Sun, Oct 09, 2011

Debra J. Saunders | October 09, 2011

As Occupy Wall Street activists clogged New York's Zuccotti Park protesting "corporate greed" and Occupy SF hit San Francisco's Financial District on Wednesday protesting "corporate greed," the world learned that Steve Jobs, perhaps America's most beloved modern capitalist, had died at age 56.

Sat, Oct 08, 2011

John C. Goodman | October 08, 2011

On the very day that Steve Jobs died a new report suggests that the U.S. health care system is spending too much money on people near the end of their lives. The timing of the two events could not have been more ironic.

John Ransom | October 08, 2011

The biggest single obstacle that Obama faces in getting reelected is that Americans don’t trust him anymore. Nor should they, based on results, history and the false premise under which he was elected. Wanna know what Obama’s going to do in the future? Look at what he’s done in the past.

Ed Feulner | October 08, 2011

Conservatives and liberals clash frequently on a wide array of issues, from taxes to trade, from deficits to defense. But their greatest conflict may lie in their contrasting attitudes toward civil society.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | October 08, 2011

America’s media is obsessed with every tick of every poll. The reason they cover polls is because they don’t want to cover ideas. Republicans should resist being sucked into this reality show mentality and focus instead on the candidate’s ideas.

Jack Bouroudjian | October 08, 2011

For those of you who have been following my guidelines with your hedges, now that we’ve seen this move in the S&P it’s time to roll your position back up. Just like you rolled down your protection and took money off the table when we saw that big break—taking advantage of the volatility and what I call that explosion spread—now is the time to roll it up. Active management of your hedge is the key.

Jeff Carter | October 08, 2011

No one ever paid Tea Party people. It actually cost a lot of them more than a day’s pay to go and march. It’s a true grassroots movement. The left can only manufacture outrage. And to manufacture it, they have to outsource.

Bill Tatro | October 08, 2011

His is a barbershop from the old days with two antique barber chairs, a cramped waiting area filled with old magazines, and always a ballgame on the television. The smell of Old Spice and Noxzema shaving cream combined with the heavy aroma of talcum powder takes me back to another era, and is definitely worth the price of a $12 haircut.

Karen Lugo | October 08, 2011

In the day of heroes, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and John Paul II all had a voice in defying Communism as President Reagan issued the challenge: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” This trio of Western leaders labored for years, conspiring in the cause of freedom and inserting their agenda of liberty into every crack as Soviet Communism crumbled owing to corruption, demoralization and economic decay.

Larry Kudlow | October 08, 2011

His anti-capitalist nostrums are demoralizing to the economy.

Bob Beauprez | October 08, 2011

As more is learned, it becomes increasingly clear that the Administration used the Stimulus, and specifically the green energy loan program, as a campaign slush fund to distribute billions of dollars like party favors to supporters and to grandstand for reelection to a perceived constituency.

Larry Kudlow | October 08, 2011

This tax attack is the latest assault from a White House that is making a sharp populist shift to the left. It coincides with a president who trashed the Bank of America for raising debit-card fees in response to a Dodd-Frank price-control edict, and who suggests that banks do not have an inherent right to profit. It’s in league with a president who is throwing in with the Wall Street protesters.

Gil Morales and Chris Kacher | October 08, 2011

While there are plenty of trading “systems” being promoted on the Internet and in the mails, most involve the use of high-cost, high-risk trading vehicles and require frequent and precise timing in shifting direction or moving in and out of the markets in order to garner decent returns – assuming they work at all.

Fri, Oct 07, 2011

Matt Mackowiak | October 07, 2011

Primary campaigns are about enthusiasm. There is little evidence of any enthusiasm for the 2012 presidential candidacy of Willard Mitt Romney anywhere outside of New Hampshire or the immediate Romney family or campaign staff.

Rich Galen | October 07, 2011

In one of the GOP Presidential debates the number of prisoners who had been put to death in Texas drew applause from the audience. In a subsequent debate, the issue of the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was being discussed and, during a short video of a Marine talking about being openly gay, two members of that audience booed.

Caroline Glick | October 07, 2011

Next month, convicted Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard will begin his 27th year in prison, and the Obama administration is displaying stunning insensitivity to what this means for the American Jewish community.

John Hawkins | October 07, 2011

In this interview, Rick Perry is asked all the questions on illegal immigration that people have wanted to hear him asked. Over the course of the interview, Perry revealed a lot of new information on how he'd handle the illegal immigration issue if he becomes President. Although he might disagree with this characterization, his positions on the issue seem to be well to the right of where many conservatives believe he is on illegal immigration.

Michelle Malkin | October 07, 2011

Here is your high-resolution teachable moment of the week: anti-capitalist, anti-corporate extremists of "Occupy Wall Street" mourning Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs without a trace of irony.

Brent Bozell | October 07, 2011

NBC President Robert Greenblatt was really committed to the new drama "The Playboy Club" just weeks ago. "What it has going for it is a recognizable brand that's automatically going to draw attention to it, good or bad," he said. "It's the right kind of thing for us to try." They tried it.

