Janet Mefferd

In the high stakes game over the government takeover of Health Care, growing attention has been paid to what this legislation would mean for the cause of life. Syndicated radio host Janet Mefferd discussed the latest with Dr. James Dobson.

Janet Mefferd: I’m curious to find out, before we get into some of the details, what tends to bother you more at this point—the bills themselves, or the process that the Democrats have been putting it through?

Dr. James Dobson: Well, it’s hard to choose between those because they are both terrible, but I think I would have to go to the top of the list for what it will mean for abortion. This may be an offensive statement to some—and I hate to have to do it—but I think that our president and the Speaker of the House are lying to us about the provisions in this bill. You know, it’s got 2000-plus pages in it and people haven’t read it, they haven’t seen it. Even our representatives haven’t read it. And so the leaders of the Democratic party can tell us anything and people are being sucked in; but those who know tell us that this will result in federal money—yours and mine—being allocated for the support of abortion—and I can’t live with that.

Mefferd: I can’t live with that either and I was really amazed to see what Bart Stupak said over the weekend about what some of the Democratic leaders told him. They said that, “If you pass the Stupak amendment, more children will be born and therefore, it will cost us millions more,” and he said “money is their hang up.” It sure doesn’t seem to be their hang up when it comes to a trillion dollar health care bill. Do you think it’s about money?

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Dobson: Well, it is about money and it is anti-life, not only with regard to the unborn child but taking $500 billion out of Medicare. That means that some people are going to be opted out. I mean, imagine going in saying, “I’m having chest pains, and I had a heart attack four years ago, and I had a stroke six years ago, and I need to be treated”—what are they going to say? Somebody is going to lose in that and it’s the ones that need it the most. It’s the elderly that are not respected by this community, this anti-life community. It’s wicked. It’s wrong. And we have to oppose it right now.