Doug Giles

“. . . we need to conserve that bitter impulse that we have inherited from primitive man. It alone permits us the greatest luxury of all, the ability to enjoy a vacation from the human condition through an authentic, ‘immersion in Nature’ . . . and this, in turn, can be achieved only by placing himself in relation to another animal. But there is no animal, pure animal, other than a wild one, and the relationship with him is the hunt.” - Jose Ortega y Gasset.

Is anyone else out there in what’s left of traditional America sick of the election yet? This thing has become about as appealing to me as watching Carrot Top slowly work a stubborn booger loose from the side wall of his left nostril.

Not only has the election become tedious but it is also sad (and hilarious, if it wasn’t so scary) watching the Barack punch drinkers buy into the Obama camp’s hype that this guy is the black Jesus that America needs. Good God, folks. He’s a junior state senator from Chicago who has two more years experience than I do—and I’m not even running for president.

Listen, even though McCain ain’t my Mr. McDream candidate, he kills the boy wonder from an experience standpoint, and I’ll go with age and understanding over young Robin’s Rembrandt veneers any day.

He’s a simple little executive breakdown of our two candidates:

John McCain
Congress: 26 years
Military: 22 years
Barack Obama
Congress: 143 days
Military: 0

When I need a break from the Obama brainwashing and my daily grind of writing and hosting, not only do I drink six gallons of Ketel One, dance on tables in Greek restaurants, and chill with mi familia (as Obama would have us say), but I dream about and prepare for my next hunt.

Herewith are ten reasons why I dig hunting . . .

10. When I’m out hunting the locations are usually so remote that my necessary evil, i.e. cell phone and my buddies’ cell phones, do not work and thus, depending on the length of the hunt, I have a 3-14 day timeframe to be left the heck alone. Thank you, Jesus. No doubt some of you are thinking, “I can’t live, if living is without you” in relation to your electronic appendage. Trust me, you’ll survive, and believe it or not—and this might hurt some of you egoists—but the world will continue to turn without your input.

Doug Giles

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