Sat, Aug 09, 2008

Doug Giles | August 09, 2008

Having covered points ten through seven last week, herewith is the last installment of my two part series on why hunters are some of the greatest people on the planet.

Robert M. Duncan | August 09, 2008

When Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Congress skipped town last week, adjourning before Republican Members had a chance to speak about their energy plan on the House floor, they walked out on Congress and essentially walked out on the needs of the American people.

Michael Barone | August 09, 2008

To understand changes in the political map, we naturally tend to look for contemporary explanations. But American political alignments are not written on an empty slate.

Kathryn Lopez | August 09, 2008

Planned Parenthood took me "Down There" and exposed it all. The self-evident wrong-headedness of their thinking, that is.

Phil Harris | August 09, 2008

Standing near the doorway of a local skateboard shop, waiting for my son and his friend to obtain autographs from a bevy of "awesome" professional skateboarders inside.

Carl Horowitz | August 09, 2008

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, is a network of nonprofit community groups formed nearly 40 years ago on the premise that banks, corporations and insurance companies, immersed in greed, have kept poor and predominantly minority neighborhoods desperate.

Fri, Aug 08, 2008

Janet M. LaRue | August 08, 2008

You’d think that Texas had executed some poor, honest, hard-working, migrant farm worker for not having a Green Card.

Christine O'Donnell | August 08, 2008

For an entire week, Americans watched as Senator Barack Obama took his act on the road, courting the European elitists and cowtowing to an endless array of foreign politicians.

Caroline Glick | August 08, 2008

Monday will mark the third anniversary of the forcible expulsion of the Jews of Gaza and northern Samaria from their homes. Those expulsions were followed weeks later by the withdrawal of IDF personnel from the Gaza Strip.

Rich Tucker | August 08, 2008

In the Outlook section of The Washington Post recently, Greg Anrig, vice president of programs at the Century Foundation, gloated that conservatism is in decline, slowly being replaced by what he labels “progressive” ideas.

Jack Kemp | August 08, 2008

Today, in this presidential debate over a 21st century economic growth agenda, it is ironic that John McCain is far closer to JFK policies than the presumptive Democratic candidate, Barack Obama.

Hugh Hewitt | August 08, 2008

Obama is ending a second dismal week in a row, a run of gaffes with few equals in modern American political history, and he was fixed on beating a retreat to Hawaii, only to be ambushed by a 7 year old.

Dinesh D'Souza | August 08, 2008

Sigmund Freud is no longer the revered figure he once was. A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education noted that Freud is no longer routinely assigned even in psychology curricula.

John Hawkins | August 08, 2008

The whole idea and concept of a black man being "uppity" or acting above his station by doing things white people do...didn't that go out in like the fifties?

Brent Bozell | August 08, 2008

It's a topic of conversation that's become all too frequent among parents and non-parents alike: What in the world is going on with these disgusting new ads?

Jonah Goldberg | August 08, 2008

Next week marks the 102nd anniversary of newspaperman William Allen White's famous editorial "What's the Matter with Kansas," in which he flayed Kansans for their populist foolishness.

David Limbaugh | August 08, 2008

The press is shocked that Barack Obama has "yet to close the sale," given the "political logic" that favors Democrats in this election.

Mona Charen | August 08, 2008

I so admire parents who are more rigid and disciplined that I.

Oliver North | August 08, 2008

To Americans of my generation and older, the Korean War is the "Forgotten War." For this generation, it's Afghanistan -- or to be precise, Operation Enduring Freedom.

Pat Buchanan | August 08, 2008

Democratic capitalism, it would appear, now has a great new rival -- autocratic capitalism.

Suzanne Fields | August 08, 2008

Britney Spears, blah blah blah. Paris Hilton, blah blah blah. Faces of presidents on dollar bills, blah blah blah.

Diana West | August 08, 2008

Reading about the late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, we are reminded of his epic force of will -- despite the threat to life and limb posed by the Soviet police state -- to bear witness, to document, to record everything he could about totalitarianism in the USSR.

Linda Chavez | August 08, 2008

Barack Obama has a Catholic problem. If he doesn't do better than John Kerry did in 2004 with this quintessential swing voting bloc, he won't be elected president.

