Robert Gelinas

Nanny plutocrat extraordinaire, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has targeted yet another new windmill for his quixotic conquest besides the scourges of big bad sodas, trans-fats, salt, and elevators. Now he’s going after the Stand Your Ground or No Retreat laws to have them overturned. Hizzonor disparagingly refers to such laws as “Shoot First Laws.”

From Bloomberg’s perspective such laws, “…can inspire dangerous vigilantism and protect those who act recklessly with guns,” adding that they, “…encourage deadly confrontations by enabling people to shoot first and argue ‘justifiable homicide’ later.”

Got that? Apparently, the Mayor of New York City believes that the bad guy in the assault equation is the lawful gun owner.

So let me get this straight, Mr. Mayor: If someone (and let’s pretend that they are a law-abiding citizen just for sake of discussion) is attacked by a mugger on the street and our law-abiding citizen doesn’t turn tail and run away (assuming that option is even physically possible), then the only possible explanation you can imagine of why said mugging victim wouldn’t run away is because they are a reckless vigilante seeking deadly confrontation? Seriously? You honestly think all CCW/CHL license holders are murderous psychopaths? That’s outrageous! Then again, the whole scenario is a moot point for you, since you have a team of armed bodyguards at your side, right?

Dear Gun Owners in New York – do you realize this is what your mayor really thinks of you? And not just you – oh, no, he’s pledged to go to any and all other states with Stand Your Ground (SYG) laws and try and get those laws eliminated, too.

And he’s not alone. Oh, no. Our “Fast and Furious” gun-running Attorney General, Eric Holder, is right there with him in the same boat. At the recent NAACP convention in Florida, Holder vigorously denounced SYG laws. Both Bloomberg and Holder have exploitatively used the recent George Zimmerman trial in Florida as the pretext for their condemnation of SYG laws – apparently oblivious to the fact that SYG was never a factor in that trial.

Even pop celebs are jumping on the anti-SYG bandwagon. Singer Stevie Wonder has vowed never to perform in the State of Florida again until its SYG laws are overturned. What would you bet Stevie has armed bodyguards too? You know Eric Holder has a Secret Service detail.

Robert Gelinas

Robert Gelinas is the President of the American Rifle and Pistol Association.