Jonah Goldberg | October 07, 2011

Brian Phillips is the head of communications for the NYC General Assembly, the group primarily responsible for occupying Wall Street. I learned about him while listening to National Public Radio's "Morning Edition." According to NPR, Phillips is "an ex-Marine with a bachelor's in computer science. Today he is wearing a sock on his head."

David Limbaugh | October 07, 2011

Obama's Thursday news conference was a sober reminder of the nature of the man in the Oval Office. I infer that even many of his supporters in the liberal media are finally catching on to the magnitude of his personality disorders. Staff | October 07, 2011

The world bid farewell to one of the greatest Americans to have graced the pages of history Wednesday evening. Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs passed away at 56 years old.

Mona Charen | October 07, 2011

Two new sets of Republicans are feeling deflated today -- the Chris Christie hopefuls and the Sarah Palin stalwarts. The Christie decision didn't surprise me, perhaps because I grew up in Jersey. In fact, Christie and I attended the same high school!

Cal Thomas | October 07, 2011

The Supreme Court is back in session and the nine justices will consider a number of polarizing and controversial issues, not the least of which will likely be the constitutionality of "Obamacare" and its mandate that every citizen purchase health insurance.

Oliver North | October 07, 2011

Ten years ago this week, America went to war in Afghanistan. At 1 p.m. Eastern time on Oct. 7, 2001, President George W. Bush told the world, "On my orders, the United States military has begun strikes against al-Qaida terrorist training camps and military installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan."

Pat Buchanan | October 07, 2011

Observing the correlation of forces in this city and the intensity of conviction in the base of each party, the outcome of the ongoing fiscal fight between Barack Obama and the Tea Party Republicans seems preordained.

Suzanne Fields | October 07, 2011

A united Germany turned 21 this week. Families celebrated a three-day weekend, with the children waving black, red and gold national flags in the bright sunlight of an unseasonal October summer in Berlin.

John Ransom | October 07, 2011

Now in a reprise of Obama’s Eat-My-Peas moment from the courageous debt ceiling debate that rallied his base, the president issued more threats to me, you and your elected representatives. Maybe this is a sign he’s running his reelection campaign solely on solar now.

Linda Chavez | October 07, 2011

Like millions of Apple users around the world, I learned that Steve Jobs had died when I turned on my Mac on Wednesday evening. There his picture was, staring out from the Apple homepage when I went to my browser: his signature black turtleneck; his close-cropped grey hair and beard; his piercing, pale eyes.

Kyle Olson | October 07, 2011

We need teachers who are committed to academics, instead of spreading their radical political beliefs to naïve children.

Stewart Scott | October 07, 2011

The deaths of al-Awlaki and Khan and the impact they will have on AQAP’s outreach efforts provide an opportunity to consider the importance of individuals — and their personal skill sets — to militant organizations, especially organizations seeking to conduct transnational media and ideological operations.

Lincoln Brown | October 07, 2011

So until the time arrives when you need a note from your doctor and a loan from your bank to quit smoking, by all means, e-smoke if you got ‘em. After all, it would seem that secondhand smoke is not nearly as bad for you as second hand capitalism.

Bill Tatro | October 07, 2011

While most people anticipate the Thursday jobs number and salivate even more while awaiting the monthly employment report, I turn my attention to the one line in the weekly report, which to me, says it all. The information I’m referring to is usually included at the end the report, but rarely discussed. It’s the total number of people who have received some kind of government benefit.

Brett McMahon | October 07, 2011

President Harry Truman had a great insight about the correlation between our political leaders and progress when he said, “In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still.” Unfortunately at this point, just standing still would seem an improvement over the current backward slide in which we are stuck.

Jeff Carter | October 07, 2011

The iconic mental image people have is a cowboy entrepreneur striking out and taking on the big bad world on their own. But, those cowboys still need someone to support them. Even in old westerns, lonesome cowpokes had someone they could lean on. It's never been the government.

Sam Graves | October 07, 2011

Our nation is facing an unemployment crisis unlike anything we have seen for quite some time. Today’s announcement for September’s unemployment numbers is another reminder of how serious our problem is.

Bob Beauprez | October 07, 2011

Obama's Fast and Furious Denial doesn't change the facts. Holder obviously did know at least five months before Agent Terry was murdered, and ten months before he perjured himself before a Congressional committee. And, contrary to the President's contention, what Holder knew about Fast and Furious didn't make him "unhappy" enough to do anything to stop the program. In fact, his only action regarding the operation seems to be to cover it up.

John Hanlon | October 07, 2011

“I don’t have to play dirty anymore. I got Morris.” Press secretary Stephen Myers (Ryan Gosling) says this early on in the new political thriller, “The Ides of March.” The film tells the story of a naïve campaign employee who has become enchanted by the governor he works for.

