Sun, Jan 10, 2010

David Stokes | January 10, 2010

In the old West, when the boys played poker at the saloon, or wherever, along with the cards, chips, money, and various beverages, the table was also adorned with a knife–one with a buckhorn handle. The knife was moved from place to place, depending on the person dealing. If a player didn’t feel like dealing the cards, he could pass the responsibility to the next guy, along with the knife.

Kevin McCullough | January 10, 2010

In one of the more bizarre seasons of criticism to be laid at the feet of a pundit, former Fox News chief Brit Hume did a rare thing this past week.

Sat, Jan 09, 2010

Ken Blackwell | January 09, 2010

Two ongoing trends I chronicled during 2009 highlight an ironic situation: Liberals remain tough on their domestic political opponents, while lax when it comes to our real common enemies.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 09, 2010

Other than the H1N1 virus, the most contagious disease in our nation's capital is retirement. It is catching. The more Democrats that quit, the more others are also encouraged to hang it up.

Fri, Jan 08, 2010

Debra J. Saunders | January 08, 2010

In the days that followed a foiled attempt to blow up Northwest Flight 253, the Obama White House clearly thought that it could bluff its way past the near disaster.

Oliver North | January 08, 2010

On Wednesday, national security adviser Gen. James Jones warned that we would feel "a certain shock" at revelations in a White House report on what the Obama administration is calling the "failed Christmas terrorist attack."

Larry Kudlow | January 08, 2010

After the arrival of a disappointing December jobs report, my thought on putting America back to work is simple: de-stimulate. That’s right. Get rid of the Obama stimulus monster.

Matt Barber | January 08, 2010

During the Roman Empire’s secularist era those who acknowledged the deity of Christ were frequently fed to the lions to entertain – for lack of a better word – the “progressive” elites of the day. There’s little doubt that if many of today’s secular-“progressives” (more accurately: “moonbat liberals”) had their way, Caesar Obama would call out the lions once again.

Dan Kennedy | January 08, 2010

It's not my fault. It's not your fault. It's the new America.

Dan Gainor | January 08, 2010

Actually, the election year is already two months old and it’s taking off. Democrats are either fleeing for the exits or dropping out before the election ever takes place.

Rich Galen | January 08, 2010

In December, four Democratic Members of the U.S. House announced they would not run for re-election.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | January 08, 2010

The defense and intelligence communities are skeptical when dealing with Democratic Presidents. Democratic presidential candidates must trash both departments to win the primary votes of liberal activists.

Meredith Turney | January 08, 2010

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered his final State of the State Address this week amid the harshest economic downturn since the Great Depression. With less than one year to go before he is termed out of office, Schwarzenegger and the state that elected him face monumental challenges.

Rich Tucker | January 08, 2010

Doctors need to do two things: correctly diagnose a problem and then prescribe the correct solution. The same goes for political pundits. Ezra Klein is halfway there.

Diana West | January 08, 2010

It's more than strange when a former CIA director and the head of an Islamic advocacy group arrive at the same place on profiling terrorists -- or, rather, not profiling terrorists.

Michelle Malkin | January 08, 2010

Even absent the intelligence we had on this al-Qaida-trained operative before his fateful trip, Hillary Clinton’s State Department was required to know better than to issue a coveted entrance pass to a globe-trotting, Nigerian-born nomad.

Brent Bozell | January 08, 2010

The first rule of dinner-table conversation is no hot talk about politics or religion. Apparently, there's a rule regarding the discussion of religion during political talk shows, too.

Jonah Goldberg | January 08, 2010

This is one of those rare moments when the conventional wisdom in Washington is right. The Democrats are poised to have a bad year; the only argument is over how bad it will be.

David Limbaugh | January 08, 2010

The more we read about Obama's health care scheme and his handling of it the more obvious his arrogance and contempt for the people become.

Mona Charen | January 08, 2010

Great swaths of Britain are buried under more than a foot of snow as the country shivers through the coldest winter since 1981.

Pat Buchanan | January 08, 2010

"America is Losing the Free World," was the arresting headline over the Financial Times column by Gideon Rachman. His thesis follows.

Suzanne Fields | January 08, 2010

My dinner partner at the holiday table was home on leave from Army Ranger training. He had been living outdoors, learning to be at home in the rain and the mud, eating to lose weight and build muscle through rigorous sleep-deprived maneuvers.

