in the name of Allah, that person is obviously a Muslim terrorist – unless, of course, that person is Nidal Malik Hasan, the accused Fort Hood mass murderer.

John Ransom | August 02, 2013

Lost in the official revisions to GDP and the revisions to revisions and the revisions to revised revisions, is the story of how ordinary people are struggling. And lost is the way they want ordinary folks to stay.

Linda Chavez | August 02, 2013

In a couple of days, Iran will inaugurate a new president, Hassan Rouhani, which has caused some to speculate that the country is entering a new era. Rouhani has become a favorite "moderate" with much of the Western media, with The New York Times gushing in a recent headline: "President-Elect Stirs Optimism in Iran and West." But such optimism defies history.

Paul Greenberg | August 02, 2013

Even back then, at the turn of an earlier century, Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill at age 23 had some things to teach the "experts." We may not be interested in the Middle East, but be assured that every hate-filled group there seeking a focus for its venom is interested in us.

Donald Lambro | August 02, 2013

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp says President Obama's proposal to enact a business-only tax reform bill that will plow more money into public works projects isn't going anywhere in this Congress.

Lincoln Brown | August 02, 2013

With Mike Lee making the news, I had a chance on Monday to talk with him about his efforts to defund Obamacare. And yes I do occasionally scoop Limbaugh. Rather than offer you an op-ed extract, I thought I would let the Senator speak for himself.

Michael Schaus | August 02, 2013

When Johnathan Swift suggested feeding poor Irish children to the rich (in an attempt to reduce the burden they place on impoverished Irish families) he was writing satire. When President Obama suggests soaking the rich with higher tax rates and increased regulation, he seems a bit more sincere. And that got this numbers guy thinking: Where would we be without the top one percent? Besides "unemployed."

Larry Kudlow | August 02, 2013

The Federal Reserve made news this past week in two separate events. The first came with the Fed's policy meeting on Wednesday, when the central bank gave no hint that it would taper or slow its quantitative easing (QE) bond purchases anytime soon. Wall Street believes the Fed will taper in September. My thought is that tapering is likely to come in December, or perhaps not until the new year. (More on that logic in a moment.)

Ransom Notes Radio | August 02, 2013

Powerful or Pitiful: Jay Carney says the “fake” scandals are distractions that aren’t important to Americans. . . He’s clearly never been audited by the IRS. . .

Charlotte Hays | August 02, 2013

When the G8 summit met in Belfast earlier in the summer, one overriding ambition drove the grand panjandrums of international order: the imperative of squeezing more money out of people and corporations.

Crista Huff | August 02, 2013

Firearms company Sturm Ruger reported a 79% surge in earnings as U.S. citizens amass firearms in light of increasing threats to second amendment rights, and concerns over potential firearm confiscation.

Night Watch | August 02, 2013

For those following developments in Egypt in press coverage, it is difficult to understand just what happened in July and what to expect. It looks like military nullification of an electoral outcome the military did not favor. That is partly accurate, but superficial and not very helpful.

Thu, Aug 01, 2013

Larry Kudlow | August 01, 2013

The Federal Reserve made news this past week in two separate events. The first came with the Fed’s policy meeting on Wednesday, when the central bank gave no hint that it would taper or slow its QE bond purchases any time soon.

Cliff May | August 01, 2013

By all accounts, the attack was planned with care and executed with precision. At two notorious Iraqi prisons, Abu Ghraib and Taji, al-Qaeda combatants last week used mortars, small arms, suicide bombers, and assault forces to free 400 prisoners, including several who had been on death row.

Hugh Hewitt | August 01, 2013

A few months ago at one of the many speaking events I do around the country, an earnest questioner asked for my assessment of “the Common Core.”

Ron Crews | August 01, 2013

Amid all the changes that have been heaped upon the U.S. military since the repeal of the so-called “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, a push by a small number of people to have the military’s chaplaincy broadened to include atheist chaplains has now entered the battlefield.

