Sat, Jun 07, 2008

Doug Giles | June 07, 2008

As much as I think a lot of the American “churches” are about as useful to God as a pitch pipe is to Yoko Ono, I’m not completely depressed by this dilemma.

Michael Barone | June 07, 2008

Almost precisely at the midpoint between the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3 and the general election on Nov. 4, the general election campaign is on.

Brent Bozell | June 07, 2008

In The Washington Post, reporter Laura Sessions Stepp recently tried to talk herself and her readership into finding a different war to fight, since dancing regulations only spur a debate with students that "we" are losing.

Paul Driessen | June 07, 2008

There is no distinctly native American criminal class, Mark Twain observed – except Congress.

Robert Novak | June 07, 2008

Sen. John McCain had just begun his speech from Kenner, La., on the year's last primary election night when distraught Republicans began e-mailing each other a message.

Fri, Jun 06, 2008

Why won’t Hillary just concede that she has lost and pull out of the race? Why does she persist in keeping her delegates in line for her and not releasing them to Obama?

Sandy Froman | June 06, 2008

On May 22, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell gave a speech about judicial nominations in the U.S. Senate, calling out Senator Harry Reid for breaking his commitment to get judicial nominees a vote on the Senate floor.

Janice Shaw Crouse | June 06, 2008

Teens continue to have less sex: in the early 1990s, more than half of teens reported that they were no longer virgins, whereas in the CDC report for 2007, that number had dropped to only 48 percent.

Amanda Carpenter | June 06, 2008

If Barack Obama wants to make inroads with Hillary Clinton’s disaffected female voters, he has work to do.

Rich Tucker | June 06, 2008

In the last week, story after story informed us that our nation had passed a critical milestone because of the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama.

John McCaslin | June 06, 2008

The average American adult, most doctors agree, should get an annual medical checkup. Indeed, many insurance companies won't reimburse cardholders unless they wait 12 months between exams.

Kathryn Lopez | June 06, 2008

Can a Catholic be for Barack Obama? The question has been raised by a law professor at Pepperdine University, who went from being a Mitt Romney adviser to an Obama supporter.

Hugh Hewitt | June 06, 2008

This week I made the, to me, not very controversial assertion that Barack Obama is farther to the left than Gorge McGovern.

John Hawkins | June 06, 2008

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed watching Sex and the City so much that I cycled through three seasons in roughly two months time.

Jonah Goldberg | June 06, 2008

In 2000 I was cruelly denied the Pulitzer despite being the only columnist in America to ask the pressing question: Is Al Gore an alien?

David Limbaugh | June 06, 2008

It's interesting that the main people pushing Obama in the name of unity and civility are the same ones brutally trashing Hillary (and Bill) Clinton.

Mona Charen | June 06, 2008

Do American Jews really love Israel, or just Democrats?

Oliver North | June 06, 2008

This year, the anniversary of their achievement received little notice in the so-called mainstream media.

Michael Gerson | June 06, 2008

A friend, the head of a major aid organization, tells of how his workers in eastern Congo a few years ago chanced upon a group of shell-shocked women and children in the bush.

Suzanne Fields | June 06, 2008

William Damon, a human behavior scholar and director of the Center on Adolescence at Stanford University, in his book scolds society for indulging the young rather than instilling a sense of responsibility.

Linda Chavez | June 06, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama is, finally, the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party -- no mean achievement in this most hotly contested primary race in recent history.

Diana West | June 06, 2008

Heading into Democratic Unity Weekend, with Hillary Clinton expected to end her presidential campaign and endorse Barack Obama, it's worth taking one last look at what might have been.

Matt Towery | June 06, 2008

My late paternal grandfather was quite a character. I could probably write volumes on him. He had a wacky set of catch phrases -- one of which was to say of someone who made a mistake, "Once stupid, always stupid."

Paul Greenberg | June 06, 2008

We've now had the victory statement from Barack Obama. We've now had the non-concession concession from Hillary Clinton.

Paul Greenberg | June 06, 2008

If Mr. McClellan really thought he was participating in a conspiracy to mislead the American people, why didn't he just submit his resignation and walk away?

Donald Lambro | June 06, 2008

With the Democratic nominee for president at last decided upon, another guessing game can begin: whom Barack Obama will pick for his veep.