Linda Chavez | January 08, 2010

I am no fan of thugs or wannabes in professional sports, but NBA Commissioner David Stern is making Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas a scapegoat for Stern's own past inaction in dealing with violence among NBA players.

Charles Krauthammer | January 08, 2010

We are now forced to purchase information from this attempted terrorist in the coin of leniency. Absurdly, Abdulmutallab is now in control.

Michael Gerson | January 08, 2010

MSNBC's David Shuster called Hume's religious advice "truly embarrassing."

Thu, Jan 07, 2010

Tony Blankley | January 07, 2010

Over the Christmas holiday, I read a couple of books that, at least for me, may provide some guidance in the upcoming tumultuous and probably consequential year.

Marybeth Hicks | January 07, 2010

The billboards are everywhere. On one, a child's tiny toes rest atop the big, burly feet of a man, suggesting a playful moment between a dad and his toddler.

Armstrong Williams | January 07, 2010

Americans must face the grim reality that the Obama stimulus package has not and will not create the millions of jobs promised.

Cliff May | January 07, 2010

A few days of vacation in the Rocky Mountains is a good time to catch up on one's reading. But if I was looking for escape from the issues on which I spend most of my time, I didn't find it in "Churchill," the brief but penetrating biography by Paul Johnson, among the world's greatest living historians.

Paul Edwards | January 07, 2010

The terror “event” over Detroit on Christmas Day hits closer to home for me than it may for many other people around the country. I live in Detroit.

Hugh Hewitt | January 07, 2010

Dear Massachusetts Voter, I was once one of you. I actually campaigned for Gerald Ford in Fall River, so I know what it is like to try and get an old JFK Democrat to even listen to an appeal from a Republican.

Michael Barone | January 07, 2010

A year ago, I was privileged to be one of several guests at a dinner with President-elect Barack Obama. One thing that struck me and others, aside from his courtesy and fluency, was his air of self-confidence.

Victor Davis Hanson | January 07, 2010

Sometimes long-festering problems collide -- and explode -- in a single memorable year. We can go as far back as the fifth century B.C. to see this phenomenon -- and we may see it again in 2010.

Larry Elder | January 07, 2010

"Sarah Palin, do you guys really like her?" My dad's doctor asked me this a couple of weeks ago. His smile seemed to shout, "Are you guys crazy?" I had taken my 94-year-old Republican father to see him several times, but politics never came up.

Jonah Goldberg | January 07, 2010

The 2009 off-year elections might not have been a repudiation of Obama, but they were definitely not an embrace of Obamaism. Meanwhile, by nearly 2 to 1, Americans say the country is on the wrong track.

Ken Blackwell | January 07, 2010

Historian H.W. Brands has done a great service to all Americans in his newly edited version of the letters of Theodore Roosevelt.

Ken Blackwell | January 07, 2010

Commenting on the just-completed British war against jihadists in the Sudan, Teddy Roosevelt said that if England had disarmed, “the result would have been a horrible and bloody calamity to mankind.” But T.R. did not glorify armed conflict.

Cal Thomas | January 07, 2010

The secular left -- and some self-described Christians -- criticize Brit Hume, the Fox News commentator, for suggesting that the solution to Tiger Woods' problems is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | January 07, 2010

Let me say it as clearly and succinctly as I can: we screwed up," Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele wrote in his new book, "RightNow: A 12- Step Program for Defeating the Obama Agenda."

Debra J. Saunders | January 07, 2010

Mention Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger -- you need only say his first name -- and many Californians respond with a long sigh, then with words like "squander" or "waste" or "missed opportunity."

Matt Towery | January 07, 2010

Unless you are a political junkie, you may not know the name Erick Erickson. But my guess is that over time most people will come to know not only his name but what he symbolizes -- the next generation of conservative leadership in America. And what a direction that could prove to be.

Jillian Bandes | January 07, 2010

A bill to permit same sex-marriage in New Jersey is dead in the water as soon as Republican governor-elect Chris Christie takes office on January 19.

Ed Feulner | January 07, 2010

In 2010, Americans should demand that our leaders be followers. They ought to do what the rest of us are already doing.