Paul Greenberg | August 08, 2008

It's like reading that Tolstoy is touring Soviet Russia to see the Moscow subway and the Gulag. It's like having Dickens arrive in 20th-century England to catch the Beatles.

Donald Lambro | August 08, 2008

When Barack Obama was seeking AFL-CIO support in the primaries, he promised to sign a bill that would effectively deprive workers of a private-ballot vote in unionization drives.

Kathleen Parker | August 08, 2008

A year ago, it was impossible to get through a day without some mention of Paris Hilton -- the ingenue famous mostly for being famous.

Allison Kasic | August 08, 2008

As the Olympics kick off this Friday, all eyes are firmly set on one athlete: Michael Phelps.

Charles Krauthammer | August 08, 2008

Let's see: housing meltdown, credit crunch, oil shock not seen since the 1970s. The economy is slowing, unemployment growing and inflation increasing.

Burt Prelutsky | August 08, 2008

There was a time not all that long ago when most of us agreed about what constituted good and evil. But that time, I’m afraid, has come and gone and is now as passé as five cent cigars and 45 cents-a-gallon gasoline.

Mike Gallagher | August 08, 2008

My wife used to say that I'm like a dog with a bone, I just won't let certain things go.

Thu, Aug 07, 2008

Michael Reagan | August 07, 2008

When you're fighting for your life, you have two choices: whimper about your plight while the other side cuts you to pieces, or fight as if your life depends on it, which of course it does.

Robert Knight | August 07, 2008

Who’s responsible for the exploding AIDS infection rate among men who have sex with men?

Rich Lowry | August 07, 2008

"It's almost as if they take pride in being ignorant," Barack Obama mused the other day, blasting Republicans for ridiculing his exhortation to the nation to make sure its tires are properly inflated.

Scott Bensing | August 07, 2008

As the price of gas continues to strain all Americans, Democrats in Congress chose to go on vacation – something many Americans cannot do this year.

Paul Weyrich | August 07, 2008

This past week we have heard non-stop about the race card. This is one of the most long-running uses of it in the political process.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | August 07, 2008

Nobody is grinning wider about Barack Obama’s lead in the polls than big union bosses. This election is their best shot in a half-century to make over Washington.

Cliff May | August 07, 2008

If you were advising a friend who was unfit and lacking energy, would you tell him to diet or exercise? You’d probably suggest he do both.

Ross Mackenzie | August 07, 2008

It used to be that the conversation about the very difficult subject of race in America was best left to African-Americans, because only they have experienced the active or passive oppression that many whites cannot comprehend.

Gregg Jackson | August 07, 2008

Pastor Rick Warren will be hosting a “Compassion Forum” August 16th at Saddleback Church in California in which he will be asking questions to both presidential candidates Senators Obama and McCain.

Victor Davis Hanson | August 07, 2008

Everyone is puzzled why the Democratic candidate isn't at least 10 points ahead. It seems the more Americans get used to Barack Obama, the less they want him as president.

Larry Elder | August 07, 2008

Listening to National Public Radio on the way home from work, I found the interview -- at least at first -- fun enough.

Ken Blackwell | August 07, 2008

Nineteen percent of eighth graders, 36% of 10th graders, and 47% of 12th graders say they have used illegal drugs, according to a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the University of Michigan.

Cal Thomas | August 07, 2008

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn's work and life can best be described as those of a prophet. The prophet died last Sunday at the age of 89.

Debra J. Saunders | August 07, 2008

Obama must have seen the gas-tax holiday as chump change in the wondrous store of campaign gimmicks. When Obama panders, he panders big-time.

Matt Towery | August 07, 2008

The cover story in this week's Newsweek is entitled "The End of the South."

Steve Chapman | August 07, 2008

One of the hot new ideas in the academy is "libertarian paternalism." Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, authors of the book "Nudge," say the goal is "enlisting the science of choice to make life easier for people" and "gently nudging them in directions that will make their lives better."

Marvin Olasky | August 07, 2008

Before choosing its notorious "All the News That's Fit to Print," The New York Times had as its slogan, "It does not soil the breakfast cloth."