Thu, Oct 06, 2011

Paul Greenberg | October 06, 2011

This era has lost its Edison. Maybe its Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller combined.

Rachel Alexander | October 06, 2011

Ever since Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the 2000 presidential election, there has been a major push to abandon the Electoral College system. Superficially, there is a sense that the election was unfair and everyone’s vote did not count equally.

Matt Towery | October 06, 2011

Make no mistake about it. Both Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich know exactly what they are doing. They are, collectively -- with Cain's significant increase in the polls and Gingrich's slow but steady rise -- working to ensure that a conservative agenda, even a somewhat rebellious agenda, is in place regardless of who is the nominee of the GOP.

Erika Johnsen | October 06, 2011

I have often proclaimed that I am an avid anti-environmentalist, and ergo, many therefore accuse me of being a greedy, willfully ignorant, lazy environment-neglecter. But clearly, there is a major disconnect here, because you would be hardpressed to find another individual who loves and wants to conserve the quality of the great outdoors, our natural resources, and the planet in general, than myself.

Donna Wiesner Keene | October 06, 2011

Remember stop, look and listen before you cross the street? Follow this cautionary tale before you swallow the balanced budget language of Presidential candidate and former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson and the 9-9-9 tax system of former CEO Herman Cain. Simple slogans can be dangerous.

Ryan James Girdusky | October 06, 2011

The left have rightful grudge against corrupt government actions; all the while they maintain a childlike belief that government will act in their best interests if only there was just more government. It is mind baffling to see such an anemic argument by a large group who has no in-depth understanding about the difference between corporatism and free market or how government discredited capitalism.

Frank Gaffney | October 06, 2011

Legislators are actively contemplating steps that will not just hollow out our military, but eviscerate it. No one has taken a more prominent, informed and vociferous role in opposing such self-inflicted wounds than the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Representative Howard "Buck" McKeon.

Cliff May | October 06, 2011

It is a paradox of modern times: We are committed to diversity yet have enormous difficulty imagining people who actually are different. Americans and Europeans prize peace and, on that basis, assume peace has become a universal value.

Hugh Hewitt | October 06, 2011

Finally there is clarity about the GOP field in the race to take on President Obama in the fall of 2012. The field is fixed. There are no more "possibles" out there.

Michael Barone | October 06, 2011

Leadership, said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in his press conference Tuesday announcing he would not reverse his decision not to run for president, is something you can't be taught or learn. "Leadership today in America has to be about doing the big things and being courageous."

Larry Elder | October 06, 2011

"The way I think about it is, you know, this is, uh, you know, a great, uh, great country that had gotten a little soft, and you know, we didn't have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last, uh, couple of decades.

Renee Ellmers | October 06, 2011

Unemployment is the most important issue facing Americans today. Millions are out of work and those that have jobs are increasingly threatened with losing them. As with most things affecting whole segments of society, the first reaction is who's in charge, who deserves the blame?

Cal Thomas | October 06, 2011

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie probably had more suitors than Portia in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" and yet in the end he made the right decision not to run for president. It was the correct decision on several levels.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | October 06, 2011

I'm a little bit disappointed that Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is not running for the Republican nomination for president. He was sure to inject another round of excitement into the campaign.

Debra J. Saunders | October 06, 2011

Who poses the biggest threat to destroy Social Security? President Barack Obama.

John Ransom | October 06, 2011

Americans didn't trust the Bush administration to manage the economy. They don't trust the Obama administration to manage the economy. It's time to have a discussion about a different way to manage the economy.

Alan Sears | October 06, 2011

A Vanderbilt University policy prohibiting “discrimination on its campus against anyone because of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression” is drawing national attention because of the way it’s being used to discriminate against religious groups.

Emmett Tyrrell | October 06, 2011

Supposedly, this White House has just made a furious attempt to sink a book, "Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President" by Ron Suskind, which came out Sept. 20. Jay Carney, the White House spinmeister, spoke ill of it. Numerous former White House staffers spoke ill of it. Carney said, "One passage seems to be lifted almost entirely from Wikipedia."

Kyle Olson | October 06, 2011

The EPIC/MRA survey results also show that respondents don’t think too much of Gov. Rick Snyder, state Republican lawmakers or their education agenda. The MEA must think Michiganders are either really stupid or really gullible. Perhaps worse, the media fell for the ruse.

Michael Prell | October 06, 2011

The one issue that transcends party lines, brings Jews and Christians together, and unites Americans like few other issues can—is America’s support for Israel.

Lincoln Brown | October 06, 2011

Despite being a sovereign nation, the Ute Tribe has a government without a tax base. And despite the carping that Conservatives do about taxes, even we realize that a certain level of taxation is necessary. Without a tax base, development of tribal land is of paramount importance.

Jeff Carter | October 06, 2011

China is manipulating the value of its currency. No doubt, it’s artificially low. Lower value makes Chinese goods cheaper than they would otherwise be. It also makes our goods more expensive to buy within China. The US can’t control that. By trying to, we will touch off a trade war at the very worst time. Currency manipulation might work for short periods of time, but it’s not a policy for long term growth.

