Sun, Mar 28, 2010

Austin Hill | March 28, 2010

What happens when left-wing ideologues co-opt the nation’s legislative agenda, and use surreptitious means of forcing that agenda through Congress?

Sat, Mar 27, 2010

Paul Kengor | March 27, 2010

“Foundations of Economics” is an introduction to economic principles, showing there is no conflict between Christian doctrine and sound economics.

Katie Gage | March 27, 2010

As Congress begins its Easter break, President Obama is expected to recess appoint labor radical Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) even though Becker failed to receive bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate.

These deceitful men and women voted "no" when their votes didn't count in November of 2009, seeking to fool us into believing that they had our interests at heart. But, when push came to shove and their votes counted, they switched and ran their true colors up the flagpole and voted yes.

Fri, Mar 26, 2010

Kathryn Lopez | March 26, 2010

"Our values are under attack and under siege." These words, delivered by Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty summed up the palpable feeling at a gala just a block away from the White House, days after President Barack Obama's health-care legislation passed in the House.

Liam Julian | March 26, 2010

After a $787 billion stimulus and a $940 billion health care bill, one might think the time had come to take a vacation from profligate spending on vaporous ideas. Unfortunately, one would be wrong.

Rich Galen | March 26, 2010

The discussion about health care reform began to take on an edge last summer during those town hall meetings which became the "August Story." In district after Congressional district, Democrats who had been sent home with a vague theory of a new way to handle health insurance were shouted down and fed up.

Oliver North | March 26, 2010

Afghanistan -- When our Fox News team was here more than a year ago, this was a platoon patrol base. Then this area was a Taliban free-fire zone, and rarely did Marines venture "outside the wire" without some kind of engagement with the enemy -- usually an improvised explosive device planted in the moon dust that passes for dirt here in this arid desert.

Michelle Malkin | March 26, 2010

If you can't stand the heat, manufacture a hate-crime epidemic. After years of covering racial hoaxes on college campuses and victim sob stories in the public arena, I've encountered countless opportunists who live by that demented mindset.

Jonah Goldberg | March 26, 2010

During the 2004 Democratic convention I was on a train heading to Boston's Fleet Center. While straining to contain my excitement over the prospect of hearing presidential nominee John Kerry's soaring oratory (and seeing vice presidential candidate John Edwards' hair), I was distracted by a woman standing in front of me.

David Limbaugh | March 26, 2010

The Democrats' corrupt, sleazy and undemocratic methods to cram socialized medicine down our throats were only exceeded by the horrifying substance of the bill itself. But the bell has rung on round one. Round two begins, and we'd better come out swinging.

Mona Charen | March 26, 2010

Throughout the past year of debate on health care reform, the conservative fear and the liberal hope were identical -- that passage of a huge new entitlement program would prove irreversible.

Tony Blankley | March 26, 2010

We are now beginning to enter the Kansas-Nebraska Act stage of the socialist crisis of the Republic. At our constitutional founding, the evil of slavery had been crudely evaded.

Pat Buchanan | March 26, 2010

With his declaration and refusal to walk back the decision to build 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem, which blew up the Biden mission, "Bibi" goes home a winner over Barack Obama.

Suzanne Fields | March 26, 2010

A certain Washington dinner party -- most of the guests were conservatives -- dissolved in raucous laughter the other night when the host asked me what to make of what's going on in the nation's capital. "Cynicism reigns unchallenged," I said.

David Harsanyi | March 26, 2010

The mob is furious. And while it hollers about "killing" bills, Republicans stoke the fury by calling on citizens to "target" races in "battleground" states.

Linda Chavez | March 26, 2010

Judging by his actions to date, President Obama appears to have an almost visceral antipathy toward Israel. He's happy to bow and scrape to Saudi King Abdullah, to have photo ops with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and, as he made clear during the campaign, would even open his door to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Korean leader Kim Jong Il if only they would deign to sit down for a chat.

Humberto Fontova | March 26, 2010

In his cautionary letter to Ann Coulter before her recently scheduled speech at the University of Ottawa, the institutions’ provost, Francois Houle, explained that: “Our domestic laws, both provincial and federal, delineate freedom of expression (or ‘free speech’) in a manner that is somewhat different than the approach taken in the United States.”