Emmett Tyrrell | January 07, 2010

When a very stern President Barack Obama addressed the American people a week ago about what he termed the "systemic failure" of our security services, he could have been referring to his amusing Nov. 24 state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Steve Chapman | January 07, 2010

To judge from the news accounts, Umar Abdulmutallab did everything to get himself caught except wear an Osama bin Laden T-shirt onto that Northwest Airlines flight Christmas Day.

George Will | January 07, 2010

Thursday night's championship game between Alabama and Texas, featuring head coaches paid $4 million and $5.1 million, respectively, will be an occasion for more hand-wringing about the "commercialization" of college football. That is a hardy perennial.

Ross Mackenzie | January 07, 2010

Brief items showing more or less (usually more) where we are....

Howard Rich | January 07, 2010

While American politicians continue to indulge the unsustainable excesses of a federal government already littered with unnecessary functions, other nations have wisely begun to read the handwriting on the wall.

Wed, Jan 06, 2010

Ann Coulter | January 06, 2010

Someone mentioned Christianity on television recently and liberals reacted with their usual howls of rage and blinking incomprehension.

Jillian Bandes | January 06, 2010

The White House’s decision to stop the transfers of Guantanamo Bay detainees back to their home base in Yemen jeopardizes President Obama’s executive order – and campaign promise – to close the controversial prison facility.

Sandy Rios | January 06, 2010

Congressman Mark Kirk, one of the Republican candidates for Senate to fill Barack Obama’s seat, has been “outed” by one of his primary opponents. Chicago newspapers are rushing to condemn the accuser/candidate.

Rich Galen | January 06, 2010

We are now in the year 2010. I don't want to revisit the argument which states that, because there was no year zero, this is not the first year of the second decade of the 21st century.

Michael McBride | January 06, 2010

I was fortunate enough to catch this link on Hugh Hewitt’s site today to a terrific article by William McGurn of the Wall Street Journal, about his nephew’s acceptance at West Point. The obvious crux is that McGurn fails to understand those who look down on his nephew’s decision to attend West Point.

Christopher Merola | January 06, 2010

On Tuesday, January 5, 2010, the United Kingdom’s Times On Line reported that the Obama administration had released six Guantánamo Bay (GITMO) enemy combatants (terrorists) and sent them back to their home country of Yemen just last month, December of 2009.

Matt Waters | January 06, 2010

Thirteen years ago one man challenged the political establishment—of both parties—and won. His issue? Ending racial preferences. The man? Ward Connerly.

Maggie Gallagher | January 06, 2010

On Monday, Jan. 11, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker will put the people of California on trial for voting against gay marriage.

Walter E. Williams | January 06, 2010

Many reporters and talking heads will read this column and will still refer to 2010 as the new decade. My question: What is the most suitable characterization we can give them?

Mike Adams | January 06, 2010

Welcome back students! This is the sixth day of a new year and the first day of a new semester. I’m excited to have you all in my class. Well, actually, I’m excited to have all but one of you in my class. Please allow me to explain.

Jonah Goldberg | January 06, 2010

Almost exactly 10 years ago, I boarded a Northwest Airlines plane in Minneapolis. As I started toward my veal-pen seat in steerage, I saw the faces of the preboarded aristocrats in business class.

Michael Medved | January 06, 2010

A nasty custody case in Virginia highlights the way that the relentless push for same sex marriage threatens our core understanding of the nature of family.

Michael Gerson | January 06, 2010

The word "vigilance" is sometimes mocked as reactionary and jingoistic. As in: "We must be vigilant to protect the homeland during this duck-and-cover drill against communists under every bed because loose lips sink ships." But the failures in the war on terror during the last few months have been failures of vigilance.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 06, 2010

The very public way in which the existence of a center-right in the Democratic Party proved to be a mirage has done more to undermine the party's chances for victory in 2010 than any other aspect of the health care debate.

David Harsanyi | January 06, 2010

When comedian Joan Rivers was booted off a flight from Costa Rica to Newark, N.J., this past weekend, it was not because she had perpetrated crimes against the human appearance. Rather, it was because she was a potential security risk.

Austin Bay | January 06, 2010

Two topics ought to rate persistent headlines in 2010: governmental corruption and cyber security.

Jacob Sullum | January 06, 2010

What's the difference between Barack Obama's anti-terrorism policies and George W. Bush's?