George Will | August 07, 2008

California's former and perhaps future governor, Jerry Brown, says it took him 13 minutes to get here from Oakland, where he was mayor for eight years and now lives.

Emmett Tyrrell | August 07, 2008

I see that the Olympic Games are taking place again. Nonetheless, the boycott that I slapped on them a couple of decades back remains in effect.

Wed, Aug 06, 2008

Ann Coulter | August 06, 2008

The mainstream media's reaction to the National Enquirer's reports on John Edwards' "love child" scandal has been reminiscent of the Soviet press.

Amanda Carpenter | August 06, 2008

The Washington Post was forced to issue a substantive correction to a front page story that stated GOP presidential candidate John McCain received “unlikely” campaign contributions through an unscrupulous bundler after Townhall questioned the facts of the article.

Ira Mehlman | August 06, 2008

Congress adjourned for a month-long recess on Aug. 1, the same day that the Bureau of Labor Statistics released distressing news about unemployment.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | August 06, 2008

The conventional wisdom has it down pat: A bad economy works against the candidate from the party in power as voters take out their rage and fear on the president's party and back the challenger.

Craig Shirley | August 06, 2008

Every four years, the sun dawns over the “silly season” of pre-convention blather in Washington, centered mostly, on the Vice-Presidential slot.

Richard Olivastro | August 06, 2008

As they campaign for their respective party nominations and against each other for the presidency, senators John McCain and Barack Obama are talking a lot about the issue of energy.

Amanda Carpenter | August 06, 2008

A Washington-based anti-tax advocacy videotaped supporters of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign who support $10 per gallon gas during a protest stand-off Tuesday.

Paul Weyrich | August 06, 2008

When Congress returns after Labor Day the Republican Whip, Representative Roy Blunt (R-MO), will introduce the American Energy Act.

Maggie Gallagher | August 06, 2008

This weekend, tragedy struck on a mountain I had never heard of: K2 -- a 28,250-foot peak in Pakistan. Since 1939, only 280 people have reached the top of K2; more than 70 men have died trying.

John McCaslin | August 06, 2008

If nobody else, Marc Morano, minority communications director for the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, got a chuckle out of the Massachusetts woman who is blaming her daughter's "nasty jellyfish sting" on global warming.

Amanda Carpenter | August 06, 2008

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) issued a curt retort to House Republicans staging a week-long protest against her decision to unceremoniously adjourn the House last week.

Frank Pastore | August 06, 2008

Frank Pastore from KKLA in Los Angeles interviews Gary Bauer, president of American Values about the effort to redefine the marriage protection amendment.

Amanda Carpenter | August 06, 2008

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama slammed Republicans for making fun of him for encouraging Americans to properly inflate their tires to conserve gasoline.

Michael Medved | August 06, 2008

Most Americans remain utterly ignorant of this nation’s first foreign war but that exotic, long-ago struggle set the pattern for nearly all the many distant conflicts that followed.

Thomas Sowell | August 06, 2008

If our era could have its own coat of arms, it would be a yak against a background of mush. This must be the golden age of endless and pointless talk.

Michelle Malkin | August 06, 2008

The Democratic Speaker of the House and a co-author hired to try to add flavor to bland Beltway establishment oatmeal have penned a self-help book for "America's daughters" to help them "Know Your Power."

John Stossel | August 06, 2008

In this column I often take a skeptical look at liberal scare-mongering about global warming and cancer threats from pesticides, Teflon frying pans, plastic bottles, cell phones, etc.

Walter E. Williams | August 06, 2008

Equality under the law and, within reason, equality of opportunity is consistent with a free society. Equality of results is an anathema to a free society and within it lie the seeds of tyranny.

Brent Bozell | August 06, 2008

At a screening of a forthcoming HBO documentary honoring liberal journalist Helen Thomas in Washington, Thomas was asked whether most White House reporters are liberal.

Jonah Goldberg | August 06, 2008

Alexander Solzhenitsyn is dead. Peter Rodman is dead. And memory is dying with them.

Tony Blankley | August 06, 2008

It's getting tricky to know how to refer to he who presumes to be the next president. It was made clear several months ago that mentioning his middle name is a forbidden act.

Ben Shapiro | August 06, 2008

This 2008 presidential election cycle has been jam-packed with irony.

