Nina May

Within two days I had two people meet me on bicycles for appointments. It was surprising at first to think that someone would be out in this heat, riding miles on a bike to meet someone for business. After a quick trip to the restroom, they emerged fresh and ready for work. It reminded me of days before cars when it was not unusual to walk miles or ride horses to reach a destination. There was a time before gas stations and SUVs when books were read by lamplight or candles and heat was provided by hours of hard work, chopping and splitting wood.

So, America has survived without oil, foreign or domestic, before. And now as prices are rising, it is forcing everyone to make even small adjustments in their lifestyles. Some not as drastic as dragging the 10-speed out of the garage, but many are combining trips, foregoing the extra distance to their favorite restaurant, or opting to take the bus and subway to work. The rising cost of fuel is having an impact on everything from delivering mail to planning the dinner menu. This cause and effect is lost on liberals who cling to their trees as though they were guns and Bibles. They, of course will still run their air conditioners, drive their cars, fly to their national Save the Environment meetings while refusing to allow us to plunk our drills along side eleven other countries off our own shore who are sucking it right out from under us.

Politicians, unfortunately, have driven this bus, and it is heading off a cliff. They don’t seem to realize that the three major issues that are of most concern to Americans are intricately intertwined. The issues are the economy, the war on terror, and energy independence. We import 70% of our oil and have allowed ourselves to become energy dependent upon countries that have exported terrorists that have attacked and killed our citizens. Because we refuse to consider the lives of humans as being of greater value than a moose or a caribou, we are not allowed to drill in areas that could ease the pain at the pump and keep hundreds of billions of dollars in the US every year that is currently being pumped out. And all this is happening as the dollar is slipping in value, the pri ce of gas and all commodities related to it, are rising, and the people who breed contemptible adversaries are virtually terrorizing the nation into the reality that gas might continue to climb to $10 a gallon. And why shouldn’t it? If they control over 70% of what we purchase and use, why do they have to put a limit on anything they sell us? They literally, could destroy our economy as we sit back marveling at the pristine beauty of tundra moss.

Nina May

Nina May is a producer/director who produced the award-winning documentary, Emancipation Revelation Revolution. She is a radio commentator and has produced and hosted her own TV show, American Renaissance.