Paul Jacob

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez received enthusiastic applause (and some nervous laughter) at the Copenhagen climate conference. On the podium, he referenced the fact that the president of the United States had spoken there before, and that the area smelled “of sulfur” . . . a reference to the devil.

But, Mr. Chavez, we’ve a saying here in America: He who smelt it dealt it.

Now, at a time when the word “avatar” is on many a lip, it may not seem implausible that the devil would make a personal appearance on the world stage. And, like George W. Bush before him, Barack Obama unfortunately gives too much cause for his enemies to interpret just such an inglorious incarnation.

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Or maybe not. A few months earlier, Chavez had proclaimed the UN sulfur-free, and Obama’s own odor to be a wholesome one of hope. (I actually can’t imagine what hope might smell like.) Since then Hugo’s changed his mind. Apparently, it now makes sense for him to malign Obama as well as the U.S., at least when it comes to fighting the alleged human-caused warming trends of the planet. Why the flip-flop? Perhaps it’s to distract the world from his own country’s bizarre policies regarding that dear fuel, petroleum.

Or the reality that, if anyone’s the devil, it’s Hugo.

And if the folk in Copenhagen still applaud this monster, that should be enough for Norte Americanos to choose sides. No Kyoto (which Hugo Chavez encouraged us all to “respect” and “empower”). No “climate change” deal of any kind. There are some sulfuric agencies we need not mix with.

From the beginning, many of us caught more than a whiff of socialism and anti-industrialism about the whole “global warming” scare. Now, after multiple frauds in evidence have risen to besmirch the reputations of the world’s “greatest” climate warming specialists, perhaps we should simply call a spade a spade and use that handy implement to bury this indecent revival of the ultimate indecency: Tyrannical socialism.

Paul Jacob

Paul Jacob is President of Citizens in Charge Foundation and Citizens in Charge. His daily Common Sense commentary appears on the Web and via e-mail.