Canada’s laws also seem to “delineate” medical quackery and fraud somewhat differently from those in the United States.

Paul Greenberg | March 26, 2010

Have you ever seen a more gleeful bunch of politicians than the Democratic leadership of the House as they prepared to ram the health-care bill or bills into law?

Donald Lambro | March 26, 2010

The harsh economic reality for black Americans and their national leaders here is that black unemployment is worsening under the policies of the first black president.

Rich Tucker | March 26, 2010

Here’s a question that seems odd this week: Can the United States government still do great things?

Charles Krauthammer | March 26, 2010

With the passage of Obamacare, creating a vast new middle-class entitlement, a national sales tax of the kind near-universal in Europe is inevitable.

Brent Bozell | March 26, 2010

It seems like it's been quite some time since our National Endowment for the Arts has shocked the public with an outrageous grant for a ridiculous "artist" whose art flourishes only when the taxpayer is forced against his will to subsidize it.

Thu, Mar 25, 2010

Diana West | March 25, 2010

It's mind-boggling how quickly the Jerusalem housing project realigned the stars over Israel to shine down on a new, official vision of the Jewish state as a drag on our interests in the world -- endangering the lives of our troops.

Jillian Bandes | March 25, 2010

Last night, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid voted in favor of allowing the federal government to subsidize Viagra for child molesters.

Scott Wheeler | March 25, 2010

President Obama has finally passed his massive health-care bill, although the staggering cost to the American people has yet to be determined; the attendant increase in taxes and misery, as well as a corresponding decline in quality and standards will most likely remain unquantifiable for many years to come.

Michael Reagan | March 25, 2010

Well, Democrats in Washington did it. They unilaterally passed a $938 billion health care plan that was overwhelmingly disapproved by Americans.

Matt Barber | March 25, 2010

Though always left of center, the Atlanta-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) once had a reputation as a fairly objective civil rights group. Founded by direct-marketing millionaire Morris Dees and partner Joseph Levin Jr. in 1971, the SPLC made important and honorable contributions to many of the historic civil rights gains of the 20th Century.

Jason Mattera | March 25, 2010

It is time to ensure that Obama’s health care “victory” is a Pyrrhic one. That means we need to get up in the faces of all the Obama Zombies—lobotomized Leftist followers—and challenge every inch of this bill aggressively.

Cliff May | March 25, 2010

Last month, President Obama announced the appointment of Rashad Hussain as ambassador to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Roy Innis | March 25, 2010

President Obama signed an executive order requiring that the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and other federal agencies reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with their projects by 30% over the next ten years. The order undermines the ability of Sub-Saharan African nations to achieve energy, economic and human rights progress.

Hugh Hewitt | March 25, 2010

Let's begin with the obvious. Every law breaker who has threatened a Member of Congress ought to be arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned. There is no place in a free country for the politics of violence or intimidation.

Jillian Bandes | March 25, 2010

Most Members of Congress – especially Democratic Members – did not sleep last night. That’s because a fun little Senate procedure allowed unlimited time to register official complaints about Obamacare, as long as no one took any breaks.

Victor Davis Hanson | March 25, 2010

After the bloodletting over the health-care bill, President Obama is now at a crossroads.

Larry Elder | March 25, 2010

We live in a fundamentally different country from that which existed only days ago. The government now requires that every American purchase health insurance. The Constitution has been attacked, interpreted in a way beyond its original intent. Therefore, we must change it.

Ken Blackwell | March 25, 2010

When the heat became most intense on Sunday, Bart Stupak locked the doors of his congressional offices and didn’t answer phone calls. He emerged with the promise of an Executive Order from President Obama, that he claimed would prevent federal funding of abortion.

Cal Thomas | March 25, 2010

Given the toxic nature of Washington and especially after the crushing defeat of Republicans by the congressional Democrat majority, why would anyone want to be part of this, especially one who has been there before?

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | March 25, 2010

Patrick Henry uttered his famous line, "Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" on March 23, 1775.

Debra J. Saunders | March 25, 2010

If you want to know how Americans may look at Sept. 11 in another 10 years, look to Libya.

Matt Towery | March 25, 2010

That's right, the Democrats did pass a health care bill that a plurality of Americans opposed. And it is in so many ways an awful piece of jumbled-up law.

