Michael Youssef

The Christian Post reported that on August 21, 2011, Mike Weatherley, a MP [Member of Parliament] for Hove, wrote a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron saying, "As long as religious groups can refuse to preside over ceremonies for same-sex couples, there will be inequality."

In 2004, The United Kingdom passed laws legalizing same-sex unions, but churches were not required to participate in these unions. In 2010, the Conservative - Liberal Democrat Coalition proposed an amendment to those laws which allowed places of worship to "opt-in" to register same-sex ceremonies, something that MP Weatherley called a "messy compromise."

But that is not all that MP Weatherley had to say. He [and he is not alone in the British Parliament] said that churches should be "compelled" to register civil partnerships, the same way the Parliament "compelled" 11 Catholic adoption agencies to provide adoption services to same-sex couples.

Incidentally, some of those adoption agencies had to shut down based on conviction.

So much for freedom in a democratic society. What a shame western civilization as we know it is going down the tubes!!

Consider with me this deep, slippery slope:

Initially, homosexual lobbyist groups said, "All we want is to be left alone."

Then, a few years later, they said, "We just want our lifestyle to be accepted."

Not long after that it was, "We want our lifestyle to be legally recognized as a civil union."

And finally it went all the way to, "We want nothing less than marriage," which, since creation, has been defined and accepted as a sacred institution between a man and a woman.

Now, in England at least, they are demanding that churches be "compelled" to do that which is contrary to their deeply held convictions. I guess the homosexual lobbyists' attitudes are, "Forget their consciences and their biblical teaching and belief system."

Soon they will demand [and some of them already have] that we teach children to uphold homosexuality as a virtue.

In America, we are watching the breathtaking success of homosexual lobbyists as they intimidate well-known evangelical mega-church pastors into apologizing for their former, but now defunct, biblical conviction on the issue.

Michael Youssef

Dr. Michael Youssef is the author of 27 books including his most recent and timely Blindsided: The Radical Islamic Conquest. His blog: www.michaelyoussef.com Follow on Twitter: @MichaelAYoussef