Mike Gallagher | June 06, 2008

Now that the anointed one, Barack Obama, will be the Democrat nominee for President, I'd like to submit just one more chapter to the painful book that is part of what defines him, his close-knit circle of radical activist advisors.

Charles Krauthammer | June 06, 2008

At $3 a gallon, Americans just grin and bear it, suck it up, and, while complaining profusely, keep driving like crazy. At $4, it is a world transformed.

Kathleen Parker | June 06, 2008

The history-making moment with which we're now all familiar seems to have surpassed inevitability and entered the realm of foregoneness.

Burt Prelutsky | June 06, 2008

I must confess I got a chuckle out of Barack Obama’s warning us all to lay off his wife. Sorry, pal, but it’s too late in the game for that.

George Will | June 06, 2008

When voters watch a presumptive presidential nominee considering this or that running mate, they think: What if the president dies?

Thu, Jun 05, 2008

Scott Bensing | June 05, 2008

Pornography, unpaid taxes and neglected workers mar failed radio host’s fledgling Senate bid.

Rich Lowry | June 05, 2008

In the end, the Democrats fell in love. At least, half of them did, and the party establishment, as represented by the superdelegates, wasn't going to deny them their inamorata.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | June 05, 2008

Younger Christian leaders are picking new causes; many are joining the Obama bandwagon as it crosses America, and their elders are not impressed.

Amanda Carpenter | June 05, 2008

9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed dropped his legal defense and demanded the death penalty at his Guantanamo Bay arraignment hearing Thursday morning.

Thor Tolo | June 05, 2008

C.S. Lewis, if he’s watching from Heaven and waiting for the wildly popular return of Indiana Jones to come out on DVD, can only chuckle with the angels about what might have been.

Ross Mackenzie | June 05, 2008

Quotations — ridiculous and wise — related to the race for the Democratic presidential nomination . . .

Bill Steigerwald | June 05, 2008

John Galbraith criticized America’s consumer-mad economy and the virtually unchallenged notion by policymakers that higher and higher economic growth was a measure of economic prosperity.

Lisa A. Rickard | June 05, 2008

When the Energy and Tax Extenders Act of 2008 passed the House, Speaker Pelosi called it a tax cut for “millions of middle-income families."

On his first day as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama made his first clear, serious mistake: He named Eric Holder as one of three people charged with vice-presidential vetting.

John McCaslin | June 05, 2008

After everything the nation has endured this primary season, the Democratic National Committee announced Wednesday that "two presidential winners" will attend the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Cliff May | June 05, 2008

Bud McFarlane served in the Marines and, years later, as President Reagan’s National Security Advisor.

Paul Weyrich | June 05, 2008

The House of Representatives passed by voice vote H.R. 5690, a bill to remove the African National Congress (ANC) from treatment as a terrorist organization.

Robert Knight | June 05, 2008

Is Barack Obama above criticism in the eyes of the liberal media? The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank seems to think so.

Roger Schlesinger | June 05, 2008

If I were young again, I would adjust some of my thinking and some of my ways and marry my girlfriend as soon as I could.

Thomas Sowell | June 05, 2008

Now that the two parties have finally selected their presidential candidates, it is time for a sober-- if not grim-- assessment of where we are.

Victor Davis Hanson | June 05, 2008

In the latest round of revisionism about the Second World War, the awful British and naive Americans, not the poor Germans, have ended up as the real culprits.

Larry Elder | June 05, 2008

Let's put aside whether people would express the same enthusiasm were Obama a tax-cutting, Iraq-war-supporting Republican. And let's put aside what, if anything, America needs to "prove" to the rest of the world.

Ken Blackwell | June 05, 2008

Some Democratic leaders are advancing the “dream ticket” scenario. “Put them together and they cannot lose,” they say. “I’m open to it,” she says.

Cal Thomas | June 05, 2008

Sen. Hillary Clinton did not win enough delegates to capture the Democratic presidential nomination but she is not conceding to Barack Obama.

Michael Gerson | June 05, 2008

The American kickoff of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation last week unintentionally revealed the mountain of misunderstanding the former British prime minister has undertaken to scale.

Debra J. Saunders | June 05, 2008

Of course Hillary Rodham Clinton would be willing to be Barack Obama's running mate. Look at her marriage and tell me she won't settle for second place.

Donald Lambro | June 05, 2008

Lawmakers, including many Republicans, voted to spend more than half-a-trillion dollars last month -- signaling what's in store for taxpayers if Democrats win additional seats in Congress this November.

