Janet M. LaRue

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with a little help from her friends, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice and National Security Advisor Samantha Power, is being hailed as a decisive leader for persuading an indecisive President Obama to use military force against Libya in order to prevent "a potential humanitarian crisis" by Muammar Gaddafi against his own people.

Who knew that feminists would go to war against anyone but white male Republicans and Clarence Thomas?

Why is the Commander in Chief allowing the Secretary of State to appear to be in charge of a "kinetic military action" that's run and funded by the Department of Defense? El Rushbo says, "Mrs. Clinton runs the world."

All that's missing is Clinton's announcement that Jane Fonda will be in charge of kinetic workouts for coalition forces. Seriously, the perception that Clinton is in control of a military action isn't helping the President's image as Commander in Chief.

A Reuters poll announced March 22 confirms that the public's perception of Obama as commander in chief is not good. Only 17 percent said they viewed Obama as a "strong and decisive" commander of the armed forces; 36 percent said he is "indecisive and dithering;" and 48 percent described his style as "cautious and consultative."

Diane Sawyer of CBS News interviewed Clinton on March 23, and asked her if she persuaded Obama to take military action against Libya. Clinton became uneasy and didn't deny the "storyline," which she said needed to be "corrected":

SAWYER: We have read, repeatedly, that you were decisive in this. Did you persuade President Obama? Was yours the voice that turned around the opponents?

CLINTON: That is absolutely, you know, I think, part of a storyline that needs to be corrected soon and decisively. There was a broad debate and discussion within the administration and that's-

SAWYER: Secretary Gates opposed, we were told?

CLINTON: Well, I'm not going to characterize anybody's opinion. You know, I think it was a very thoughtful process.

SAWYER: So, you're not going to characterize yourself in the hierarchy?

CLINTON: No, I'm not going to characterize anyone because it was a decision that was made and the decision speaks for itself.

Nowhere in Sister Sawyer's 17 minute, 30 second interview of Clinton did she bother to ask Clinton why she supports Obama's military action without prior congressional approval since she refused to back then-President George W. Bush if he took military action against Iran. Then Sen. Clinton said in a speech on the Senate floor:

Janet M. LaRue

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