Sat, Mar 12, 2011

Paul Driessen | March 12, 2011

As Britain suffered through its coldest December in a century, families were forced to choose between keeping homes warm and feeding their children nourishing meals – thanks to climate policies that have forced extensive reliance on wind power and deliberately driven energy prices skyward.

Kyle Olson | March 12, 2011

Disingenuous filmmaker Michael Moore is using the Wisconsin public labor dispute as a tool to get his bulbous head back in front of the TV cameras.

Paul Kengor | March 12, 2011

What's telling about Schiller’s comments is their lack of factual basis, an even greater sin from a man whose business, and erstwhile employer, is the reporting of facts.

Tom Borelli | March 12, 2011

With soaring gasoline prices jeopardizing economic growth and enraging the public, even a novice could recognize the political liabilities associated with rising energy costs.

Fri, Mar 11, 2011

Kathryn Lopez | March 11, 2011

Gingrich's press conference ushered in an open season on the man and his personal life.

Caroline Glick | March 11, 2011

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is stuck between a diplomatic rock and a political hard place. And his chosen means of extricating himself from the double bind is only making things worse for him and for Israel.

Rich Galen | March 11, 2011

Does the U.S. have a clue about what's going on in the Middle East and North Africa?

Hugh Hewitt | March 11, 2011

As the agony of Japan continues to unfold in real time before our eyes, two thoughts for the day.

Michelle Malkin | March 11, 2011

Liberal media outlets did their best in 2009 to boost former Washington State Gov. Gary Locke, President Obama's third pick for the beleaguered Commerce Secretary job, as a "squeaky clean" appointee. Hardly.

Brent Bozell | March 11, 2011

Today's installment of the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization comes from Hollywood -- as if that's a surprise.

Jonah Goldberg | March 11, 2011

When the GOP actually cut $4 billion from the budget last week, the Democrats acted as if it was an involuntary amputation.

John C. Goodman | March 11, 2011

Will a high-risk version of pilot programs work to lower Obamacare costs? Don't count on it.

David Limbaugh | March 11, 2011

It is amazing that the American people would continue to elect Democratic politicians to national office, considering Democrats' cynical disregard for the federal budget crisis.

Mona Charen | March 11, 2011

James O'Keefe, who is now felling executives of National Public Radio as he previously trap-doored ACORN, must be a deeply cynical young man.

Oliver North | March 11, 2011

Fuel and food prices are up. So is unemployment. Officials in the Obama administration and their allies on Capitol Hill are stunned. They shouldn't be. It's Obama's fault.

Pat Buchanan | March 11, 2011

If Aristotle disliked the form of government that arose out of the fallacy of human equality, the Founding Fathers detested it.

Suzanne Fields | March 11, 2011

Want to know the way to ensure that you'll fall flat the next time you run a magazine? Put Hillary Clinton on the cover.

Michael Gerson | March 11, 2011

The Afghan surge -- involving about 40,000 additional coalition forces and more than 70,000 new recruits to the Afghan army and police -- has made swift progress.

David Harsanyi | March 11, 2011

As reckless as it is to make sweeping statements about Islam -- and it is reckless -- isn't it equally irresponsible to claim there is prejudice where it doesn't exist?

Linda Chavez | March 11, 2011

The vote in Wisconsin to limit public-employee bargaining rights is a decisive turning point in American politics.

Matt Towery | March 11, 2011

This past week, I've seen or read plenty of news analyses suggesting that the Republicans have a weak field of presidential hopefuls for 2012. Not so.

Diana West | March 11, 2011

We don't know the impact of Rep. Peter King's hearings into Islamic "radicalization," but already we need a cheat sheet to debunk the disinformation and slander heaped upon Peter King.

Donald Lambro | March 11, 2011

This has been a rotten week for big spending, liberals and President Obama, and a great one for conservatives in the effort to reduce the size and cost of government.