Terry Jeffrey | August 06, 2008

The eyes of the world will turn to China in the coming days to watch the Olympic Games.

Austin Bay | August 06, 2008

Victory in war is tough to define. Hollywood's version of victory in World War II provides a finality that history lacks.

Donald Lambro | August 06, 2008

When Democratic leaders shut down Congress last week for the rest of the summer to avoid dealing with record oil and gas prices, they may have committed the biggest political blunder of the 2008 elections.

Jacob Sullum | August 06, 2008

If someone develops a practical mind-reading device, you can expect the Department of Homeland Security to argue that skulls are merely another "closed container" that officers guarding the border may search at will.

Kathleen Parker | August 06, 2008

It's always good to take a break from the madding crowd, but especially now that American politics has surpassed itself in self-mockery.

Tue, Aug 05, 2008

Dan Gainor | August 05, 2008

In most cases, six years is ample warning. We won WWII in less time. But when The Wall Street Journal compared Fannie Mae to Enron in February, 2002, no one wanted to listen.

Amanda Carpenter | August 05, 2008

House Minority Leader Republican John Boehner (R.-Ohio) is calling on rank and file House Democrats to defy Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) and join the GOP to force a stand alone vote on offshore drilling.

Amanda Carpenter | August 05, 2008

The U.S. government will spend nearly half a million dollars sending federal employees to an AIDS conference in Mexico City---an event featuring a “Sex Workers Mini Film Festival."

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | August 05, 2008

Barack Obama had it half right when he said that the McCain campaign would focus on raising voters' fears about him.

Paul Weyrich | August 05, 2008

I spent the period from the late 1980s to 2000 teaching our form of government to the people of the Soviet Union.

Amanda Carpenter | August 05, 2008

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the moderators for the three 2008 presidential and vice presidential debates Tuesday morning.

Eric Cantor | August 05, 2008

Right now middle-class Americans are suffering from expensive-energy induced inflation. We all know the adverse consequences pain at the pumps has wrought.

John McCaslin | August 05, 2008

Embattled Rep. William J. Jefferson, Louisiana Democrat, has been ambushed, literally, during an unscheduled taped interview with Jason Mattera of the Young America's Foundation (YAF).

Roger Schlesinger | August 05, 2008

Forget bottom fishing. You will never know when the bottom has hit until after the turn and prices are heading higher.

Bill Murchison | August 05, 2008

Come on. Give an old man half a chance.

Thomas Sowell | August 05, 2008

We have forgotten so much about the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that many people may not remember the deadly anthrax spores that were mailed to various prominent people in politics and in the media during that time.

Chuck Norris | August 05, 2008

This past week, the Bush administration touted that there was a 30 percent drop (from 175,914 in 2005 to 123,833 in 2007) in the number of "chronically homeless" people in the nation.

David Limbaugh | August 05, 2008

The liberal media are unhinged over John McCain's recent ad campaign against Barack Obama, which erased Obama's 9-point lead in the polls and tied the race. How dare McCain challenge their anointed one?

Cal Thomas | August 05, 2008

At the beginning of this long political season - if there ever was a beginning, since campaigns are now nonstop with only the players changing - it appeared this one might, just might, be different.

Pat Buchanan | August 05, 2008

Barack Obama just had the worst week since his beloved pastor, Jeremiah Wright, decided to expatiate on black liberation theology at the National Press Club.

Debra J. Saunders | August 05, 2008

Imagine if a group of rabid creationists started firebombing the homes of University of California professors to prevent them from teaching evolution.

Paul Greenberg | August 05, 2008

Is it some kind of requirement that a politician who's finally leaving the stage has to depart with a graceless blast at the press, the opposition or the universe in general?

Bill Murchison | August 05, 2008

No more sneering talk of the sort we've heard lately concerning McCain's ineptitude when it comes to computers -- an ineptitude he's striving to overcome.

William Rusher | August 05, 2008

President Bush now has fewer than six months to serve, and the question arises as to what he ought to do with this remaining time.

Larry Kudlow | August 05, 2008

As Sen. John McCain and the GOP leadership nationalize the drill, drill, drill message, the Republican party might conceivably be riding a summer political rally.