Michelle Malkin | January 06, 2010

Meet the Beltway bloodsuckers. They convene in the dead of night, when most ordinary mortals have left work and let their guard down or are lying asleep in bed.

John Stossel | January 06, 2010

Tomorrow, my Fox Business Network show about Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" will finally air.

Brent Bozell | January 06, 2010

The news that Rush Limbaugh had entered a Hawaii hospital over the New Year's weekend complaining of chest pains triggered a volcanic Internet eruption for the hard left -- the likes of which we've never seen before.

Terry Jeffrey | January 06, 2010

Even if Umar Farouq Abdulmuttalab had never boarded that Christmas flight from Amsterdam to Detroit wearing explosive underpants, a passage on page 17 of a report published in July by the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security would still be eye-popping.

Ben Shapiro | January 06, 2010

There is no doubt that the CIA should have done something more to prevent this attack. But, then again, President Obama has been keeping them busy. With global warming.

Tue, Jan 05, 2010

Paul Kengor | January 05, 2010

This past Christmas was one of the strangest in the long history of the White House—America’s first house. A December 6 article in the New York Times noted that within the Obama White House “there had been internal discussions about making Christmas more inclusive and whether to display the crèche.”

Nathan Tabor | January 05, 2010

Since the close call on Christmas Day, when a Northwest Airlines flight’s crew and passengers almost fell victim to a Jihadist from Nigeria, the Democrat Party leadership including President Barack Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senator John Kerry (still fuming over his loss to George W. Bush) and Representative John Murtha are all onboard for the war on terrorism.

John Hawkins | January 05, 2010

Here are the top 20 stories that defined the year 2009.

Thomas Sowell | January 05, 2010

Ideas are such intangible things that it is hard to believe that they have had a huge impact on the lives of people who are not intellectuals and who, in many cases, have paid little attention to those ideas. Yet both secular and religious ideas have moved the emotions of many-- and have moved leaders who moved armies.

Chuck Norris | January 05, 2010

At almost 80 years old, Thomas Jefferson foresaw the corruption of a federal government with too much power

Mike Adams | January 05, 2010

There is something about the name Jesus Christ that drives the non-believer mad. Any reference to the name (or to a quotation) of Jesus arouses in the non-believer a dissonance that cannot be aroused by any other source.

Ken Blackwell | January 05, 2010

The editor of the New Yorker was once asked about the hip, cool, insider writing that graced his journal. Didn’t its stylish prose go over people’s heads?

Cal Thomas | January 05, 2010

Suppose Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the Christmas Day underwear bomber, had succeeded and blown up Northwest Airlines flight 253, killing nearly 300 people on board and perhaps others on the ground? Would the response of the Obama administration have been different?

Dennis Prager | January 05, 2010

If the government prohibits airline passengers from getting out of their seats during the last hour of a flight, I hereby announce that I will get out of my seat either to escort someone who needs to use the lavatory or because I do. I understand that I may be arrested, but I am willing to make this a cause celebre.

Debra J. Saunders | January 05, 2010

Inside the House and Senate health care bills lurks a ticking time bomb -- a new federal entitlement, under the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act, which would allow Americans to buy into a voluntary federal long-term care insurance program.

Bill Murchison | January 05, 2010

The craving to crawl all over the Obama administration for missteps on the terrorism front is partly backlash against the Democratic craving to crawl all over the Bush administration for every misfortune since the plagues of Egypt.

Julie Gunlock | January 05, 2010

Instead of the typical slow holiday news cycle, the week between Christmas and New Year's featured near non-stop coverage of the Christmas Day terrorist attack on Delta Northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam.

Janice Shaw Crouse | January 05, 2010

Peggy Noonan’s recent Wall Street Journal article about President Obama, quoting various people who have associated firsthand with him, reminds me of another strong, charismatic personality.

Douglas MacKinnon | January 05, 2010

As the farcical and almost-tragic facts about the Nigerian-Muslim terror suspect play out, one thing has become crystal clear: Your government can't protect you from a terrorist attack.

Marvin Olasky | January 05, 2010

Jon Stewart last month waxed sarcastic regarding not only Democratic spending and deficit-creation, but also about Obama's personal style of implying frankness and then serving up bromides.

Thomas Sowell | January 05, 2010

There has probably never been an era in history when intellectuals have played a larger role in society.