Joel Mowbray | March 11, 2011

It was mutual love of Islam and America that led Dr. Jasser to speak out in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, when he was disgusted by a parade of Muslims taking to the media to blame "U.S. foreign policy" rather than Islamic fanaticism.

Larry Kudlow | March 11, 2011

Stocks got slammed today. The Dow dropped 228 points as the much anticipated correction appears to be taking hold.

Thu, Mar 10, 2011

Timothy Riley | March 10, 2011

Health care debates often focus on budget numbers or policy goals. Seldom do we hear how policy changes will affect actual patients. Take what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is doing with the late-stage cancer drug Avastin.

Katie Pavlich | March 10, 2011

The Council on American-Islamic relations was a focal point of Rep. Peter King's radicalization hearings today, with experts testifying that the threat of homegrown terror is real.

Cliff May | March 10, 2011

It is a fact -- not an opinion -- that al-Qaeda and similar groups are waging what they call a jihad against America, Israel and the West.

Humberto Fontova | March 10, 2011

Last week on his show Piers Morgan Tonight, the smitten host gushed that his impromptu guest Charlie Sheen (before his complete meltdown) was "the Che Guevara of television" and "one of life’s great characters."

Michael Barone | March 10, 2011

What do they put in the water cooler over at NPR?

Victor Davis Hanson | March 10, 2011

The Obama administration figures that it has read the national mood well. This therapeutic generation of Americans loves to talk and worry about problems and then assumes that either someone else will solve them or they will go away on their own.

Larry Elder | March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen, at least, has an excuse. But what powerful hallucinogen inhaled by the left induces the mental fantasy that makes them believe: spending nearly a trillion dollars in "stimulus" money "created or saved" 3.5 million jobs?

Ken Blackwell | March 10, 2011

There’s a lot of enthusiasm building in Washington for the “winds of change” blowing through the Middle East.

Cal Thomas | March 10, 2011

In Times Square last Sunday, an estimated 1,000 people gathered to protest the March 10 hearings before Rep. Peter King's Committee on Homeland Security entitled "The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community's Response." The protesters called the hearings a "witch hunt."

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | March 10, 2011

Yesterday, as I was rapidly passed by a teenager who was muttering unflattering things about my skiing ability, I realized that our vacation experience has reminded me of several important life lessons.

Jeff Jacoby | March 10, 2011

Romney should promote legislation that would allow Massachusetts residents to purchase any health insurance policy that is properly licensed in any other state, and for that policy to be enforced according to that state's laws.

Debra J. Saunders | March 10, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown's strategy to win the governor's seat has led California to this moment.

Ed Feulner | March 10, 2011

It was never an easy relationship. For a while, though, the Defense of Marriage Act and the Obama administration managed to live together.

Emmett Tyrrell | March 10, 2011

It is a bloodbath over at National Public Radio.

Kyle Olson | March 10, 2011

Why is it we never hear stories about tenure protecting “good” teachers instead of helping “bad” ones?

Steve Chapman | March 10, 2011

The civil war in Libya was barely underway before some American politicians were insisting the United States crash the party.

Rich Tucker | March 10, 2011

The environmentalist says he’s worried that his neighbors, less prepared for the coming destruction than he is, will soon be knocking on, or knocking down, his door. This is not a person who thinks highly of his neighbors, it would seem.

Ross Mackenzie | March 10, 2011

Suddenly, the Libyan turmoil and its subsequent Obamian abdication of leadership have led -- again -- to heightened fears about America's energy future.

Howard Rich | March 10, 2011

The Social Security debate is no different than the debate over any other government program – there are just a lot more zeroes involved.

Wed, Mar 09, 2011

Ann Coulter | March 09, 2011

Can we stop acting as if people who work for the government are the heroes of working people?

Mark W. Hendrickson | March 09, 2011

There are two high-profile labor disputes in the news these days. One involves Wisconsin’s public-school teachers; the other, the National Football League's players.