Douglas MacKinnon | October 06, 2011

I once had a conversation with a well-connected Democrat in Washington, D.C., with regard to lack of advertising in conservative publications.

Robert Knight | October 06, 2011

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue spoke for many politicians on Sept. 27 when she suggested suspending elections for Congress for two years to give them a free hand without voter input.

Jon Sanders | October 06, 2011

The riddle of the ill-fated Humpty Dumpty was solved long ago (he's an egg). Now it's just a nonsense rhyme we tell our children. In that sense it'd be on par with government stimulus and jobs bills, if they could be condensed to four lines and aa-bb stanzas.

Wed, Oct 05, 2011

Ann Coulter | October 05, 2011

I am not the first to note the vast differences between the Wall Street protesters and the tea partiers. To name three: The tea partiers have jobs, showers and a point. Staff | October 05, 2011

In the current bid for the presidency, several key domestic issues are, seemingly, being spread before us at our nation’s dinner table. There are the samplers to whet the appetite – abortion politics, same-sex marriage battles, the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and social security reform, to name a few. And, then, there is the unmistakable House special: our not-so-delectable mounting national debt.

Michael Reagan | October 05, 2011

From now on, parents who plan to send their children abroad to study in a foreign nation should sit them down in front of the TV set and watch replays of the Amanda Knox saga. It has all the elements of a true-to-life lesson in the dangers of turning young men and women barely out of their teens into innocents abroad.

Alan Sears | October 05, 2011

On Sunday, October 2, hundreds of pastors all over the country did something an astonishingly large number of their fellow Americans had forgotten they had the God-given right to do: namely, address political issues and candidates during a worship service.

Jeff Jacoby | October 05, 2011

David Horowitz aches to believe that life has meaning and that there is a purpose to this world. Still, he cannot shake the bleak intellectual conviction that in the long run nothing we do will endure or make a difference. Yet Horowitz's own journey suggests something more hopeful and optimistic.

Donald Lambro | October 05, 2011

The angry, youth-driven, anti-capitalism protests begun in New York City a few weeks ago are the latest manifestation of President Obama's lengthening recession.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | October 05, 2011

Once again, partisan political activists are defending job-killing regulations that will harm the most vulnerable people, while providing no demonstrable environmental benefits. Unfortunately, these activists are also working hard to seduce sincere church leaders.

Brian McNicoll | October 05, 2011

Even so, I must say the Occupy Wall Street movement may be the most stupid ever to take root in America. Protestors keep complaining about the dearth of media coverage. They should be glad.

Rich Galen | October 05, 2011

As I predicted back in 1957, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced at a press conference yesterday that he would not be a Republican candidate for President in 2012.

Michael Youssef | October 05, 2011

When Americans elect a president without doing the hard work of examining his background, beliefs, or ideologies: America is soft

Thomas Sowell | October 05, 2011

Twenty years ago, hysteria swept through the media over "hunger in America." Dan Rather opened a CBS Evening News broadcast in 1991 declaring, "one in eight American children is going hungry tonight." Newsweek, the Associated Press and the Boston Globe repeated this statistic, and many others joined the media chorus, with or without that unsubstantiated statistic.

Michelle Malkin | October 05, 2011

The Washington Post's stoning of Texas GOP Gov. Rick Perry is journalistic malpractice. Instead of calling the newspaper to task, other national media outlets have joined in. And now, the Post is doubling down on slander.

John Stossel | October 05, 2011

Here's my fantasy: Libertarians are elected to the presidency and to majorities in Congress. What would happen next? Well, if libertarians were "in charge," you'd have more freedom and prosperity.

Walter E. Williams | October 05, 2011

Politicians who are principled enough to point out the fraud of Social Security, referring to it as a lie and Ponzi scheme, are under siege. Acknowledgment of Social Security's problems is not the same as calling for the abandonment of its recipients. Instead, it's a call to take actions now, while there's time to avert a disaster.

Brent Bozell | October 05, 2011

Is there a clumsier group of newspaper character assassins than the hit squads at The Washington Post? On Oct. 1, the Post was back on the racist-Republican attack with a 3,000 word, investigative treatise over a rock. Specifically, Gov. Rick Perry had leased a property where the N-word was painted on a rock, and then he had it painted over with white paint.

Mike Adams | October 05, 2011

Alexander Solzhenitsyn once observed that what was taken from the East by force is now being relinquished by the West voluntarily. It is tough not to think of what Solzhenitsyn said nearly a quarter of a century ago as one observes recent developments at Vanderbilt University.

Jonah Goldberg | October 05, 2011

I agree with the Obama administration's decision to kill the American-born al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki. What I can't fathom is why the administration agrees with me.

