Kevin McCullough


Protect my family and me. Forgive my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will."

Thus Barack Obama is reported to have prayed at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem this past week. With his hundreds of advisors, media, and handlers in tow Barack was taped by thousands of feet of video glancing up, then down, turning his back to the camera, fumbling around the area of the wall he was standing in front of and then sliding his very neatly penned prayer paper into a slit in the wall, touching and retouching it as if to say, "it's right here."

I wondered from the moment I saw him place it in the slit in the wall how long it would take someone to leak what he had written. We didn't have to wait long. And for all the bluster there has been in the blogosphere this week about what an "outrage" it was that someone removed the paper, and showed its content to the media, I had no doubt at all that it would in fact be released.

Feigned indignation about words written on a page is silly. It did not eradicate a prayer prayed by Obama to remove the slip of paper from the wall. It also did not mean that he had prayed the prayer, simply because he placed it there. Prayer is a direct communication to the Creator. And if Barack Obama offered a prayer at the Wailing Wall, God knew it, heard it, and answered it in less time than it took for Obama to find the secret spot.

So since I do not find it morally objectionable that someone found the paper and showed it to the press (and for all we know it could have been one the gaggles of the Obama posse that did so), let's look at the substance of what it says.

"Lord" - We can probably safely assume that he means either God the Father, or Jesus Christ. Since he did not specify (and perhaps did so purposefully to make it more appealing across the religious spectrum) we will just have to agree that we may never know.

"Protect my family and me." - A natural, earnest, and sincere sentiment. One also that is prayed each day by other fathers in America. Some of whom would like their local school districts to not push their daughters towards abortion without parental notice and consent. Daughters that aren't that much different from - Barack Obama's.