Emmett Tyrrell | June 05, 2008

The other day, an aroused Bill Clinton addressed a female reporter in South Dakota, shouting a word into her face that the "Dictionary of American Slang" labels "Taboo."

Steve Chapman | June 05, 2008

"I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude," President Bush said last year, a bit resentfully.

Rebecca Hagelin | June 05, 2008

Well, isn’t it just like Congress to take the latest fad -- in this case, “global warming” -- and use it to try to usher in yet more government control of your life?

Maggie Gallagher | June 05, 2008

I never thought you'd hear me say this, but: Thank God for the ACLU, which defended the Texas polygamist mothers.

Chuck Colson | June 05, 2008

Some years ago, in a Firing Line interview with Bill Buckley, I argued for criminal justice reform. The moderator, Mort Kondracke—who then considered himself a liberal—was astonished.

Robert Novak | June 05, 2008

Just when it seemed on the last Tuesday of the presidential primary season that Hillary Clinton would bow to the inevitable, she enraged Democrats who expected her to start strengthening Barack Obama as nominee.

Larry Kudlow | June 05, 2008

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke made big news Tuesday by singling out the weak foreign-exchange value of the U.S. dollar as the principal culprit in "the unwelcome rise in import prices and consumer price inflation."

George Will | June 05, 2008

Rising in the Senate on May 13, Chuck Schumer, the New York Democrat, explained: "I rise to discuss rising energy prices." The president was heading to Saudi Arabia to seek an increase in its oil production, and Schumer's gorge was rising.

Wed, Jun 04, 2008

Ann Coulter | June 04, 2008

In a spectacular turnabout, media commentators are heaping sarcasm on our plucky Hillary for imagining the "popular vote" has any relevance whatsoever.

Michael Reagan | June 04, 2008

Two Christian preachers were stopped from handing out Bible tracts by police officers because they were in a Muslim neighborhood in England.

Paul Weyrich | June 04, 2008

Today staff of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee will meet with the staff of the Center for Military Readiness.

Roy Blunt | June 04, 2008

Democrats in the House this afternoon will attempt to sneak through a provision in a “Secure Rural Schools” bill to nullify energy contracts worked out between U.S. producers and the Clinton administration.

Micah Sifry | June 04, 2008

We've lost count of all the national figures who have been impacted by online activism. Millions of small donors, people giving less than $200 per donation, have flooded into the presidential campaign process.

Richard H. Collins | June 04, 2008

So the general election has begun. Oh sure, Hillary hasn’t formally dropped out yet and neither party has had their convention yet.

John McCain needs to go on the offensive against Barack Obama over the Iraq war.

Paul Kengor | June 04, 2008

Bill Clinton fondly recalls how Billy Graham—cut of a different cloth than Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger—played a pivotal role in his spiritual formation during the de-segregation struggles in the 1950s.

Michelle Bernard | June 04, 2008

The Democratic presidential race is coming to a close. The Democratic National Committee has attempted to resolve the controversy over the Florida and Michigan Democratic primaries by giving both state delegations half votes.

John McCaslin | June 04, 2008

"Whatever the facts of Clinton's personal life, it is beyond dispute that he has associated with some decidedly unpresidential company," Todd S. Purdum writes of former President Bill Clinton in the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

Amanda Carpenter | June 04, 2008

Hillary Clinton refused to concede the Democratic primary to Barack Obama even after he effectively clinched the nomination, a tactic perhaps aimed at securing the vice presidential slot on his ticket.

Michelle Malkin | June 04, 2008

GOP presidential candidate John McCain sounded more like a Democratic presidential candidate (a recurring trend) when he joined the Left's oil industry bashers a few weeks ago.

John Stossel | June 04, 2008

If John McCain becomes president, will he leave me alone?

Walter E. Williams | June 04, 2008

What assumptions do congressmen make about the American people? Do they assume that we're dumb or ill-informed about the energy problems we are experiencing?

Brent Bozell | June 04, 2008

Liberal Democrats and "green" Republicans are proposing a massive reorganization of the American economy to fight so-called global warming.

Jonah Goldberg | June 04, 2008

It looks like the presidential battle will be about one overarching theme: judgment versus experience. And Exhibit A will be the Iraq war.