Tony Blankley | October 05, 2011

William F. Buckley, Jr., founding father of the modern conservative movement, famously asserted his doctrine of voting for the most conservative candidate who is electable. Let me presume to add an analytic codicil: The GOP and the conservative movement have tended to support the most conservative policies only when they are understood to be conservative and are plausibly supportable by the conservative half of the electorate.

Ken Blackwell | October 05, 2011

The news last week offered us a wonderfully satirical view of Russia. Headlines tell us that Russian Premier Vladimir Putin will once again “run” for President of the Russian Republic. Now, this is being reported as if he really has to run for the office. And it seems that the current “president,” Dmitri Medvedev, is only too willing to step aside to allow for Mr. Putin to make his run.

Michael Medved | October 05, 2011

No, the president’s “Rosh Hashanah Message” doesn’t count as one of the most significant state papers to emanate each year from the Oval Office but someone in the White House should have nonetheless reviewed and edited the odd, embarrassing holiday statement just released over Barack Obama’s signature.

Terry Jeffrey | October 05, 2011

I followed along on a short tour that Catholic University gave on Tuesday to Hilda Solis, President Barack Obama's Catholic secretary of labor, who has spent much of her political career zealously advocating legalized abortion.

Ben Shapiro | October 05, 2011

The stars are aligned for Mitt Romney. In every Republican debate, he has been left relatively untouched by the moderators and by every candidate save Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. He continues to ride high in the national polling, holding steady at near one quarter of the likely Republican primary voters. The Republican Party bigwigs, including key funders on Wall Street, are throwing their support to him.

David Harsanyi | October 05, 2011

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men, women and transgendered -- and any other human who is able to elude the tyranny of work for a couple of weeks -- are created equal. We gather to be free not of tyranny, but of responsibility and college tuitions. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that a government long established and a nation long prosperous be changed for light and transient causes. So let our demands* be submitted to a candid world

John Ransom | October 05, 2011

And that’s why is was doubly startling to see US Senator Dick Durbin frothing with hysteria while trying to kill a major US bank- a bank that presents a systemic risk for our entire banking system- from the floor of the US Senate.

Austin Bay | October 05, 2011

The appalling loss of life and physical destruction of al-Qaida's 9-11 suicide air strikes stunned the United States. The shock of surprise -- the unexpected attack "out of nowhere" on the presumed safe havens of American cities -- psychologically magnified the shock.

Jacob Sullum | October 05, 2011

After FBI agents took custody of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian charged with trying to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight on Dec. 25, 2009, they told him he had the right to remain silent. For Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born cleric who allegedly helped plan Abdulmutallab's mission, that right was more like an obligation, enforced by Hellfire missiles fired at his car from remotely controlled CIA aircraft in northern Yemen last week.

Kyle Olson | October 05, 2011

Virtually no state is immune to the red ink found in school budgets, which is a result of routine overspending. For too long, schools have not kept spending in check. They’ve given raises they couldn’t afford, they maintained bloated benefit packages that far exceeded their private-sector counterparts, and they haven’t employed much business sense in managing massive, multi-million dollar operations.

Rebecca Hagelin | October 05, 2011

Democratic Governor Jerry Brown has a ticking time bomb on his desk: he must sign a recently passed bill by October 9th in order for it to become law. His signature, however, would set an explosive precedent: the bill allows children (even 12 year olds) to give valid consent--without their parent’s knowledge or permission--to receive vaccines that aim to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Marybeth Hicks | October 05, 2011

If you’ve been too busy holding down a job (or two), juggling the demands of a busy family, engaging in community service, and occasionally taking the wife and kids out for a pizza on a Saturday night, you may not have noticed that several thousand protesters have “occupied” Wall Street, Washington DC, and other locations across the United States for the past three weeks or so.

George Friedman | October 05, 2011

STRATFOR has examined the plans for dealing with the financial crisis in Europe, and we find them technically plausible, even if they involve navigating something of a minefield. The eurozone’s bailout fund, the European Financial Stability Facility, would be expanded in scope and reach until it can handle the bailout of a major state, the default of a minor state and a banking crisis of unprecedented proportions.

Bob Beauprez | October 05, 2011

Attorney General Eric Holder may have lied under oath to Congress. The question is: What is Congress going to do about it?

Jeff Carter | October 05, 2011

As IBD points out, Eric Holder, that paragon of Gun Runner ethics, is blocking Freedom of Information Act requests into Kagan’s activity while she worked for the Obama White House. If Kagan rules on this case, it’s a travesty of justice and it might even be an impeachable offense. Lawyers-sharpen your pencils.

Ken Connor | October 05, 2011

The need to worship is hardwired into the human psyche. Yet, as unfashionable as it's become in the last century to worship the God of Creation, the same cannot be said of the worship of political heroes.

Bill Tatro | October 05, 2011

As I listen to Ben Bernanke throw in the towel on jobs, Greek Prime Minister Papandreou contemplate retirement, Barack Obama playing class warfare, and housing continuing to plummet, I can only believe the economic turnaround is nowhere in sight and the light at the end of the tunnel is a steaming locomotive taking dead aim.