Michael Reagan | March 09, 2011

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is getting away with murder because the president of the United States refuses to take action when that's exactly what is called for.

Rachel Alexander | March 09, 2011

Getting lost with all the names being floated around for a GOP presidential primary? Here's the ones you need to know.

Michelle Malkin | March 09, 2011

"The Second Amendment," Charlton Heston used to say, "is America's first freedom."

John Stossel | March 09, 2011

Anyone who understands basic economics already knows that President Obama's $2.3 billion green-jobs initiative was snake oil.

Walter E. Williams | March 09, 2011

Whether Americans realize it or not, the last decade's path of congressional spending is unsustainable. Spending must be reined in, but what spending should be cut?

Brent Bozell | March 09, 2011

On March 2, two U.S. airmen were gunned down at an airport Germany. Two other Americans were wounded. The assailant was a radical Muslim. This was a huge story to most Americans, but, naturally, not to our news media.

Jonah Goldberg | March 09, 2011

And so now we enter the mopey phase of the GOP presidential contest.

Tony Blankley | March 09, 2011

The media tend to be filled with many items that are either untrue or obvious.

Michael Medved | March 09, 2011

As they prepare to make a serious case for his replacement in 2012, Barack Obama’s conservative critics need to decide: is the president radical – or more of the same?

Terry Jeffrey | March 09, 2011

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland and House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia made clear this week that the American people should not expect either party to balance the federal budget anytime in the next decade.

Ben Shapiro | March 09, 2011

What happens when more of us work for the government -- or receive paychecks from the government without work -- than those of us who work in the private sector?

David Harsanyi | March 09, 2011

Looks as if we're finally going to get those hipsters at National Public Radio. Elmo should probably start thinking twice before going outside, as well.

Austin Bay | March 09, 2011

President Barack Obama said Gadhafi must go. Translation: Gadhafi's survival now represents an American diplomatic defeat.

Paul Greenberg | March 09, 2011

One of the most abused words in today's political rhetoric has to be "lie." It's used to cover everything from an innocent misstatement to a broken promise to a misleading phrase.

Rich Galen | March 09, 2011

I want to be in favor of Federal funding for public broadcasting. I really do.

Donald Lambro | March 09, 2011

The welcome addition of 192,000 jobs last month comes with some huge caveats that suggest the Obama economy isn't actually going to reduce the high unemployment rate anytime soon.

Kyle Olson | March 09, 2011

Since 2009, the day-to-day management of Detroit Public Schools has been under the auspices of Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb.

Jacob Sullum | March 09, 2011

In the context of federal spending that will total something like $3.8 trillion this year, $61 billion is a rounding error.

Thomas P. Kilgannon | March 09, 2011

Barack Obama’s already poor relationship with the British is about to get worse.

Douglas MacKinnon | March 09, 2011

As we have witnessed with the Democrat politicians in Wisconsin cowardly fleeing their own state and literally turning their backs on their constituents, there are basically no profiles in courage left in the cesspool which houses our elected officials.

Marybeth Hicks | March 09, 2011

Michigan's Department of Human Services announced that it is ceasing the illegal practice of classifying privately owned, home-based day care providers as “state employees.”

Tue, Mar 08, 2011

Caroline Glick | March 08, 2011

Whereas many feminists obscure the plight of women and girls in the Islamic world, a haredi group is rescuing Jewish women and children.

Julie Gunlock | March 08, 2011

The media is swooning: Republican Governors Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie recently defended First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let's Move! campaign.

Robert Knight | March 08, 2011

You know the Westboro folks. They’re the media darlings from Topeka, Kansas, who have picketed nearly 600 funerals.

Armstrong Williams | March 08, 2011

A moral hazard is created when a person behaves differently than he would have if he had to bear the risks of his behavior.