Howard Rich | March 25, 2010

Lost amid the partisan sniping and procedural jousting over the passage of “Obamacare” is a fundamental, unavoidable hypocrisy - one that’s worth unmasking as Washington politicians continue to ignore the will of the American people and plunge our nation deeper into full-blown socialism.

Mario Diaz | March 25, 2010

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on “Oversight of the U.S. Department of Justice” scheduled for Tuesday was postponed until after the Easter break due to the signing of the health care legislation.

Michael Barone | March 25, 2010

Not many people noticed amid the Democrats' struggle to jam their health care bill through the House, but in recent weeks U.S. Treasury bonds have lost their status as the world's safest investment.

Emmett Tyrrell | March 25, 2010

Soon the Pulitzer Prizes will be awarded, always at the risk of raising to eminence a plagiarist or literary fabricator.

Wed, Mar 24, 2010

Ann Coulter | March 24, 2010

Since arriving in Canada I've been accused of thought crimes, threatened with criminal prosecution for speeches I hadn't yet given, and denounced on the floor of the Parliament (which was nice because that one was on my "bucket list").

Ira Mehlman | March 24, 2010

As a result of a deal cut by President Obama to secure the votes of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus for his health care legislation, amnesty for illegal aliens is back on the agenda for 2010. There is no actual legislative vehicle for amnesty just yet, but Senators Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) have rolled out an outline for what they are calling “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Brent Bozell | March 24, 2010

During the Bush years, the news media were the promoters of protest, the champions of dissent. Denouncing the president as a brain-damaged warmonger was the most patriotic thing you could do (just ask the Dixie Chicks), and it was guaranteed to please the press.

William Wilson | March 24, 2010

Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to begin confirmation hearings on Barack Obama’s nominee to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Goodwin Liu. Liu’s record itself is rather unremarkable. He has no judicial experience. He only practiced law privately for a little more than 20 months.

Sandy Rios | March 24, 2010

It didn’t matter that the healthcare plan Obama proposed was wildly unpopular with the American people. By 55 percent to 35 percent they opposed it.

Ben Shapiro | March 24, 2010

Meet Donna Simpson, of Old Bridge, N.J. Donna is a 42-year-old, presumably unemployed single mother with specific medical issues related to obesity.

Thomas Sowell | March 24, 2010

The Congressional Budget Office does honest work. But it can only use the numbers that Congress supplies-- and Congress does dishonest work. It is not the CBO's job to give their opinion as to whether any of the marvelous things that Congress says it will do in the future are either likely or possible.

John Stossel | March 24, 2010

Bernie Madoff took money from people who thought he'd invested it, gave some to others who thought it was a partial return on their earlier investments and kept much for himself.

Walter E. Williams | March 24, 2010

If there is anything good to say about Democrat control of the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, it's that their extraordinarily brazen, heavy-handed acts have aroused a level of constitutional interest among the American people that has been dormant for far too long.

Jonah Goldberg | March 24, 2010

Insurance companies are now heavily regulated government contractors. Way to get big business out of Washington and our lives! These giant corporations will clear a small, government-approved profit on top of their government-approved fees.

Tony Blankley | March 24, 2010

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday launched the Democrats' argument for the health care bill, claiming, "This is an American proposal that honors the traditions of our country."

Michael Medved | March 24, 2010

If you’re deeply, dangerously in debt, how can it make sense to take on an extravagant new long-term commitment, even if you claim you’ve cut back other expenses to “pay for it?” That’s the underlying question about Obamacare that jubilant Democrats refuse to acknowledge.

Let's begin our reaction to the passage of Obamacare by remembering Winston Churchill's famous formulation with which he introduced his war memoirs.

Terry Jeffrey | March 24, 2010

The day after the House approved the health care bill, a reporter asked White House spokesman Robert Gibbs about the lawsuits some states were threatening against the legislation on the grounds that the provision forcing all Americans to buy health insurance was unconstitutional.

David Harsanyi | March 24, 2010

What does it say about your cause that nearly every policy idea you cook up is based in some form or another on coercing the American people?

Jillian Bandes | March 24, 2010

Republican Rep. Randy Neugebauer's 'baby killer' outburst has irked those who say they are concerned with 'Congressional decorum.' His constituents, on the other hand, are thrilled.