Jack Bouroudjian | October 05, 2011

I had the great honor to speak with former Vice President Dick Cheney about his life in politics, which also happens to be the subject of his new book, “In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir.”

Tue, Oct 04, 2011

Paul Greenberg | October 04, 2011

What's happening at the University of Arkansas is part of a national trend to dumb down the curriculum.

Rachel Marsden | October 04, 2011

In September 2010, the German news magazine Der Spiegel explained that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has a "soft spot for the Arctic," with Putin saying Russia "will put huge amounts of money into environmental protection" and is "planning to do a serious spring cleaning of our Arctic territories."

Crystal Wright | October 04, 2011

We live in a democratic country called America where we are given unalienable rights, individual freedoms and liberties to live our lives the way we deem fit. Americans have the freedom to choose what they say, write, their religion and which political party or movement they support: Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tea Party, etc.

Caroline Glick | October 04, 2011

The Obama administration cannot thank Erdogan enough for his recent decision to permit NATO to station the US X-Band missile shield on its territory. The US is following Turkey's lead in contending with Syrian President Bashar Assad's massacre of his people.

Michael Brown | October 04, 2011

After Herman Cain told Wolf Blitzer that many African Americans have been “brainwashed” into not being open-minded or even considering “a conservative point of view,” he was criticized by Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher on the Anderson Cooper show. (Blitzer had asked Cain why the Republican party was “basically poison” to so many African Americans.)

Tony Katz | October 04, 2011

There are some serious inconsistencies here. Corporate "greed" is the catalyst for millions of American paychecks. Global warming (the anthropogenic kind) has been thoroughly debunked and "social inequality" is just another way to say "social justice," which is just another wealth redistribution scam.

John Hanlon | October 04, 2011

“You can’t keep going the way you been going,” Lynn Childers (Michelle Monaghan) says to her husband Sam (Gerard Butler) early on in the new film, “Machine Gun Preacher.” The movie tells the true story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealer, who turned his life around and began following Christ. Directed by Marc Forster, who previously helmed “The Kite Runner” and “Monster’s Ball,” “Preacher” presents Childers as a complex man whose intentions are noble but whose actions are often controversial.

David Morris | October 04, 2011

Solyndra may have gone belly up, but at least it goes out with style. Constructed by union workers at a total cost of $733 million (proceeding from the Energy Department's $535 million loan guarantee), the Solyndra facility featured robots that sang Disney tunes, 19 loading decks, and localized rail lines for moving products across its 300,000 square feet (approximately 5 football fields).

John Hawkins | October 04, 2011

There tends to be a rough parity between parties in the American political system.

Thomas Sowell | October 04, 2011

If there was ever any doubt that the Democrats take the black vote for granted, that doubt should have been put to rest when Barack Obama told the Congressional Black Caucus, "Stop whining!"

Chuck Norris | October 04, 2011

The White House's buzz words for the propaganda campaign to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and corporations are "pay their fair share."

David Limbaugh | October 04, 2011

It's clear that Obama's re-election strategy is to demonize conservatives and his Republican opponents as extremists, "small," intolerant and morally deficient. That's a safer course, I suppose, than running on his miserable record.

Mona Charen | October 04, 2011

President Obama is excessively fond of defining "who we are as a nation," which is interesting coming from someone whose campaign was based on bringing sweeping and profound changes to the country.

Cal Thomas | October 04, 2011

Listening to some establishment Republicans grousing about the field of GOP presidential candidates should serve as a warning. Republicans, if they are not careful, are in danger of catching the same virus that infected Democrats in 2008.

Dennis Prager | October 04, 2011

This week, for the fourth consecutive year, I am conducting Jewish High Holiday services. Though not a rabbi, I spent 12 years studying in yeshivas and 35 years teaching and writing on Judaism.

Pat Buchanan | October 04, 2011

Friday morning, Predator drones operated by the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command rendezvoused over Yemen and launched Hellfire missiles that blew to pieces the radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

Fred Wszolek | October 04, 2011

Sometimes extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. And that is true regarding the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and its job-killing assault against workers and small businesses across the country.

Debra J. Saunders | October 04, 2011

Does San Francisco have a serious problem with birds flying into tall buildings? Was there a good reason the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a "bird-safe" building ordinance last month?

Humberto Fontova | October 04, 2011

In half a heartbeat the Obama team could put the kibosh to the most dangerous offshore oil drilling ever proposed near U.S. shores, scheduled to begin in December by a Spanish/Cuban corporation. By fighting this drilling his “Environmentalist” allies could get the biggest bang for their lobbying buck in their history.

Phyllis Schlafly | October 04, 2011

These tiny electronic circuits used in computers can cause breakdowns or malfunctions. Bloomberg Business Week reported that a confidential Pentagon program issued an alert as long ago as 2005 that fake microchips were causing military equipment malfunctions.