Victor Davis Hanson | August 01, 2013

America has plenty of community organizers and agitators, and even more smooth corporate lobbyists, but populist politicians disappeared long ago.

Larry Elder | August 01, 2013

My unsolicited advice to Anthony Weiner is to drop out of the race for mayor of New York City.

Michael Reagan | August 01, 2013

I think I've figured out what the problem with conservatives is. We don't understand the rules of the political power game. We think after we win big elections or defeat the Soviet Union, we can go home and savor our victories.

Cal Thomas | August 01, 2013

Egypt is in turmoil again. Syria is embroiled in civil war. Iran continues building a nuclear device. Militants in Iraq have killed more than 4,000 people so far this year, more than 800 of them in July alone, according to the aptly named Iraq Body Count. And what is Secretary of State John Kerry's focus? It is the never-ending Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | August 01, 2013

It's been a strange week. My sister and I passed the coursework and pool portion for open-water scuba diving, my son turned 12, and my mother ended up in ICU. You can plan as much as you like, but oftentimes life happens -- and not as you might have planned.

Debra J. Saunders | August 01, 2013

John Pike -- the University of California, Davis police lieutenant whom the university fired for pepper spraying Occupy protesters Nov. 18, 2011 -- has filed a workers' compensation claim based on a "psychiatric injury."

Matt Towery | August 01, 2013

As of now, the GOP seems so hopelessly at war among its own members and without a coherent message that it appears more reasonable to take the time to consider America with a string of potential Democratic presidents in our future.

Steve Chapman | August 01, 2013

Washington, D.C., is a generous and forgiving place. It's full of people who have had successful careers and made lots of money in spite of having been tragically wrong on the great issues of the day. But one sin warrants no mercy: being right.

Emmett Tyrrell | August 01, 2013

Last Sunday the New York Times released a picture of President Barack Obama giving an interview to its reporters in Galesburg, Ill. Truth be told, he looked surprisingly gaunt.

Crista Huff | August 01, 2013

Three more success stories for Stocks in the News!

Jerry Newcombe | August 01, 2013

To me, the key to overcoming pride is in reversing the phrase “alter ego” (and alter the spelling of alter to altar): We leave our ego on the altar.

Ransom Notes Radio | August 01, 2013

Here’s what’s wrong with Washington: If it doesn’t negatively impact K Street, nothing’s going to change. Unfortunately, all too many of our biggest obstacles to recovery benefit K Street.

David Sterman | August 01, 2013

A few years after the global economy emerged from the economic crisis of 2008, commodity prices began to surge, thanks to ongoing robust demand from China. Chief financial officers at mining firms quickly realized that firm commodity prices implied robust future profit streams, and a broad range of new mining projects were put into motion.

Night Watch | August 01, 2013

Anecdotal reporting indicates that the Muslim Brotherhood's tactic of sacrificing bodies to generate public support is not working. Most reports relate views that the Brotherhood is getting what it deserves.

Bob Beauprez | August 01, 2013

Like Don Quixote tilting at windmills, President Obama is on a mission. With the Environmental Protection Agency as his sidekick, he is launching an all-out offensive to drastically cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Robert Knight | August 01, 2013

The federal government is growing like kudzu. That’s the Japanese ivy plant that is taking over roadsides all over the south and is even invading the north.

Michael Schaus | August 01, 2013

Swiss citizens should consider the government they are inviting into their daily affairs by offering to the taxing-authority direct access to their accounts. Switzerland, as compared to Eurozone countries, rate better on taxation, debt to GDP ratio and government spending. Such an economically free nation did not achieve its market strength and prosperity through a devolution of bank secrecy.

Bill Tatro | August 01, 2013

As a 17-year-old freshman at George Washington University, I experienced many difficulties adjusting to newfound college life, not the least of which was trying to understand the well-accepted economic principle that productivity is a good thing.