Austin Bay | March 24, 2010

The U.S. fears for its grid; China's communist government worries about its grip. That is the strategic insight gleaned from the fracas over Chinese engineering student Wang Jianwei's article titled "Cascade-Based Attack Vulnerability on the U.S. Power Grid."

Ed Feulner | March 24, 2010

Sailors in trouble are advised to seek out “any port in a storm.” Well, most state treasurers need to find a port.

Jacob Sullum | March 24, 2010

A few weeks before Congress passed a law that orders every American to buy health insurance, the Virginia legislature passed a law that says "no resident of this Commonwealth ... shall be required to obtain or maintain a policy of individual insurance coverage."

Marybeth Hicks | March 24, 2010

The high-stakes political maneuvering leading up to the passage of Obamacare included a few moments of candor not often exhibited by members of Congress.

Tue, Mar 23, 2010

Donald Lambro | March 23, 2010

The long legislative war over Obamacare now moves to larger and more contentious political battlegrounds in the House and Senate midterm elections and the federal courts.

Maggie Gallagher | March 23, 2010

How will this "historic" health care legislation affect you? I've been asking a lot of people close to me this question. And the answer I keep getting is a resounding "I don't know."

Pat Buchanan | March 23, 2010

The Center for Immigration Studies reports that, since 1980, some 25.2 million immigrants have entered legally and been granted permanent status with "green cards" to work and become citizens.

Bill Murchison | March 23, 2010

Where to begin? Surely with the nature, the inner meaning, of the health care debacle. We best understand the March 21 catastrophe as a political coup d'etat.

Rebecca Hagelin | March 23, 2010

Where do children best learn to be loyal, honest, dependable, generous, and selfless? Where are they most likely to develop a sense of identity, security, confidence and joy? Where are they safest? In what setting are they most likely to achieve academic success and enjoy financial stability?

Armstrong Williams | March 23, 2010

Over the past 14 months, I have consistently criticized the liberal and arguably socialist economic policies of President Obama and the Democratic Congress. As pointed out in prior commentaries, these policies will sap the world’s most productive economic system.

John Hawkins | March 23, 2010

Without question, people who zealously guard their freedoms, love their country, and want a better future for their children lost a big battle on Sunday.

Thomas Sowell | March 23, 2010

With the passage of the legislation allowing the federal government to take control of the medical care system of the United States, a major turning point has been reached in the dismantling of the values and institutions of America.

Chuck Norris | March 23, 2010

I have so few words to express the depth of my disgust with the unconstitutional path and passing of Obamacare and the corruption in Congress.

David Limbaugh | March 23, 2010

The Democrats' passage of socialized medicine Sunday night will spell either the beginning of the end of this great nation or the beginning of the rebirth of its freedom. The choice is still in the hands of Americans.

Mona Charen | March 23, 2010

It is America's misfortune that at a moment in history that required sober, grown-up stewardship and a realistic appraisal of our fiscal trajectory, we elected the party of supplicants and whiners.

Cal Thomas | March 23, 2010

Pork is the preferred metaphor in Washington for misspending. But last weekend, pork took a backseat to baloney, which was present in abundance as President Obama and House Democrats tried to convince the public -- and themselves -- that their takeover of one-sixth of the economy is going to improve health insurance and the availability of medical treatment.

Dennis Prager | March 23, 2010

A terrible thing happened to America on Sunday. The country took its biggest step ever down a road diametrically opposed to its original intent of keeping the state small so that the individual can be free and great.

Michael Gerson | March 23, 2010

At any given political moment, the most important public judgment made about a president is not "liberal" or "conservative"; it is "strong" or "weak."

Debra J. Saunders | March 23, 2010

You've really got to hand it to President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Saddled with a majority of both houses and a hold on the White House, they somehow managed to pass the Senate health care bill in the House. It's practically a miracle.

Jillian Bandes | March 23, 2010

Until now, Obama’s lower court nominees up have been fairly milquetoast – run-of-the-mill liberals with relatively tame political agendas.

Phyllis Schlafly | March 23, 2010

The American people have figured out that the issue is not health care, it's freedom. It's whether Obama will succeed in "fundamentally transforming" the American nation.

Mon, Mar 22, 2010

Byron York | March 22, 2010

For some of the brightest, most politically aware people in the country, the yearlong debate over the Democrats' national healthcare plan has been an inspiring experience.