John Hawkins | March 08, 2011

At one time in this country, there were few workplace safety laws, few restraints on employers, and incredibly exploitive working conditions that ranged from slavery, to share cropping, to putting children in dangerous working conditions. Unions, to their everlasting credit, helped play an important role in leveling the playing field for workers.

Thomas Sowell | March 08, 2011

The biggest myth about labor unions is that unions are for the workers. Unions are for unions, just as corporations are for corporations and politicians are for politicians.

Byron York | March 08, 2011

Nearly a year ago, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and his healthcare policy team came up with a simple way to save the state's Medicaid program a lot of money. Why not have Medicaid recipients and applicants handle their paperwork online? Using e-mail and a special website rather than paper, Herbert calculated, would save Utah about $6.3 million a year. "It seemed like a no-brainer to us," says the governor.

Chuck Norris | March 08, 2011

Why should liberals want to change the public educational system when it is turning out the product they have been striving for years to produce?

Mike Adams | March 08, 2011

On Thursday, March 3, 2011, President James D. Spaniolo sent a letter to the “Students, Faculty, and Staff” of the University of Texas – Arlington (UTA). Some are criticizing the letter as an inappropriate use of state property to influence pending legislation. But it is far worse than that.

David Limbaugh | March 08, 2011

The Alinskyite left is not content with cramming its legislative agenda down the American people's throats. Next stop: the Supreme Court.

Mona Charen | March 08, 2011

The only thing that seems to matter is that liberals are able to preen about their compassion and condemn anyone not impervious to evidence as heartless.

Ken Blackwell | March 08, 2011

The response of our State Department spokesman, P.J. Crowley, to the murder of two U.S. Airmen and the wounding of two others in Germany was firmly noncommittal. Crowley was unwilling to call the incident terrorism.

Cal Thomas | March 08, 2011

For many years American policy has been to sell modern weaponry to Arab states. The reasons given are to maintain the "balance of power" in the region, but the unstated and most likely reason is to keep the oil flowing.

Dennis Prager | March 08, 2011

On Feb. 21, the 600 Northwestern University students enrolled in the popular Human Sexuality course taught by professor John Michael Bailey were told that if they wished to stay after class -- it was clearly made optional -- they would see a live demonstration of female ejaculation, the subject of that day's class. A naked young woman (not a student) would demonstrate a "f---saw" and come to orgasm in front of the students.

Pat Buchanan | March 08, 2011

Before the United States plunges into a third war in the Middle East, let us think this one through, as we did not the last two.

Debra J. Saunders | March 08, 2011

"America is not broke," filmmaker Michael Moore told a group protesting against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's attempts to curb public employee union collective bargaining in Madison over the weekend.

Paul Greenberg | March 08, 2011

It was the always observant Mary McCarthy who observed that antisemitism is the one form of intellectuality that appealed to stupid people. But she may have overlooked its appeal to ambitious politicians, too. They're always on the lookout for some mania they can use for their own purposes. Whether to seize power at the beginning of their rise or to hold onto it at the end. Or anytime in between.

Phyllis Schlafly | March 08, 2011

The Democratic Senate is itching to pass a bill that will mean death for innovation, which is the backbone of American economic growth. Sen. Patrick Leahy's, D-Vt., bill, S. 23, is called patent reform, but it's not reform -- it will kill innovation by litigation.

Bill Murchison | March 08, 2011

Crash! Thud! The president's grand scheme of remaking America in the image of the Daily Kos, MSNBC and the Democratic left is encountering, hmmm, let's say some slowdowns.

Marvin Olasky | March 08, 2011

As Wisconsin rages, two commemorative days coming up may help us put its battle in context.

Mon, Mar 07, 2011

Michael Gerson | March 07, 2011

Last week, Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., was awakened by a 2:20 a.m. call. His first response was to fear bad news about his children or grandchildren. But when the American ambassador to Pakistan came on the line, Wolf immediately knew that his friend Shahbaz Bhatti had been killed.