Wed, Jul 31, 2013

Ann Coulter | July 31, 2013

Does anyone read anymore? I mean, besides tweets from Anthony Weiner?

Rich Galen | July 31, 2013

Each of the two parties now considers the other to be not just a political enemy, but an enemy of everything the other believes in.

Michelle Malkin | July 31, 2013

It's good to be the king ... of class warfare hypocrisy. While he lectures his political opponents about their neglect of middle-class America, President Obama is headed to Martha's Vineyard.

John Stossel | July 31, 2013

Unfortunately, the fall of Rome is a pattern repeated by empires throughout history ... including ours?

Walter E. Williams | July 31, 2013

If we put ourselves into the shoes of racists who seek to sabotage black upward mobility, we couldn't develop a more effective agenda than that followed by civil rights organizations, black politicians, academics, liberals and the news media.

Brent Bozell | July 31, 2013

After a long three-year gap since their last exclusive sit-down interview with President Obama, you might think The New York Times would be ready to ask tough questions on the most contentious issues of the day, beginning with the deepening Obama scandals.

Jonah Goldberg | July 31, 2013

What strikes me as unconscionable is the way the supposedly objective media have not only sensationalized a tragedy but at times appear to deliberately bend the facts to fit a desired story line.

Bob Barr | July 31, 2013

The surprisingly narrow vote is a good sign that privacy advocates on the Hill -- reflecting broader concerns of the American people -- are finally giving this massive surveillance program the scrutiny it deserves.

Neal Boortz | July 31, 2013

Well, here we are .. the day after .. and I just have to chime in with more on this McDonald’s minimum wage issue. Why? Because the Huffington Post published an opinion piece yesterday that was so void of intellectual discipline that one might have thought it was written by a gerbil scampering across a keyboard.

Terry Jeffrey | July 31, 2013

How would you react if House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, ordered you to pay for health-insurance plans that provide abortions?

Ben Shapiro | July 31, 2013

Hollywood is going psycho for the former secretary of state, pumping out a veritable cornucopia of Hillary propaganda in preparation for her anointment in 2016.

Austin Bay | July 31, 2013

Following his conviction this week on at least five counts of espionage and several lesser charges, including fraud and theft, U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning will now do hard time in prison.

John Ransom | July 31, 2013

I want a prosperous, free, and cool America; an America where even a kid from a log cabin as a Keynesian can grow up to be president of the United States. Or even a guy like me born in Peru... Illinois.

Paul Greenberg | July 31, 2013

The Korean War is worth remembering and so are all those who fought in it, the living and the dead, the great and small, the worthless politicians who knew only how to continue it and the unsung heroes who died in the snow and ice.

Donald Lambro | July 31, 2013

If there were any doubts that the former secretary of state plans to run for president, they were put to rest when Hillary and Obama had lunch on the patio outside the Oval Office on Monday. Meantime, there's a large and growing field of potential Republican contenders who believe a majority of voters will be fed up with this administration and the big-spending Democrats in 2016.

Jacob Sullum | July 31, 2013

"This is not a game," Mike Rogers angrily warned last week, urging his colleagues in the House to vote against an amendment that would have banned the mass collection of telephone records by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Michael Schaus | July 31, 2013

The President is hoping that these moves will increase revenues enough to allow the creation of millions of government “shovel ready” jobs. So. . . Get the shovels out: Our economy’s grave isn’t going to dig itself.

Ralph Benko | July 31, 2013

The gold standard, for very good reasons, has the burden of proof. Yet if, through proponents, it carries that burden, the gold standard could emerge from review to be seen as the “gold standard” of monetary policies.

Night Watch | July 31, 2013

This is the fourth major prison break in an Islamic country in less than a week. The significance is that the militant groups in three countries risked a great deal in coordinated attacks to free veterans. All almost certainly had inside help.