Phyllis Schlafly | August 05, 2008

A New Jersey judge recently confronted an issue that courts have been avoiding for years: Are restraining orders constitutional?

Dennis Prager | August 05, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama's recent speech in Berlin may have been a hit with American journalists.

Douglas MacKinnon | August 05, 2008

Even before my new novel entitled "The Apocalypse Directive" came out last week, I was getting angry emails from some self-proclaimed Evangelicals.

Mon, Aug 04, 2008

Albert Mohler | August 04, 2008

Solzhenitsyn died in Moscow on Sunday, ending a life of 89 years—one of the monumental lives of the twentieth century.

Rich Lowry | August 04, 2008

When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's three-volume chronicle of the Soviet prison system appeared in the West in the early 1970s, it delivered a decisive blow to the moral standing of Soviet communism.

Christopher Merola | August 04, 2008

I have recently been reading articles, posted on the Internet by young Republican pundits, claiming that the Republican Party has forgotten about the younger generation.

John McCaslin | August 04, 2008

With the apparent suicide last week of Army scientist Bruce E. Ivins, the federal government will soon decide whether to close its lengthy anthrax-poisoning investigation, which came on the heels of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Paul Weyrich | August 04, 2008

This year will go down in history as one in which great fighters for freedom have been called home by the good Lord.

Frank Pastore | August 04, 2008

Frank Pastore interviews Cal Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance about rational and irrational policies aimed at helping the poor and the environment.

Guy Benson | August 04, 2008

Barack Obama contemplates the latest offering from one of his favorite hip hop artists, Ludacris.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | August 04, 2008

Last week Barack Obama did the unthinkable – he played the race card.

Terry Paulson | August 04, 2008

The speaking skills of this year’s Democrat and Republican presidential candidates have been contrasted and identified as one of many factors impacting the election outcome.

Jonathan Garthwaite | August 04, 2008

In the middle of the Summer movie season, sat down with author, screenwriter Andrew Klavan

Paul Greenberg | August 04, 2008

In the glow of the Olympics, the regime sponsoring them can hope that some of its more sordid policies will be overlooked.

Burt Prelutsky | August 04, 2008

Although I very much regret that I never had the chance to meet Jesse Helms, we did have what you might call a peripheral connection.

Star Parker | August 04, 2008

A key feature of the housing bill that President Bush just signed into law was the federal bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Sun, Aug 03, 2008

Frank Turek | August 03, 2008

I like to strike up conversations with people I meet while traveling.

Doug Wilson | August 03, 2008

If there’s one priority we can all agree to in this country, it’s getting us free from the use of gasoline in our automobiles. But how do we get there?

David Stokes | August 03, 2008

Even in this age of high-tech toys, two of my young grandsons can still be entertained by the emission of little iridescent spheres from a plastic loop that has been dipped in soapy water.

Salena Zito | August 03, 2008

If the presidential election was held tomorrow, it would be hello President Barack Obama because, so far, John McCain is handing him a victory.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | August 03, 2008

We have completed the basic preparation (buying backpacks and lunch boxes), and have reviewed academic material every day for the past few weeks.

Debra J. Saunders | August 03, 2008

Every year, Washington spends more than it takes in. The federal deficit is expected to hit $482 billion next year.

Steve Chapman | August 03, 2008

Former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm got in trouble when he said Americans are mired not in an economic contraction, but a "mental recession."

George Will | August 03, 2008

As the presidential candidates enter the three-month sprint to November, Barack Obama must be wondering: If that did not do it, what will?

Ken Connor | August 03, 2008

A recent research study by the American Association for Justice, "The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America," makes it clear that one of the main reasons the top insurance companies are doing so well is that they have consciously embarked on aggressive policies.

William Perry Pendley | August 03, 2008

In 1990, the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, upheld the ability of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to award broadcast licenses based on race.

Paul Jacob | August 03, 2008

The longer in office, the more one form of corruption looks pretty much like every other. Ted Stevens has been in office longer than any other Republican. His corruption shows few (if any) limits.

Kevin McCullough | August 03, 2008

In the event you would have not heard what the "TakeCare" website is all about let me give you a bit of an idea.