Rebecca Hagelin | January 05, 2010

Anyone that has ever been in the presence of a teen for very long knows that one of their favorite words is, “grrrmmm”.

David Limbaugh | January 05, 2010

Can you imagine an administration so arrogant that it will not reconsider its decision to return Yemeni terrorists now being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility back to Yemen, much less its decision to close Gitmo in the first place?

Mona Charen | January 05, 2010

When a non-American scholar I admired let slip a casual reference to "American corruption" a few years ago, my chauvinistic pride was wounded.

Pat Buchanan | January 05, 2010

While responding with brutality and threats of trials and death sentences, the regime has yet to go all-out for a Tiananmen Square solution.

Phyllis Schlafly | January 05, 2010

Much has been written about our current high unemployment, but there is a strange reluctance by both liberal and conservative commentators to assess blame for the dramatic loss of well-paying American jobs.

Mon, Jan 04, 2010

Malia Zimmerman | January 04, 2010

Just over a decade ago, Tad Hara, 84, lived in his dream home, which was a simple two-story wooden house built over a vibrant ancient Hawaiian fishpond, just steps from the stunning beach in East Oahu’s Niu community.

Phil Harris | January 04, 2010

The popular advice for dealing with the future has been to keep the chin up, face directly into the wind, and place one foot after the other. To look back is folly because what is done is done and there is no good to be discovered by looking at what might have been.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | January 04, 2010

A very disturbing poll was recorded this December from CNN. It compared the expectations of those peering into the future at the dawn of 2000 with those of people looking forward into 2010.

Rich Tucker | January 04, 2010

As the economy spun out of control in the fall of 2008, many Americans wondered what was going on. In fact, they probably still do wonder exactly what happened.

Rich Galen | January 04, 2010

I was on CNN yesterday with a reporter from the New Yorker magazine, a reporter from the Washington Post, and a Democratic strategist meaning it was three against one. I liked my odds.

Terry Paulson | January 04, 2010

Americans now know that one Islamic terrorist sitting at a strategic point in an airplane can use a PETN (Pentaerythritol) explosive to take down an airplane.

Michael Barone | January 04, 2010

Karl Rove had some good advice for Republicans in his year-end Wall Street Journal column. "It won't be enough to surf voter dissatisfaction with Mr. Obama and Democrats," he wrote. "Voters will want to know what Republican candidates would do."

Mike Adams | January 04, 2010

Whenever a liberal says she’s been “taken out of context” you had better look out. It means she intends to inflict an intentional harm and claim it was accidental.

Star Parker | January 04, 2010

Last March, our newly installed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano explained, in an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, her vision for fighting what was formerly known as terrorism.

Caroline Glick | January 04, 2010

Upon returning from Cairo on Tuesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu proclaimed, "It's time to move the peace process forward."

Ashley Herzog | January 04, 2010

Democrats’ favorite method of shutting down debate is to accuse Republicans of secretly promoting racist agendas.

Brian Birdnow | January 04, 2010

News reports dated Tuesday, December 29th declare that President Obama has called for “a sweeping overhaul” of the federal government system of protecting classified information.

Bruce Bialosky | January 04, 2010

By announcing this while Americans were focused on an important holiday, the Obama Administration performed a marvelous sleight of hand by burying the story

Sun, Jan 03, 2010

David Stokes | January 03, 2010

We are not really just in a “Pre-Sept.11th” mindset, we are actually approaching current Islamism-driven horror in ways reminiscent of how we did things in the 1990s.

Salena Zito | January 03, 2010

Take President Obama’s poor timing in response to a failed terrorist attack on a U.S. jetliner, add the politicization of that event by his surrogates and a ridiculous message by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and what do you get?

Austin Hill | January 03, 2010

Hi, it’s me, your customer Austin. I’m writing to schedule my mortgage default. That’s right, I’m ready to schedule my mortgage default. Does that sound strange?

George Will | January 03, 2010

On Aug. 27, 1776, British forces routed George Washington's novice army in the Battle of Brooklyn, which was fought in fields and woods where today the battle of Prospect Heights is being fought.

Paul Jacob | January 03, 2010

The odor of corruption spreads throughout the country, courtesy of men like John Murtha.

Kevin McCullough | January 03, 2010

President Obama, from his early days on the campaign trail forward, has always been quick to link terrorists (though he will not call them that) with poverty across the globe.