Hugh Hewitt

Rarely do I devote an entire, three-hour radio show to one guest.

Favorite novelists --like Alex Berenson, C.J. Box, Daniel Silva, Brad Thor and the late Vince Flynn—have regularly been welcomed for two-hour chats. The opportunity to do long-form interviews is one of the great aspects of talk radio. Both Silva and Thor were on this week in fact, and the transcripts of the interviews with them about their new best-selling thrillers --The English Girl and Hidden Order respectively-- are at the Transcripts page over at

In the last six months, only twice have I given a show wholly over to one person: To Jake Tapper, to discuss his moving book about one American outpost in a far corner of Afghanistan The Outpost, and to William Dalrymple to review his wonderful work Return of A King, also about an Afghan war, though one that began in 1839.

Great books about the war that we are in and the people and the land in which it is waged get time from me because so much of the rest of media ignores the war even as the MSM goes wall-to-wall and round-the-clock on stories like the Zimmerman trial.

On Wednesday, though, I devoted all but the last three minute segment of the program to a conversation with New York Times Magazine's national correspondent Mark Leibovich whose new book, This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral --Plus, Plenty of Valet Parking!-- in America's Gilded Capital, a work that is almost completely silent about the war.

That's not the fault of Leibovich. He set out to convey what Washington D.C. in the Obama years is concerned about, and he did so with extraordinary accuracy and flawless reporting.

But since President Obama's Washington isn't really interested in the war, a book about the Obama years won't have much about the war in it. Accuracy is accuracy. Most of the subjects of This Town would probably wished they'd spent more time in earnest conversation about the war with Leibovich or at least within earshot of him.

Hugh Hewitt

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