Jerry Bowyer | July 31, 2013

Recently I interviewed Peter Greer via skype to talk about philanthropy, and why it often makes things worse. Peter is the President and CEO of Hope International, which is a microfinance organization.

Crystal Wright | July 31, 2013

The fact blacks praised Jay Z for his comments on the Zimmerman verdict and bashed CNN’s Don Lemon for pointing out the problems blacks bring on themselves is exactly what’s wrong with “Black America.”

Ransom Notes Radio | July 31, 2013

Dodd-Frank turned 3 this month. Mark Calabria, with the Cato Institute, joined the program to discuss the burden Dodd-Frank has placed on the economy.

Ken Connor | July 31, 2013

Our culture has largely abandoned the concepts of sin and shame. To publicly declare that one should be "ashamed" of any form of sexual activity has become the greatest sin of all.

Tue, Jul 30, 2013

Rachel Marsden | July 30, 2013

A cheat sheet that you can carry around during the summer cookout season to help you strike up conversations with friends about some topics worth worrying about.

John Hawkins | July 30, 2013

Unfortunately, from 1962 until the present day, the mayor of Detroit has been a Democrat.

Thomas Sowell | July 30, 2013

Racial and ethnic leaders around the world who promote a separate cultural "identity" are inflicting a handicap on their own people.

Chuck Norris | July 30, 2013

Sometimes life hits you like a roundhouse kick, reminding you about what really matters. That happened to me this past week with the life, bravery and fighting spirit of 35-year-old Jen Bulik.

Kurt Schlichter | July 30, 2013

This wonderful couple has created a traditional nuclear family that provides a powerful counterpoint to the kind of freak show dysfunction that liberalism requires to survive.

Michael Barone | July 30, 2013

Since last November's election, there has been a lot of punditry about the fissures and schisms in the Republican Party. The divisions are real, and some of the commentary has been revealing. But there has been less of a look at fissures and schisms in the Democratic Party. They're real, as well.

David Limbaugh | July 30, 2013

The sexting scandal of Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman and current New York mayoral candidate, puts into focus the importance of character to public service.

Tony Katz | July 30, 2013

So there I was, texting with fellow columnist and Bon Vivant Kurt Schlichter (who, at the time, was referring to himself, in the third person, as K-Dog. True story.) We were discussing the subject of my next column when an LA Times story appeared on my Facebook wall.

Mona Charen | July 30, 2013

What was the worst moment of the 2012 presidential race? Was it Donald Trump's slow-motion striptease about entering the contest? Michelle Bachmann's invocation of "government needles" being "pushed into innocent girls"?

Neal Boortz | July 30, 2013

This column really is a bad idea. I should have counted to 100, had a drink, hit the treadmill for 45 minutes... something before I sat down and started writing.

Ken Blackwell | July 30, 2013

You probably cannot find a more scholarly, measured, and careful writer than Michael Barone. This Resident Fellow at the respected American Enterprise Institute is not given to exaggeration. Let others set their hair on fire to get a headline, Harvard-educated Michael Barone makes news because he’s one who knows.

Cal Thomas | July 30, 2013

When it comes to Vietnam, I'm all for moving on, putting the past behind us, looking forward, letting bygones be bygones, but doing so requires honesty about the past, lest history be forgotten and the memory and honor tarnished of the 60,000 Americans who died in that war.

Dennis Prager | July 30, 2013

There are many liberals who lead thoroughly decent lives. And there are conservatives who do not.

Lisa De Pasquale | July 30, 2013

There is no shortage of material from the Left that deserves mocking. But I have to ask, is it working for us?

Pat Buchanan | July 30, 2013

In his second term, Richard Nixon had Watergate, but also the rescue of Israel in the Yom Kippur War.

Scottie Hughes | July 30, 2013

The morning of June 16, 2013 started off like any other traditional morning in Amy Gibbon’s house.

