Lurita Doan
Many Americans are familiar with the "absent minded professor", a stock character of fiction and Disney movies, but few Americans expected that Barack Obama, the political darling of Hollywood, would emerge as the quintessentially inept, absent-minded professor. Or that, that "absent-minded" might be the most positive way to spin his actions over the past 27 months of his presidency. Clearly, Obama keeps looking for the magic that will make his actions logical, a magic which has so far eluded him.

President Obama seems to be having trouble remembering, and thus learning, from past mistakes. Instead, it seems that Obama needs to be drilled in the most basic facts, over and over again, before he seems to grasp the concepts.

Could the President be absent minded? Let's just look at his actions during the first few months of 2011.

Obama can't seem to remember that on January 18, 2011, he said his priority was going to be regulatory reform or that he promised to review and to rollback regulations that were handcuffing small businesses. Yet, with multiple Executive orders issued from EPA, FDA and a host of other government agencies, Obama will likely oversee more rule-making than any previous year in our nation's history.

Obama can't seem to remember that on January 24, 2011 in the State of the Union address, he promised his new priority for 2011 was

supposed to be jobs. At the start of his presidency, Obama foolishly embraced a Keynesian notion that government spending would provide a multiplier effect and would lead to economic prosperity and job creation, thereby holding unemployment to 8%.

Obama was wrong and his economic idea has proved a failure as the real unemployment rate zoomed up to 14 percent. A wide variety of scholars and business leaders tried to warn Obama that his notion was wrong, but those warnings were ignored.

Nor did the president really understand how the executive branch of the government works, so that even simple programs, such as Cash for Clunkers, ended up costing the government millions more than anticipated, with no lasting boost to the auto industry or the economy.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.