Paul Kengor | March 07, 2011

It was 65 years ago, March 5, 1946, when Winston Churchill delivered his “Iron Curtain” speech in Fulton, Missouri. It was a speech that rocked the world and changed history.

Katie Gage | March 07, 2011

The National Mediation Board (NMB) has become Big Labor’s latest tool for regulating and forcing workers into unions. Like most administrative agencies, the NMB has little accountability and American voters have little influence on their decisions as they often operate in the background and answer to no one.

Humberto Fontova | March 07, 2011

Medicare fraud costs U.S. taxpayers an estimated $60 billion a year. One third of Medicare fraud prosecutions take place in south Florida. Six of the top ten Medicare-fraud fugitives from U.S. justice are thought to be hiding in Cuba.

Marco Rubio | March 07, 2011

In my two short months in office, it has become clear to me that the spending problem in Washington is far worse than many of us feared.

Michael Barone | March 07, 2011

The labor union movement is in deep trouble. Only 6 percent of private-sector employees are union members.

Star Parker | March 07, 2011

Unionized government workers who have taken to the streets to protest moves in Wisconsin and Ohio to limit their power are doing us all a favor.

Mike Adams | March 07, 2011

Morally speaking, is having an abortion really just like picking a scab?

Lurita Doan | March 07, 2011

Obama’s recent announcement that he will appoint a commission to propose and possibly oversee the closing and sale of obsolete federal buildings is yet another delaying tactic which allows Team Obama to wear the mantle of fiscal hawks, serious about cost-cutting, while delaying the need for immediate action to reduce the ever-ballooning deficit.

Jeff Jacoby | March 07, 2011

Religious groups with a political agenda are as American as the First Amendment, and Sojourners has not been shy about weighing in on the current congressional fight over federal spending.

Bruce Bialosky | March 07, 2011

Anyone who still doesn’t believe that this system needs to be totally reformed hasn’t given any thought to the cost of public education, or the dismal performance of school districts in major cities. (That is, unless they’re a union leader who thinks the answer to his members’ inflated compensation is to raise tax rates even further.)

Carol Platt Liebau | March 07, 2011

After the past few weeks, many GOP conservatives - and Tea Partiers - are beginning to understand how some of the Obamaphiles feel.

Mike Needham | March 07, 2011

Over thirty years ago, in 1978, the United States government ran an annual deficit of $59 billion. In that year, a fiscally conservative legislative strategy might have been to cut $2 billion a week for the last seven months of the year.

Frank Gaffney | March 07, 2011

On Thursday, Republican Rep. Peter King of New York will convene in his House Homeland Security Committee one of the most anticipated - and controversial - hearings in memory.

Sun, Mar 06, 2011

David Stokes | March 06, 2011

I wish the collectivist left would make up its mind. One the one hand, we have been bombarded for the past few years with the emergent doctrine that the government is the answer to just about everything.

Salena Zito | March 06, 2011

When Democrat Paul Strauss walks into the John A. Wilson Building a little more than a block from the White House, the door leading to his office is marked “Senator.”

Austin Hill | March 06, 2011

Has the Obama Administration turned the corner, and become more “pro business?”

Debra J. Saunders | March 06, 2011

Last month, the website Politico reported that the Department of Justice dropped its representation of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, his former deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, and other defendants in a lawsuit filed by convicted al-Qaida operative Jose Padilla and his mother.

Steve Chapman | March 06, 2011

The American economy has undergone radical transformation in the past 75 years, and the majority of farmers have shown they can prosper outside a government-run hothouse.

Ken Connor | March 06, 2011

During his campaign, Candidate Barack Obama repeatedly cited his opposition to same sex marriage. On the Human Rights Campaign's 2008 Presidential Survey, he stated, "I do not support gay marriage. Marriage has religious and social connotations, and I consider marriage to be between a man and a woman."

Paul Jacob | March 06, 2011

Americans who pride their country for its No. 1 status might consider doing something before its number is up.