Kyle Olson | October 04, 2011

The National Education Association, the nation’s largest labor union, is rolling out its new $350,000 television ad campaign to generate support for President Obama’s American Jobs Act. Thirty billion of Obama’s $450 billion jobs bill has been designated to supposedly save 285,000 teaching jobs.

Bill Murchison | October 04, 2011

Would that speech do the job, should Gov. Perry against lengthening odds, become President Perry? Not a chance. The trivialization of American politics proceeds apace, with the enthusiastic collaboration of the media -- my own profession, one way or another, for nearly half a century.

Jeff Carter | October 04, 2011

Ah yes, the Obama campaign team is hard at work. Occupy Wall Street would like a totalitarian government and an Obama reelection or retention by other means. That fits nicely with the Roseanne Barr statement about guillotines and re-education camps. This must be the new tone.

Chris W. Cox | October 04, 2011

If our President and his Attorney General won’t help Congress get to the bottom of this scandal, it is imperative that an independent prosecutor be assigned to this case.

Nicole Neily | October 04, 2011

For centuries, Istanbul has been a hub of global commerce. Stroll around the Grand Bazaar, though, and it’s striking what the most popular products these days are. Not carpets, not Turkish delight… but rather, knockoff handbags, scarves, and clothing. From Hermes to Louis Vuitton, Chanel to Prada, the season’s hottest styles are available on most street corners for pennies on the dollar.

Armstrong Williams | October 04, 2011

One of the virtues I discuss at length in my new book, Reawakening Virtues: Restoring What Makes America Great is the virtue of saving.

Jack Bouroudjian | October 04, 2011

That’s right: without the help of legislators and the Obama administration, there simply isn’t much more the Fed can do. Fisher added that growth for the rest of the year would likely be “positive but anemic,” but added the caveat that “we could slip.”

Larry Kudlow | October 04, 2011

Taxing millionaires and billionaires -- especially the Warren Buffet plan to raise the minimum tax rate on capital gains -- demonizes success and makes war on capital formation. Gov. Chris Christie calls this a demoralizing message.

Crystal Wright | October 04, 2011

Someone told me recently she liked reading my blog but it seemed like everything I wrote about was race. I guess I’m going to live up to that person’s perception today. Admittedly, I write from the perspective of a black woman, so I can’t help notice these type of stories.

Bill Tatro | October 04, 2011

It seems that customers were not annoyed or worried by the subprime mortgage shenanigans, multiple lawsuits, or even the liquidation of prime assets. However, when it came to reaching into their pockets for a monthly fee, customers were totally outraged.

Mon, Oct 03, 2011

Paul Greenberg | October 03, 2011

You could almost feel the fear emanating from the official statement/caveat issued by the director of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Its scientists, it seems, had discovered something they shouldn't have. Uh oh.

Michael Brown | October 03, 2011

The fact is, we know that our minds don’t always tell us the truth, and they are far more malleable than our body. So, if our mind tells us something that biology clearly says is wrong, it’s likely our minds are misleading us. Staff | October 03, 2011

The amount of money our federal government borrows and spends is truly hard to comprehend. Just how many zero’s are in a trillion anyway? Twelve.

Ken Blackwell | October 03, 2011

The discussions we are hearing about whether President Obama was wrong to "target" an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, in Yemen take on a bizarre character. Anyone who disputes this most necessary use of lethal force should is not engaged in a serious debate. When an American citizen turns terrorist and calls for murderous attacks on his fellow citizens, he surely places himself outside the protection of our Constitution and laws.

Byron York | October 03, 2011

Herman Cain's supporters know their part by heart. On the campaign trail, at the point in Cain's stump speech when he begins to discuss his plan for economic growth, they're always ready to join the chorus: "Nine! Nine! Nine!"

Marvin Olasky | October 03, 2011

When John Piper needed surgery a few years back he wrote a great piece, "Don't waste your cancer." He argued that it would be wasted "if you think that 'beating' cancer means staying alive rather than cherishing Christ."

Meredith Turney | October 03, 2011

There is a sense of hopelessness in America right now. You can hear it when you talk to friends and listen to their fear of losing a job. Set aside getting a raise or promotion, they’re grateful just to get a paycheck.

Salena Zito | October 03, 2011

Even the experts find the outcome of Tuesday's gubernatorial election in this state hard to predict. They're watching it, in part, to gauge the mood of the electorate.

Rich Galen | October 03, 2011

President Obama should come in from the campaign trail to reach out and call upon the best economic minds in the nation to come to Washington and figure out that the "policy response" from his government should be. He should form an Economic War Cabinet.

Michael Barone | October 03, 2011

Is Herman Cain a serious contender for the Republican presidential nomination? It's a question no one in the pundit world was asking until the past week.

Star Parker | October 03, 2011

President Obama does not miss an opportunity to point out that the problems this country is facing today did not start on his watch

Mike Adams | October 03, 2011

Every year or so I teach a course called “Trials of the Century.” The class examines famous American trials from various standpoints – legal, cultural, and otherwise. Students enjoy most of the cases I cover but none so much as the Charles Manson case, which was tried in the early 1970s.