Debra J. Saunders | July 30, 2013

The press corps doesn't come off well in many exchanges. President Barack Obama met for lunch with Hillary Clinton. America wants to know: What was on the menu?

John Ransom | July 30, 2013

The fight for liberty, indeed, has gone global. And this is what threatens elites like Obama, and the UN, and the World Bank and that Old Hobbit, John McCain- who, not incidentally, is also empty of any new ideas.

Phyllis Schlafly | July 30, 2013

The Gang of Eight pro-amnesty Senators are trying to con the House of Representatives into passing parts of an anti-American amnesty bill so they can get a Chuck Schumer-dominated conference committee and bamboozle Representatives into going along with their sellout plans.

Kyle Olson | July 30, 2013

For years, Buffalo taxpayers have been picking up the tab for elective cosmetic surgical procedures for school employees, due to a bizarre provision in the teachers union contract.

Bill Murchison | July 30, 2013

While the race to the moral bottom gathers speeds in places like Anthony Weiner campaign headquarters, 3 million Brazilians gather at the beach to hear the new pope suggest an alternative path. Hmmm.

Rebecca Hagelin | July 30, 2013

A friend of mine was out to dinner recently and saw an endearingly awkward teenage couple arrive for dinner, ready to splurge on a casual sit-down restaurant instead of the burger joint next door.

Ransom Notes Radio | July 30, 2013

Obamacare is a failure. And now Detroit is looking at using it to help reduce their debt. (This will turn out real well.) Brent Littlefield joined the program to discuss the mentality of the modern Democrat.

Tom Purcell | July 30, 2013

Get this: Happiness among human beings peaks at age 23, tanks at 55, then peaks again at 69.

Bob Beauprez | July 30, 2013

Truth is now officially no longer necessary – or, maybe it is just "inconvenient" – from this President.

Bill Tatro | July 30, 2013

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “mailbox money,” allow yourself to be enlightened. Do you remember when you lost your first tooth as a young child? In many households, there is the traditional placement of the tooth under the pillow which is a clear signal for the tooth fairy to go into action.

Night Watch | July 30, 2013

North Korea staged a large parade to celebrate the 60thanniversary of the Korean War Armistice. Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao took the salute with Kim Jong Un on the 27th and returned to China on the 28th.

Mon, Jul 29, 2013

Byron York | July 29, 2013

When Washington conservatives gather to talk among themselves, and the discussion turns to Obamacare -- it happens pretty frequently -- it's not unusual to hear predictions that the president's health care law will "collapse of its own weight."

Scottie Hughes | July 29, 2013

I can think of many great attractions in Chattanooga, TN. You can stay in the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel.

Todd Starnes | July 29, 2013

A world history book used in an Advanced Placement class is under review by a Florida school board over allegations it favors Islam at the expense of Christianity and Judaism.

Ken Blackwell | July 29, 2013

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Sowell, or the late William F. Buckley got elected to Congress? We may be on the cusp of something similar. Quin Hillyer, the respected conservative journalist, is running for Congress in Alabama.

Rich Galen | July 29, 2013

If the President wants to be remembered for anything positive it will not be dividing the middle class from the upper class; it will be by finding a way to help those at the lowest levels of our economy to climb into the middle class.

Mike Adams | July 29, 2013

The New York Times and the Huffington Post have been very critical of recent legislation by the House and Senate of the State of North Carolina.

Star Parker | July 29, 2013

President Barack Obama went to Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., this week to rearticulate his vision for the American economy and to reassure the American people that, yes, he knows what he is doing.

Katie Kieffer | July 29, 2013

Apple has been going head-to-head with the Obama administration’s Department of Justice for over a year and the stakes are high for all of us.

Terry Paulson | July 29, 2013

My dad used to say, "Life is a great trainer. You make your choices, and you live the consequences."

John Ransom | July 29, 2013

They want you to believe that marriage is part of poverty. So who you gonna believe? 7,000 years of use and tradition, or Ms. Coontz and her liberal betters, who teach modified home economics on the side?