Robert Knight | March 22, 2010

There were undoubtedly lots of hangovers in Washington, D.C. on Monday morning, remnants of the packed saloons the night before. Washington’s socialists (read: Democrats), giddy with victory over the House voting 219-212 to pass Obama’s government takeover of health care, could barely contain themselves.

Paul Kengor | March 22, 2010

The most frustrating thing I’ve dealt with in professional life was eight years of outrageous, baseless charges against President George W. Bush on matters of faith.

Carrie Lukas | March 22, 2010

Spring is in the air. Americans are removing coats, walking into the sunshine, admiring budding flowers. Unfortunately, they'll have to return inside, descend into poorly lit basements or cramped home offices, and get to work preparing taxes to meet the looming April 15.

Laura Hollis | March 22, 2010

Americans woke up this morning still reeling from the obfuscatory charade that took place in Congress yesterday in lieu of its usual deliberative responsibilities.

George Will | March 22, 2010

The public will now think the health care system is what Democrats want it to be. Dissatisfaction with it will intensify because increasingly complex systems are increasingly annoying. And because Democrats promised the implausible -- prompt and noticeable improvements in the system.

Rich Galen | March 22, 2010

I am not breaking my arm patting myself on the back. I've been doing this long enough to know that when it comes to predictions, I am correct precisely 50 percent of the time.

Michael Barone | March 22, 2010

As this is written, the lobbying of House Democrats on the health care bill is going on apace, and every hour brings news of another no vote converted to yes, or a yes vote switching to no.

Mike Adams | March 22, 2010

On January 22, 2004, Nancy Pelosi issued a statement regarding the fundamental right to make important health care decisions. Pelosi’s dishonest statement is reproduced (no pun intended) below.

Star Parker | March 22, 2010

Speaking a couple years ago about technology and education, Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs said that technology wouldn't matter as long as you can't fire teachers.

Carol Platt Liebau | March 22, 2010

The Obamessiah has called on his followers in the House of Representatives to sacrifice their political lives in order to save his presidency, in pursuit of health care legislation that’s massively unpopular in the country.

Allen Hunt | March 22, 2010

Homosexuality does not lead to bestiality. However, the institutionalizing of gay marriage does lead to definitional confusion. CNN evidently does not know the difference between these two basic points.

Bruce Bialosky | March 22, 2010

President Obama has often been accused of acting professorial. More importantly, it appears he thinks that he is running a college campus where all the appointees are tenured employees.

Sun, Mar 21, 2010

David Stokes | March 21, 2010

After several anxious days of waiting—watching out my office window for the faithful U. S. Postal truck—I finally received mine. Have you gotten yours?

Salena Zito | March 21, 2010

Last summer Marc Roberge walked onstage at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park to perform in front of the largest crowd he and his popular rock band, O.A.R., had faced.

Austin Hill | March 21, 2010

If a frontal assault on the foundational principals and values of American life can qualify as being “at war” - then yes, Barack Obama is in combat with our country.

Joseph C. Phillips | March 21, 2010

As I write this, Congressional Democrats are engaged in a furious partisan battle to pass their idea of healthcare reform. Alas it is an idea the majority of Americans do not share.

Debra J. Saunders | March 21, 2010

Last week by voice vote, the Senate unanimously approved a measure to reduce the infamous 100-1 disparity in federal mandatory minimum prison sentences for possession of crack versus powder cocaine. The new, improved disparity would be 18-1.

Steve Chapman | March 21, 2010

I can't pinpoint the moment when the Obama administration went wrong on the subject of education. But I can pinpoint the moment when it demonstrated that it can't be taken seriously.

Ken Connor | March 21, 2010

After the American colonists’ petition to King George III for political representation in Parliament was rejected, Thomas Jefferson drafted a declaration of independence from England that will forever be celebrated for its proclamation that all men are created equal.

George Will | March 21, 2010

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, like many liberals, seems afflicted by Sixties Nostalgia Syndrome, a longing for the high drama and moral clarity of the civil rights era.

Ken Blackwell | March 21, 2010

The Supreme Court reversed their decision on a technicality, and recently, the Ninth Circuit got to try again. This time it ruled in favor of the Pledge.

Paul Jacob | March 21, 2010

The sign over Capitol Hill might as well be the same as entering Dante's Inferno: "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here."