Katie Kieffer | October 03, 2011

When politicians, journalists and college professors use words like “share,” “fair” and “redistribution,” they are trying to make socialist ideas sound sexy. Socialism isn’t sexy; it’s suffocating.

Lurita Doan | October 03, 2011

President Obama continues to be irresponsible on budgetary duties. The President of the United States has a duty, annually, to submit a budget to congress that has some measure of fiscal sanity which can then be debated in congress.

Terry Paulson | October 03, 2011

Welcome to a political tale about a night visit to Rep. Maxine Waters from the Devil of America's Future...

Bruce Bialosky | October 03, 2011

Federal entitlements, which comprise 60% of the budget, have been correctly identified as the root cause of our growing annual deficit. We certainly need to enact significant reforms of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. However, in order to achieve some level of fiscal integrity, there is an equally important change that we must all accept – just saying no.

John Ransom | October 03, 2011

If Obama really cared about your progressive causes he wouldn’t have used the DOE program for a slush fund; he would have solved illegal immigration when he had a majority; he would have passed a healthcare bill that brought costs down; he would have closed Gitmo; he would have arrested Al Awaki; he would have declared war in Libya.

Dan Holler | October 03, 2011

As President Obama barnstorms across the country on taxpayer dollars telling Congress to “pass this bill,” he is encountering some unlikely opposition back in Washington: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

Jeff Carter | October 03, 2011

Generally it’s best to be suspicious of big movements that become a media spectacle. Was Code Pink anti-war, or were they just anti-Republican party? I haven’t seen them marching on the streets or creating disturbances since November 2008 and the last I checked our military and anti-terror operations were expanded not disbanded.

Chris Poindexter | October 03, 2011

We already had a whiff of deflation in gold prices last week as commodities sank in harmony with sinking equities markets. That small of a sample can hardly be used to justify a bigger trend and I’m not trying to make last week out to more than it is, but signs pointing to recession are hard to ignore at this point.

Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Doug Giles | October 02, 2011

Finally … a major motion picture with a solid Christian premise that’s not repellently corny.

Derek Hunter | October 02, 2011

Meghan McCain, whom I affectionately call “The Lucky Sperm,” because cracking that egg is the only “accomplishment” her name didn’t get her, was the subject of some satire this week by

Salena Zito | October 02, 2011

Every U.S. president needs people around him who are not afraid to tell him that his latest idea is terrible. Otherwise, he just keeps getting into trouble.

Austin Hill | October 02, 2011

Just because you’ve excelled in your chosen career field doesn’t mean that you have a clue about economics. And just because people claim that they are being self-sacrificing, doesn’t necessarily make it so. As President Obama struggles seeks support for his tax-and-spend “jobs bill,” an intriguing chorus of supporters has emerged, intertwining fact and fiction.

Debra J. Saunders | October 02, 2011

Mitt Romney is the front-runner in the GOP presidential primary. In recent debates, the former Massachusetts governor has shone while Texas Gov. Rick Perry has stumbled. Those who were hoping for a candidate with more seasoning (Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels), more principle (House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan) or more pizazz (New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie) are starting to face facts.

John Ransom | October 02, 2011

If the GOP was out of control, then the Democrats are running the country like a financial flash mob. For some reason, liberals don’t understand that conservatives never approved of the DC spending habits in the first place. We have repudiated the fiscal policies of George Bush, even if we defend him personally from charges of dishonor, which I will always do.

Marita Noon | October 02, 2011

All of these projects would be great if they were a better mouse trap; if they were cheaper, more reliable and better land use. But they are not. They are more expensive, less reliable and use more land (or water).

Jeff Carter | October 02, 2011

One person told me yesterday we need a good Democratic candidate.There will be no such thing. There is no one in the Democratic party that thinks much differently than Obama. Creeping socialism isn’t a policy for growth.

Ken Connor | October 02, 2011

Last week, the MacArthur Foundation announced the winners of their annual "Genius Grant" awards. Among the winners is Marie-Therese Connolly, an attorney and activist who has been awarded $500,000 for her work combating elder abuse in America. It is heartening to see that an organization with the resources and prestige of the MacArthur Foundation has taken note of Connolly's important work.

Michael Youssef | October 02, 2011

The ANC [American News Commentary] reported in its September 21, 2011 issue that the ACLU is defending the right of Muslims to exercise prayer in public schools in San Diego… Really?

Mark Baisley | October 02, 2011

The liberal mindset is a fascinating thing to watch. The synapse sequence seems to go something like: (1) Defend evil with compassionate piety. (2) Contort the Constitution until it submits to the defense of evil. (3) Excuse all distasteful and contradictory behavior by liberal leadership.

Paul Jacob | October 02, 2011

One problem with partisanship is surely the tendency to look at your opponents as the embodiment of pure evil.