Tony Blankley | June 04, 2008

Last year, Barack Obama said: "I believe that America's free market has been the engine of America's great progress. It's created a prosperity that is the envy of the world.

Michael Medved | June 04, 2008

When faced with a deadly and determined foe, a nation must choose among three policy goals: negotiation, isolation or military victory.

Terry Jeffrey | June 04, 2008

The U.S. government knows where it can get its hands on more untapped petroleum than exists in the proven reserves of Iran or Iraq, which have 136 billion barrels and 115 billion barrels, respectively.

Ben Shapiro | June 04, 2008

On Sunday, June 1, Israel announced plans to build over 800 homes in Jerusalem. And the international community proceeded to go ballistic.

Austin Bay | June 04, 2008

I have yet to encounter a "surgical" weapon. A weapon exists to kill or damage living beings and material objects. "Surgical" is a questionable word, anyway, when applied to a weapon.

Paul Greenberg | June 04, 2008

A couple more landslide victories like the one Hillary Clinton scored in Puerto Rico over the weekend, and all would have been lost.

Jacob Sullum | June 04, 2008

In the 2007 romantic comedy "Knocked Up" a woman who suspects her husband of having an extramarital affair discovers he is actually sneaking off to play fantasy baseball.

Paul Weyrich | June 04, 2008

I belong to the National Streetcar Coalition, which pushes policies favorable to the return of streetcars throughout the nation.

Kathleen Parker | June 04, 2008

Hope. Change. Hope and change. Hope 'n' change. Say the words often enough and they begin to take hold, attaching themselves lichen-like to the psyche.

Tue, Jun 03, 2008

Larry Kudlow | June 03, 2008

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke made big news Tuesday by singling out the weak foreign-exchange value of the U.S. dollar as the principal culprit in "the unwelcome rise in import prices and consumer price inflation."

Putting Hillary Clinton on the ticket for vice president creates a ménage-à-trois. Bill will be the unexpected roommate.

Brian Fitzpatrick | June 03, 2008

The man is out of Jeremiah Wright’s radical church. Is the church out of the man? Inquiring media minds don’t want to know.

Bill Steigerwald | June 03, 2008

So, asked Washington Post star political reporter Dana Milbank, are you saying Barack Obama "is a communist"?

Amanda Carpenter | June 03, 2008

News outlets are carefully predicting Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton will acknowledge Barack Obama has won enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination this evening.

John McCaslin | June 03, 2008

One book summary describes how the Ted Kennedy and his cohorts "smelled blood after the Watergate break-in and set out to exaggerate and prolong the scandal."

Thomas Sowell | June 03, 2008

It is amazing how seriously the media are taking Senator Barack Obama's latest statement about the latest racist rant from the pulpit of the church he has attended for 20 years.

Chuck Norris | June 03, 2008

Sen. John McCain played advanced political chess back and forth this past week with Sen. Barack Obama over the war in Iraq.

Mike Adams | June 03, 2008

One of the toughest things about reading Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation is deciding when he is expressing total ignorance as opposed to total dishonesty.

David Limbaugh | June 03, 2008

The $64 million question is how long Barack Obama can carry forward this ruse that he is a uniter, when he has placed himself in a climate that is, at the very least, quite accommodating to an anti-white racist perspective, vulgarity and anti-Americanism.

Cal Thomas | June 03, 2008

A self-identified African-American caller to a Washington, D.C., radio station characterized the recent anti-Hillary Clinton outburst by the white liberal Chicago priest, Michael Pfleger, as a “minstrel show.”

Dennis Prager | June 03, 2008

To an ever greater extent, schools and the news media do the same thing to African-Americans -- tell them over and over that they are oppressed. And the effects have been even more corrosive.

Pat Buchanan | June 03, 2008

When President Bush, before the Knesset, used the word "appeasement" to label those who would negotiate with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he invoked the most powerful analogy in any debate over war and peace.

Ed Feulner | June 03, 2008

The fifth anniversary is traditionally the “wood” one. But this year, instead of getting another knick-knack, millions of Americans are celebrating a fifth anniversary with paper.

Bill Murchison | June 03, 2008

I think it entirely possible, reflecting on Scott McClellan, retired press secretary, greedy seeker of public notice, to imagine modern society afflicted by far worse things than unpopular foreign wars.

William Rusher | June 03, 2008

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan's memoir is just the latest in the interminable series of "kiss and tell" accounts by former presidential aides.

