Lurita Doan

Forget about Dancing with the Stars. If Americans want to see some really fancy footwork, just watch the senior members of the Obama Administration as they do the hokey pokey. The President is, perhaps, the greatest dancer of all as he constantly talks about his policy goals, waves it all about, only to take it all back as he turns himself around.

In May 2009, Secretary Chu put his hands all over the Solyndra loan which he said would be a model for what the government creation of "green" jobs. Chu attended the ground breaking with President Obama and cited Solyndra's example in his speeches. Yet, now, with Solyndra's mind-boggling profligacy, squandering $523 million in taxpayer money in less than two years and filing for bankruptcy protection, both Chu and Obama are eager to take their hands off as they shake them all about, blaming anyone other than themselves for the poor loan decision and the complete lack of oversight into the expenditure of the funds

And, it seems Cabinet Secretary Steven Chu has cravenly decided to utilize a time-tested delaying tactic of sendinga lower-ranking staffer, Jonathan Silver, the DoE loan guarantee officer to testify as he turns himself around.

Both the White House and the Department of Energy officials are being disingenuous and possibly duplicitous in their adamant denials of wrongdoing. For those who understand the process of approving, and scheduling presidential appearances, there can be no doubt that the White House was closely involved in the Solyndra deal-making.

Each week, executive branch agencies send a report to the White House informing the president (in absentia) of current and upcoming agency actions of note. Each week, executive branch agencies also notify the White House of potential activities at which they are requesting the president's attendance, usually an agency event that highlights some aspect of the president's management agenda, and usually providing the White House with several months' advance notice.

Presidential visits are highly coveted events, highly desired by cabinet heads, because the president's visit raises the profile of the agency and provides much coveted photo-ops for agency employees.

There is usually a good deal of back and forth discussions between Executive agency staffers, the Executive Agency White Housel Liaison and White House staffers regarding the type of event, the timing of the event and the substance of the event to ensure it warrants an appearance by the president.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.