Tim Phillips

Despite a newsroom full of reporters, the New York Times is having a heck of a time finding a single flaw in the byzantine ObamaCare law, about which bad news seems to pour in by the hour. It’s a natural reaction of knee-jerk liberals to become regular Inspectors Clouseau when it comes time to examine the facts surrounding their big-government boondoggles; it’s just a bit more of a shame when it’s coming from the supposed Paper of Record.

It was in that spirit that the New York Times editorial board dedicated several hundred words to discrediting a TV ad from Americans for Prosperity that merely raises questions about ObamaCare. The ad features Julie, a mother of two with another child on the way, who expresses her own doubts and concerns about how ObamaCare will impact her family’s healthcare. Rather than substantively addressing Julie’s questions, the Times editorial is mostly a personal attack on a pair of successful businessmen whose chief offense appears to be making their own money rather than waiting for it to be handed to them via some government redistribution scheme.

Gallup recently found that a majority of Americans still disapprove of the law because of its inherent complexity marked by a trail of broken promises. Yet from the safety of the editorial throne, the Times laments the “misguided fury” Americans feel over this trillion-dollar boondoggle. It’s a bill that even the administration admits they are currently unable to implement (hence the delay of the employer mandate). So sure are they of ObamaCare’s brilliance that without any facts in support, they claim the law’s “benefits to society may be so profound that Democrats can use it as a badge of accomplishment for generations.”

To the Grey Lady’s editorial board, it seems unfathomable that any American would distrust government. After all, government would never do something secretive and unethical, or target any Americans or groups because of their political beliefs, right? Certainly government, that bastion of effectiveness and transparency, would never waste taxpayer money on failing green energy schemes or investigate journalists who report on them…that would be unthinkable! And while you’re pondering that, be sure to check in with the EPA to see how the ethics classes of “Richard Windsor” are going, because government would never hide pertinent information from the public.

Since ObamaCare’s allies can’t discuss the law without sugarcoating this poison pill, let’s review Julie’s questions here.

Julie’s first question: “If we can’t pick our own doctor, how do I know my family is going to get the care they need?”