Kyle Olson | July 29, 2013

Government school apologists are appealing to a global power -- none other than the United Nations, in fact -- in their effort to stop Mayor Rahm Emanuel from closing 49 elementary schools in Chicago.

Dan Holler | July 29, 2013

“We’re going to implement it.”

Matt Barber | July 29, 2013

Anti-Christian extremist groups like the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and People for the American Way hate God.

Chris Edwards | July 29, 2013

Property taxes are a major relocation driver, not just for homeowners, but also for businesses.

Rachel Alexander | July 29, 2013

You can't scan the news lately without hearing about Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, their sex scandals and attempted comebacks. Both conservative and liberal news outlets are glued to covering the two fallen politicians.

Shawn Mitchell | July 29, 2013

Real reporters confront ambitious. They call bigwigs out for inconsistencies and contradictions. They might even venture to ask a question or two based on premises different from the assumptions of The Man they are questioning.

Michael Tanner | July 29, 2013

The most obvious candidate is the city’s vast unfunded pension programs, which have been running deficits for years. Fully 99.6 percent of the city’s retiree health-care liabilities are unfunded.

Michael F. Cannon | July 29, 2013

It’s hard to come up with a story that explains a drop in support for Obamacare only among moderates and conservatives if the legislation was considered too weak.

Tad DeHaven | July 29, 2013

The Obama administration signed off on the federal government’s share of the subsidies even though it knew the project didn’t need any support from taxpayers.

Sun, Jul 28, 2013

Doug Giles | July 28, 2013

When I was a punk teen and twenty-something, I did drugs, dealt drugs, debased women, burglarized homes and was kicked out of both high school and college for my behavior.

Derek Hunter | July 28, 2013

A lot of people have been writing about Detroit lately and why the one-time economic powerhouse is now a bankrupt echo of wasted opportunity.

Austin Hill | July 28, 2013

Americans voted twice for a big-government President, and now we’re beginning to experience the impact of big government. Are you shocked?

Debra J. Saunders | July 28, 2013

When I make my next mistake, will management pick me up, dust me off and tell me not to screw up again, or will it cut me loose?

Bruce Bialosky | July 28, 2013

College has created a system to insulate itself from the outside world when it comes to decisions about your children. Buyer Beware.

John Ransom | July 28, 2013

Liberals get to write off other taxes they pay, like state taxes, when they do their federal tax return. Is that THEIR subsidy that they now owe me? Maybe the next GOP president will put the NSA-IRS-M-O-U-S-E on THEM.

Paul Jacob | July 28, 2013

The persistence and dedication to duty of some professional politicians continue to astound.

Steve Chapman | July 28, 2013

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney spent eight years choking personal privacy to within an inch of its life.

Brian Birdnow | July 28, 2013

It is certainly fair to ask whether John McCain has any political principles that he will not compromise.

Kevin McCullough | July 28, 2013

Despite all of the genuine hopes, by millions of people, of every tribe and tongue from every corner of this planet, an excruciatingly sad reality is being made perfectly clear.

Niger Innis | July 28, 2013

Environmental activists constantly pressure government agencies to intervene in the lives of others, whether it is telling them how to run their businesses, where they can build their homes, or what types of food they can and cannot eat, among countless other examples.

Michael Youssef | July 28, 2013

Recently President Obama offered some much-analyzed comments on the Zimmerman verdict and racism in America. But I believe I could have written his comments far more effectively than did his current advisers.

Mark Baisley | July 28, 2013

Inviting 6,700 new IRS agents to join an already standing force of 1,200 existing agents would institutionalize the ultimate insider threat to Americans’ most private of personal information.

Marita Noon | July 28, 2013

Democrat connections to ethanol giveaways include a former chief-of-staff for accidental comedian/politician Al Franken, key Obama fundraisers and board members of Democrat special interest groups.