Mon, Jun 02, 2008

Rich Lowry | June 02, 2008

For a man blessed with so much talent, fame and riches, Bill Clinton has always had an unparalleled ability to see himself as beset by cosmic unfairness.

Doug Wilson | June 02, 2008

If I were the King of OPEC so to speak, I would immediately increase oil supply to the world. Why? Because OPEC has not increased oil supply for thirty years which has resulted in an out of whack supply/demand curve.

Humberto Fontova | June 02, 2008

For fear of oil spills, as of 2008, the U.S. Federal government and various states ban drilling in thousands upon thousands of square miles off the U.S. Coast.

Amanda Carpenter | June 02, 2008

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have spent $121 million combined vying for the Democratic presidential nomination, swamping the $57 million spent by all Republican presidential candidates through the primary season.

Paul Weyrich | June 02, 2008

Washington is a place utterly without loyalty. It has gotten worse every year since I have been here. Poor President George W. Bush.

Bill Steigerwald | June 02, 2008

To find out if some cities have found a good way of providing bus and rail service for their people, I recently called our favorite international transit guru and public policy consultant Wendell Cox.

Frank Gaffney | June 02, 2008

I don’t generally make a habit of disagreeing with Peggy Noonan. She is after all, one of the most thoughtful, accomplished and influential wordsmiths of our time.

Phyllis Schlafly | June 02, 2008

"Chinese Counterfeits and American Failures," the title of a congressional hearing on April 29, laid bare a shocking problem.

John McCaslin | June 02, 2008

The elderly passenger riding aboard the Metro from Washington into Virginia glued this message to the brim of her canvas hat: "Old White Woman for Obama."

Mike Adams | June 02, 2008

Over the course of the last two years I’ve been telling my students about an important case making its way up to the United States Supreme Court.

Suzanne Fields | June 02, 2008

The Brits seem to have more fun in their politics than we do -- more eccentric personalities, steamier scandals and their newspapers don't take themselves or the scandals as seriously as ours do.

Armstrong Williams | June 02, 2008

There is much you can psychologically analyze when you have direct access to the inner workings of one’s soul.

Robert Novak | June 02, 2008

Although the media response dwelled on McClellan's criticism of Bush's road to war, the CIA leak case is the heart of this book.

Burt Prelutsky | June 02, 2008

I often find myself wondering how seemingly normal people ever wind up being criminal defense attorneys.

Star Parker | June 02, 2008

Americans are hearing so much these days about how bad we are that we're starting to believe it.

Carol Platt Liebau | June 02, 2008

For someone whose campaign supposedly brought with it the promise of racial healing, Barack Obama has so far done little to effect any meaningful interracial understanding.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | June 02, 2008

The gay community is revving up its engines for an all out push to “mainstream” gays in three phases of life - marriage, politics, and religion.

John Andrews | June 02, 2008

Why not push back and compliment your graduate with a gift that will last, a book?

Sun, Jun 01, 2008

Salena Zito | June 01, 2008

Maybe it’s time John McCain got another person to run on the Republican ticket with him besides George W. Bush.

David Stokes | June 01, 2008

The recent presidential nomination of former Georgia congressman Bob Barr by the Libertarian Party puts the political periphery on center stage.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | June 01, 2008

It may sound silly for a politician’s daughter to say this, but handshaking has always left me a little nervous.

Paul Greenberg | June 01, 2008

The day's news continues to deliver a bountiful crop of theories, explanations, analyses, opinions and observations that I don't for a minute believe.

George Will | June 01, 2008

An unprecedentedly radical government grab for control of the American economy will be debated this week when the Senate considers saving the planet by means of a cap-and-trade system to ration carbon emissions.

William Perry Pendley | June 01, 2008

Although the Eleventh Amendment bars federal lawsuits against state governments or officers for monetary damages, the U.S. Supreme Court held, in 1987, that it does not bar federal Takings Clause cases.

Paul Jacob | June 01, 2008

What passes for justice in Oklahoma looks a lot like politics in Washington, DC, and corruption everywhere else.

Austin Hill | June 01, 2008

Bobby Jindal may not yet be a household name across the entire United States. But hopefully that's about to change.

Robert Bluey | June 01, 2008

When lawmakers return to Capitol Hill this week, a group of House Republicans known as the FIT Force will unveil an effort to expose Washington waste.